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Quiznos now open

The new Quiznos in Salmiya has finally opened up. The brand is no longer run by the same company that used to have the Baitak Tower branch, it’s now a completely new owner so hopefully the food will be closer to the American counterpart than the previous Quiznos was. They’re open in Salmiy right behind Olympia Mall on Salem Mubarek Street.

13 replies on “Quiznos now open”

Quiznos is the best. I miss them sooo much. Thanks for the info. Hopefully their prices are reasonable like in the USA.

Dunno what people see in Quiznos? I’d take Subway any day over Quiznos. No competition in my opinion.

potbelly is nothing but another overpriced sandwich shop. People in Kuwait seem to love the western outlets. But if they get Perkins, I’ll be extremely happy.

Buffalo’s opened up right next to them (same owner). Buffalo’s is pretty good too if u like Tex-Mex.

are u kidding me quiznos any day of the week over subway!!! its just simply a better quality sandwich no doubt

Haaa… Try the one in Dublin. Ill give you KD100 if you can eat their whole sandwich. I guarantee you, you’ll be looking for the sewers to wash the taste off your mouth.

Tried it today, it’s DELICIOUS! Tastes almost exactly like the Quiznos’ in the states. Almost all of the ingredients are imported from the U.S. so the taste is genuine. I’ll be going there very often assuming it stays that way!

P.S. They deliver!

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