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Q8Car Q8Showroom

Other than my motorbike I am also selling my BMW so I just called both Q8Car.com and Q8Showroom.com to see how much it costs and whats the process of having my car published on their site and this is what I found out:

– Cost for placing your car on their site with one picture for a duration of one month: KD5
– Cost for placing your car on their site with four pictures and the ad will remain until you sell the car: KD10

– Cost for placing your car on their site with three pictures and the ad will remain until you sell the car: KD5
– Cost for placing your car on their site and Waseet newspaper: KD10

Both Q8Car and Q8Showroom send a mandoob over to take a picture of your car, collect payment and get the details of the car. I think Q8Showroom’s KD10 offer is the best deal but Q8Car does get a lot more visitors to their site. I will post my car on both and see which gets me more calls then post my findings on the blog.


If anyone is interested in my car its a 2001 BMW 330ci with 102,000KM mileage. You can [Email Me] for more details.

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  1. Are you planning to leave the country??? Selling your transportation method (car & bike) is not a good sign :)

  2. Mark says:

    No lol i am not leaving the country. I am just thinking of getting a bigger bike and another car.

  3. DLC says:

    How much r u expecting on the car?

  4. s says:

    does it still overheat n how much u expecting?

  5. Zahed says:

    how about i trade you for 10 shawermas and one burger o yalla and a fries for the car

  6. Mark says:

    No it doesn’t overheat, it only did once and it was because there was a leak which the dealership repaired. Never been in an accident even not even bumper to bumper. I am hoping to get at least 4K for it.

  7. kfa says:

    check the car number (3399) ehehhe nice

  8. Marzouq says:

    Interesting experiement!

  9. Kuwait says:

    I would’ve left this comment on the bike post but comments weren’t accepted:

    So planning on getting the White Ducati 848 I suppose :)

    Also, this is not exactly the best time to sell a bike.

  10. Mark says:

    3399 is not the car number, there is another number before and after.
    Kuwait haha I wish!

  11. holla says:

    hit man i know my american grandpa car beat your lebbo mobile but you don’t have to feel so bad you need to sell it.

  12. Burhan says:

    Hey Mark, have any more pictures of it?

  13. Mark says:

    if u send me an email i can send u shots of the interior.

  14. ammaro says:

    q8car is pretty popular outside kuwait… we have a lot of people from bahrain and UAE looking for cars in kuwait through it. never heard of q8showroom though, should start checking it out. thanks

  15. rampurple says:

    MARK!!! I would buy the car!
    Why don’t you tell me of these things before publishing it!!

  16. Mark says:

    you weren’t here… ?

  17. Yazan says:

    My advice is to try advertising for your car at Seyayer.com, in the meanwhile advertising at Seyayer is free of charge and you will have the chance to put a 30 sec video of your car on their website.

    Since their service is free of charge, they won’t send you a mandob! Instead they will meet you in a place that is in the middle between both of you.

    Good Luck :)

  18. blondie says:

    you should have gotten the results before putting up this post since there’s a chance your results could be tainted.

  19. Mark says:

    that didn’t make sense…

  20. blondie says:

    what i mean is that you are announcing that you will be monitoring both sites to see which one does a better job of getting your car sold ahead of the fact. this would potentially allow both of the sites owners to focus on your car specifically (since you’ve put it up here) and MAKE SURE that as many people call you and try to get your car sold therefore skewing the outcome. does that not make sense still?

  21. Mark says:

    ah ok interesting point. well i haven’t posted the car up on their sites yet and i dont think i will anymore since i already have one guy who wants the car and a few more who will be checking it out tomorrow.

  22. Tan Go says:

    how much was it new?

  23. Jimmy says:

    Listen Mark, i think it’s interesting that you want to compare both sites but in reality i don’t really know what you are comparing. Q8showroom is a straight knockoff of Q8car. Everything Q8car does he copies and i believe that he used to rent space from them until he was replaced by a higher paying advertiser. Q8car has every major dealership on board and boasts undisputed results. Q8car is not about fancy graphics and layout it just works and how. I have sold many cars on this site and usually in a matter of days. Your phone doesn’t stop ringing when u place your car on that site and you get calls from all over the region.

    In response to your price comparison above: Waseet has no deal with Q8Showroom. I called them and they basically rent space in waseet and charge you money to place your car in there website and waseet. Q8Car has an exclusive contract with Waseet because in the waseet listings pages q8car logo appears on every page and if you call waseet they will tell u that whenever you list with them your car goes straight up on q8car. People listing on waseet actually are very keen on having there car put on q8car so the deal q8showroom offers is truly of no value.

    I think that Q8showroom is marketing very well and hyping up the site during its campaign but they will find no results at the end because they do nothing different and are competing with a site that without any marketing is known by the entire country. Actually i will be very interested to see q8car run an aggressive marketing campaign and see where there numbers reach. I have been involved in the kuwaiti car market for years and seen many sites developed none of which have attained 25 percent of what q8car has. Also q8car’s business model works great for them and isn’t copied as easily as some may think. To be honest i have thought of copying them before but just wasn’t willing to take the risk and thought buying them would probably be a better option. Guess I’m too late now. I think Dartmedia who i believe i read in one of your blogs mark, is the owner of that site should stick to online advertising because they do a good job.

  24. Mark says:

    Jimmy they do have a deal, just check the q8showroom website or give them a call. For KD10 you can have your car listed on Waseet and Q8Showroom. On the other hand when I spoke to Q8Car they didn’t have a deal with a Waseet option.

    Anyway I’m not here to compare the graphics or layouts of the two sites, I am not here trying to see who copied who. That was already discussed in a previous post. The aim if I did list my car on both sites is to see which one would sell my car quicker. Its very simple.

    Anyway competition is good and Q8Showroom like it or not is Q8Car’s competitor.

  25. Jimmy says:

    I didn’t say they dont have a deal. I said that waseet has an exclusive contract with q8car. Q8car is allowed to place there cars on waseet but they choose not too. All of waseet cars on the other hand get listed on q8car. Call waseet and ask if you list your car what happens they automatically have all cars listed on waseet downloaded to q8car and thats mainly how there cars are sold. All i was saying is Q8showroom is renting space in waseet and placing his cars there he has no arrangement with waseet he is merely an advertiser trust me call waseet and you can find that out yourself. You are right competition is good and i didn’t mean to bag on q8showroom, i just thought your experiment was a bit premature considering the exposure both sites get. I also agree with blondie, you should have done this experiment than showed your bloggers the results which in my opinion would be quite obvious. Either way i wish them all the best of luck even though i think one needs it a lot more than the other.

  26. Abu Badr says:

    Either way Mark is right Q8car is a competitor and so is Q8Hp, Q8rpm, and all the other second rate Q8 sites but i agree competition is healthy and it causes even a market leader to step up his game sometimes.

    I am also partial to Q8car, like jimmy, but i believe that its nice to have options. I am actually going to call waseet my self and check on what jimmy is saying. I will post my findings.

  27. Mark says:

    Does it make a difference to the end user? All the end user cares about is that q8showroom will place your car in Waseet while Q8car wont. The end user won’t care that Q8car had the option to post the cars in waseet but they refused, that means very little to a person who is trying to sell their car…

    My experiment wasn’t premature, Q8showroom has been around for like a month or more now and have already started becoming really popular and Q8car is the standard to follow so it would have been a perfect versus. Q8car have their advantages while Q8showroom have theirs and I personally like both sites each for their advantages.

  28. Hellraiser says:

    I think this goes to show that 248am is better than both sites if you wanna sell your car or bike hehe, mark you should start charging.

  29. Yazan says:

    Interesting discussion: )

    If you are searching for something new about a site which is involved in cars market here in Q8, you can visit Seyayer.com

    I don’t want to advertise for the site, but when our team started to think to build up a website that deals with cars market, we thought to do something different. Of course we cannot compete with Q8CAR if we don’t have something special in our site because of the long experience they got and their huge customer base , so we brought up the video clip idea, check out yourself if the idea still not clear.

    Finally, it looks like all my comments is focusing on advertising for Seyayer.com, but as I can understand it is allowed to advertise for something if it is “beneficial to the topic thats being discussed”. : )

    Can I know your comments on our site, please?

  30. TheDuke says:

    Very interesting discussion, apparently many around have a bias for Q8Car.

    A wise man once said; for the human race to evolve we need to talk without offending and listen without defending. So here is both sides of my discussion on this issue.

    Q8Showroom, I salute you for entering a monopolized market and doing such a great job.

    Looking at Q8showroom, they seem to have changed many things in the concept of car advertising, as for being a knock off, that statement seems to hold true only where visitors interact with the site, ie. search functions. Beside that everything else is different, why not think of that as a transitional period for the users; as they have been used to one way of searching? Do you honestly think that Q8Showroom is shy of developing their own version of the search functions having come so far?

    As for Waseet, deal or not, paid or not, the service of placing your car in waseet is a value added service, a progress in what “used to be” a take it or leave it market. I give them that as well. Besides that, if Showroom puts your car in waseet to extend its sale none Internet users while Q8car does not, who seems to have your best interest at heart?

    Finally, Q8Car is now copying ideas from Q8Showroom! When the leader becomes a follower, that should mean one party is forcing it, and that my friend is healthy and ultimately beneficial to all.

    Also remember, Q8Car has been around for years, with hardly any service improvements put into place, only now are they getting around to improving thier services for you a loyal spokesman.

    The concept of a service is all about being pampered by its providers, so unless all you biased commentators have something constructive to add, please refrain from dampening the efforts of those who are trying to pamper your needs.

  31. Ali says:

    I’m personally the owner of http://www.5car5.com.
    a new website with unique vision that is specialised in selling cars and parts. i have released the website just a week ago. we are currently processing quality assurance tests. and have already placed over 100 cars. During testing period anyone can register for free. and upload their own FLV videos up 5MB and 15 images sized 640*480 pixels. In addition, manage alerts of particular cars they desire and adding cars directly through there accounts. This is the work of over six months and the platform is very much similar to http://www.autotrader.com. Finally, the challenge is on and the question is “To Be Or Not to Be” the BEST.

  32. Abu Badr says:

    I Have called waseet, and here are my findings. They said that they only deal with q8car. They also said that q8showroom rents space in there issues to place there cars in so i guess both hold true. All waseet cars in the waseet listings page i guess go straight to q8car.com . I guess waseet finds more value in placing there cars with q8cars than vice versa. The discussion i had with the guy who answered was very interesting it was as if waseet owns q8car strange. Any-way this is what i found

  33. peacemaker says:

    yes q8car is better….it really works

  34. Zmj says:

    I think Q8 Show room is going down soon. If you have the time try calling the phone numbers on there adds you will find out that most of the adds are old and the cars are soled. They had a nice start 3 years ago but looks like the management is not interested or hired the wrong people.

    Q8Car is not flawless but they are good and have much more traffic and lots of improvement as you can see after years from posting this.

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