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Post by Mark

Over 10 years ago, me and my family went to this restaurant called Baba Taher. None of us had heard about it before but one my dads clients who was Iranian recommended it to us. He told us Baba Taher was one of the best Iranian restaurants in town and with that in mind we decided to check it out. We were expecting a lavish restaurant in a nice building but when we got to the location we were like WTF? The location turned out to be bad but the food turned out to be extremely good, 10 years later and I am still going back.

Baba Taher is located in a rundown probably soon to be demolished building in Kuwait City, near Arraya Centre opposite the fire station. Once you go up to the mezzanine floor and enter the restaurant, things get better. The place is clean and comfortable but nothing fancy, but then again its not a fancy place anyway, its more like a family owned business.

baba taher

When you first sit down they bring you a freshly baked basket of Irani bread and a plate which includes slices of white cheese, a large white onion cut in half and some greenery (probably mint or something). I just love having Irani bread with white cheese and onions. The main menu includes soup, salads, appetizers, plat du jour, grills, a handful of traditional plates and dessert. I usually only have the grills and dessert but Nat sometimes has the salad.

baba taher kebab

I haven’t try that much from their menu, I have been ordering the same plate for years now, Kebab with rice. Its the best, its juicy, it smells good, it tastes good, and the meat is sooooo soft. I also used to hate rice until I started having it at Baba Taher, its wonderful. They use Basmeti or something similar I guess and its usually white except for a small amount of yellow colored rice. The 2 Kebab sticks and the large portion of rice are enough to fill you. Incase you have enough room for dessert, Baba Taher has a special ice cream called Falooda. Falooda looks like very thin noodles chopped up and tastes like nothing I know of. Its very refreshing and they provide you with lime and rose water syrup if you need more flavor.

The place doesn’t except Knet nor Visa card so make sure you bring cash, and don’t worry, you won’t be needing a lot of it. Baba Taher is very affordable, the plate of Kebab with rice costs KD2.500, the Falooda dessert costs only 500 fils. When me and Nat visit our bill comes out to be around KD8 with tip. The only downside to Baba Taher is the service, its very cold. I have been visiting for a long time now and I don’t know anyone’s name and they don’t know mine. Every time I visit they welcome me with the same cold “hello nod”. The waiters are very quiet, very cold, and they look grumpy most of the time. The service is basically unemotional and slow at times. That drops them a point and thats why they get a total score of 4 out of 5. If you are interested to find out where exactly they are located you can call them on 2456140 or 2456241.

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  1. SWOS says:

    its the best.

  2. Moey says:

    i know this place!!

  3. sfsa says:

    For a second there i thought you were talking about Shatir Abbas… (v.bad)… But yes, This is one of the very few iranian restaurants that i would order from, infact its my prefered one. Thanks for the pics, i never knew they had a decent furniture and decore, I thought it was like the typical iranian restaurants full of only men, you know, like the iranian restaurants that are located in Amman street (i think thats it), between old salmiya and Rumathiya.

  4. Eddy says:

    so based on food alone would you give the a 5 out of 5?

  5. Haxx0red says:

    fasting and reading this makes me hungry

  6. Laziale says:

    There is a place Near Kabab Al-Hoja ( Esteqlal Str ) . Same taste, But you better pack the food for Take Away. Both are the same in Taste, but Baba Taher is better when it comes to eat in the Restuarant.

  7. Les says:

    Mark, after reading this review I went finally went there last night and I was not impressed at all! The place is okay but the food was a huge disappointment.

    We ordered a lentil soup which was nothing great I’ve had much better at Canary and other smaller restaurants. Then we asked for a yoghurt which was too sour. The laban we ordered was made with the same yogurt and was also too sour.

    The mixed grill came with two ribs (good), a chicken tawouk (bland), a measly skewer of tiny pieces of meat (*way* too small – the smallest fucking tikka I’ve ever seen), three kebabs (a bit greasy but decent) and some okay fries. It cost 6 KD for that – that’s about a KD per piece! I’ve definitely had much better at tons of other places!

    By far the best thing about the meal was the rice. Really great!

    Maybe it was because it was Ramadan and there was no one else around, or the chef was not well or something, but I am NEVER going back!

  8. Mark says:

    as i mentioned in my review, the kebab and rice is amazing. havent tried the tikka or taouk and wouldnt even bother trying it there since its not really an iranian special. for tikka i would go to an indian restaurant and for taouk a lebanese one.

  9. Nayef H says:

    Last Eid, the 3rd day, me and my lady couldn’t find a single spot in kuwait for lunch. I told her “here’s a shot in the dark, I’ll take to this place I haven’t been to since like 10 years and I don’t know if its open or closed for good”. We went there, got a table and enjoyed a fine food on a busy eid day without any hassle. I owe baba taher a big one !!

  10. Nad says:

    I tried this restaurant once and the food is great.
    The best thing is the bread at first. really tasty. i must have eaten a whole basket on my own ;-)

  11. Nad says:

    come to think about it, it is better than that fancy shmancy Iranian restaurant in crown plaza…

  12. Nicole says:

    I noticed these comments are from 2006. Is this place still open? Are there any other Iranaian restaurants in Amman?

  13. Falooda is such a nice treat. This sweet noodle is usually served in the shops selling ice cream, fruit juice, etc in cities like Shiraz, Kerman, etc.

    The Shirazi version looks like noodles whereas Kermani version is small round pieces. Both are delicious. Some add lemon juice to it and some sour cherry juice.

    I’m happy you like this Iranian restaurant at your town.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Destination Iran Travel and Tours

  14. Alya says:

    The restaurant service has changed recently and is more efficient and friendly. It is a quiet restaurant, but the food is always excellent and the owner is very kind and welcoming to new customers. Try aubergine with mint oil starter – it’s amazing. Food all excellent value.

  15. Leyla Palmer says:

    Hi, I tried the new Baba Taher restaurant in Khalijia which recently opened and it was magnificent and the restaurant was quaint and delightful. We got lucky with the weather and sat on the balcony with a very nice view.

    I suggest you try the new one…

    Leyla Palmer

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