Rescuing Our Coasts in an Hour

Post by Mark

Over 1,500 students from 75 schools will be cleaning up 25 beaches tomorrow in an hour. The campaign titled “Rescuing Our Coasts in an Hour” is not meant only to clean the coasts but also to encourage and teach students the value of voluntary work. [Source]

I really like the idea but it could also be very demotivating for the students if they visit the beach again after the weekend and see all the litter back again and their hard work gone to waste. Even though the baladiya has added a ton of new garbage bins all along the coastal pathway (like every 10 meters), a lot of people are still ignoring them.

While we’re on the subject, whatever happened to the KD1,000 fine for barbecuing in a public place? They should bring it back and create another fine for littering as well.

Picture above from the Doha beach clean up [Link]

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  1. esz says:

    I saw lots of people still barbecuing on the gulf street next to MC Donalds this winter. I guess the Baladiya ignored or got bored fining the people?! WTF?!

    • Mark says:

      or maybe they realized that a 1000kd fine for barbecuing but a 300kd fine for running a red light doesn’t make any sense.

      • I think the fine for bbq does make sense. cause these are basic rules that any society should follow.

        Why u think the US have a big sign saying “littering fine is 500 dollars”

        I think they should do a large campaign just like they did with using the mobile without a handsfree. everybody was trying to follow and cautious

        • Mark says:

          1000KD fine for bbqing while running a red light is a 300KD fine does not make sense.

          1000KD fine for running a red light and a 300KD fine for bbqing makes more sense.

          Running a red light is dangerous and can kill someone. Bbqing doesn’t kill anyone.

          • mentabolism says:

            I read somewhere that PAAFR has approved 144 sites where BBQing is possible…let me try to get that news bit.

  2. Danderma says:

    I hope the students hardwork would remind them not to litter again and they themselves would extend the idea of not littering to people around them! Somehow like when you spend six hours cleaning up your room and getting rid of junk then when you’re done you get the feeling that you never want to move a thing out of place so you don’t mess up the room again. I like that idea very VERY much!

  3. hello says:

    I am hoping that they take the kids to the beach befor 10 am as the weather is not very child friendly afterwards.
    It is indeed a good idea to clean up the beach with the help of kids, the schools need to be very organized in terms of selection of places,

  4. djelibaby says:

    i like the barbecues. Teaching not to litter is a better idea!

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