Red Bull Car Park Drift

Post by Mark

The video above is from Redbull’s event yesterday. The Subaru is being driven by Lebanese champion rally driver, Abdo Feghali. [YouTube]

The winner of the event was Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi, the co-founder of Slide N’ Glide. He’ll now be going to Lebanon this summer representing Kuwait against other competitors from the region. You can watch one of his runs from yesterday in the video below.


Update: Here are some photos taken by Hassan Raza [Link]

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  1. @Q8matt says:

    Great job capturing the event. I must say it was the most fun I had so far this year!! Thanks Mark :) #RedBullCPD

  2. Marzouq says:

    Great Job by Embarak and Sami from team Traction_Off! They got 1st & 2nd Place! An Amazing job by the both of them!

  3. N says:

    Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi = Kuwaiti Ken Block

  4. Mazen says:

    I took lots of pics, let me know if you want any.

  5. razaldo says:

    Mubarak’s drifting was very aggressive and nice to watch.
    Btw, Mark, what did you record this with? The clarity is awesome.

  6. great event, too sad i missed it

  7. The Real Burhan says:

    Is that really a STi? You can drift with an all wheel drive?

    Hrmm ….

    *Looks at his Volvo XC90*

  8. Q8Stig says:

    Great event, getting better year after year.

    How2Q8 posted also some HD vids

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