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Mac & More

Back in February of last year I published a post titled “Mac & Small” and in it I talked about how small their branch at Galleria 2000 was and how over priced their items were. Well yesterday I passed by Mac & More’s new branch in Marina Mall and I have to say they are no longer small. The place looks really cool and huge.. and thats the only positive thing I can say. It seems when they moved from Mac & Small to Marina Mall they didn’t get any new merchandise. The place is empty and I mean empty. When you first walk in there is one MacBook Pro on display and one MacMini connected to a generic brand of LCD screen.. imagine not even an Apple Display! Once you walk into the rest of the shop you will realize that was it, no more Apple products.. the rest of the store is just a large shelf full of iPods and a wall full of generic iPod skins which you can find at any other Mac store in Kuwait including Mac City which is located in Virgin at the other end of Marina Mall. Even the tiny zMacShop have brands like Marware and Foof how come Mac & More don’t have anything cool?

Price wise… Mac & More is the most expensive Apple dealer in Kuwait.

The store is visually very impressive which misleads you to believe you will find many great things there, but once you go in and look around and can’t find anything, you wonder what the hell are these guys selling… iPod covers?

update: If I was to review the store again now I would have to say they have improved things a lot. Firstly they have a lot more products and a lot more brands, their prices have also decreased, maybe not as cheap as US prices but they are closer to UAE prices. I would probably give them a 3.5 out of 5 now.

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  1. fractal00 says:

    I know man, when they first opened i walked it to check out Apple products(i never really had any real interaction with Apple products) and i was shocked at the lack of products … they should call it IPOD&More :S

  2. That’s just so lame. Why did they even open the store? I doubt people are going to buy anything from there.

  3. Moe says:

    Prime location, but if the poduct doesn’t sell then they’re going to have to close down, fast. Rent is a mother in Marina.

  4. Adam says:

    You’d be surprised at their sales actually…Lots of people would buy products from them because of their location, be it in galleria or marina, they buy it there because naturally they trust it more for some reason than a place like hawalli, or i guess they want the whole mall to see them leave the shop with big mac bags.

    Or people would goto the zmacshop and says your ipods arent the original ipod are they? they would then go on to say but your so cheap im sure theres a catch, what is it? its made in china, right? and would still leave zmacshop and go buy it in virgin for more…

  5. Mark says:

    This is what I figured, rent must be expensive. How many MacBooks would you have to sell to cover rent? I think they should have taken a stand like Sony or Swatch. Somewhere in the middle there…

    There current location isn’t a prime location at Marina Mall so you won’t get as much walk through customers as say if you were located where Harely Davidson is.

  6. tim says:

    come on guys… this in kuwait, with a teeny market. give them some credit for making a start outside Hawally…

  7. Fahad says:

    well i think people will buy from them, zmacshop sell mackbook without arabic keyboard , people will go for mac & more because their macbook has arabic keyboard ! maybe its a trivial thing but people make judgment upon it, like what Adam says

  8. Marzouq says:

    The problem we have in Kuwait is that Hawalli is our technical and computer capital! it should be moved somehwere else. Somewhere more appropriate and less generic items, because it is rediculously crowded and difficult to get to at times.

    The place is over-priced, but i think its the location, and people will go because of better location, even if it isnt the best location in Kuwait, at least they can say they are in Marina Mall.

  9. It’s the same old story always! After what appears to be like an elephantine gestation opening, the
    most promising of stores you’ve been waiting for turns out to be just a damp squib.
    And the story doesn’t end there – give or take a couple of months, and in the tradition of most non-food mall businesses in Kuwait, the store closes only to make way this time for yet another exciting albeit equally lesser store.

  10. Mark says:

    you guys shouldn’t keep mentioning zmacshop since zmacshop isnt their competitor… Mac City is. I mentioned zMacShop in my post when I was talking about brands of ipod cases, zmacshop has cooler brands of ipod cases compared to to Mac & More.

    Now Mac City on the other hand is located in one of the most popular parts of Marina Mall, why should people buy somethng from Mac&More when they can get it from Mac City. What advantages does Mac&More have? Believe it or not Mac City has more computers displayed on their tiny stand then Mac&more have in their large store..

  11. Mark says:

    GG I sent u an email

  12. GG - USA says:

    Hi Mark,

    Please repeat your email; I did not receive it. Thanks. GG

  13. Dalal says:

    ughh I HATE MAC & MORE .. especially the one in galleria! i walked in there 3 times askin about G5, IPOD Video, mac Displays and this lady with curly hair HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ANY MAC PRODUCTS AND SEPC !! and when i ask her any silly question; like do u have this specific product? How this product differ than the other ? when will u receive new shipment? she replies NO, i don’t know !! once she really pissed me off & i had the gut to tell her, why r u employed in here if u know nothin !

  14. tim says:

    god Dalal…. if people who knew nothing were not employed where they are… Kuwait would have no shop staff, office staff, restaurant staff….

  15. Adam says:

    some people in fact prefer macs without arabic. Heck i do, i dont want those letters crowding me keys.

    One may think that zmacshop is no competition, but fact remains that because of zmacshop, mac city and others have had to decrease their prices dramatically.

  16. TweeZ says:

    soooo…the best Mac shop in Kuwait is???

  17. hola says:

    i work for..uuuhh…Mr Macintosh.

  18. MAX suck says:

    Gave this place a visit yesteday and yah as i ve expected this place sux a**!! the tiny mac dealer at Hawally has got more stuff than this morons! Personally, i ve been an anti-mac person from day 1!! And the kind of ppl who shell out over KD 1000 for this junk of a machine have definetly got their heads screwed on wrong!! Think bout it people… for over KD 1000 u can assemble a BEAST of a PC with the worlds best OS to power it: MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP !! :D

    GET A LIFE, GET A PC. :)

  19. TweeZ says:

    lol,blank check! Old school :>
    Hell yeah, Mac is gay…pc all the way!

  20. Mark deSouza says:

    Hey man,
    Ive just come down from the states. Where could i get a better price on a Mac? How much does a Mac PC cost down here in kuwait?



  21. Mark says:

    your best option is to shop around, here are the numbers of all the apple dealers in kuwait

    Mac & More
    Tel: 5735815

    Integrated Office Co (IOC)
    Tel: 6275734

    Mac City
    Tel: 4911112

    Kamal Al Sultan Co
    Tel: 4815533

    Tel: 2617575

    Tel: 7215945

  22. Fireman says:

    WOW, looks like there are tons of different comments booting around out there! Anyway, I have to add my 2 cents, fill, whatever,,, I’ve been playing around with Mac’s for a while, but still, (like Most) never really wanted to fork out so much money for them. This time, I think it is time. Know they have finely made it easy to switch back and forth from Mac OS to Win XP, not to mention the new Intel chip. I’ve had a chance to give allot of play to the 20″ imac, loaded, and found to better then even the best PC I’ve owned or played with. Due to the amount of media I edit/transfer/manipulate, I found this new chip to execute commands like there was nothing else taxing it. Normally if I try the same sort of commands on my 3.06 Pentium w/2G of memory, I still have to wait for it to think,,,,, execute,,,,,,& deliver. I don’t think it is too expensive to buy here, but is 10-20% more then off the apple web site, or any dealers in the USA. I will be lucky as someone is picking mine up in the US for me, but if you don’t have this luxury, at least print off what your looking for when you go to any of these apple stores, and show them proof that there Mac’s are to high priced. Just remember that we have to pay the export duties, and shipping cost, which, when bought here is usually added to the price already. This said, you can still haggle it down to a reasonable price! Good Luck all, and have a play on the ones in the Marina mall. The Mac&More has finely got some G-5’s, Intel Quads and even the Mac Books in stock, and ready to play with, so use the opportunity, see what you think.

  23. bood says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT MAC ,, q8y ppl are like ( haba ) they make me sick of things they like , they dont know whats mac all about , they like the design so they buy it ,, not all q8y ppl ,, just the ppl like ( haba ) and ya dalal ur totally right

  24. Mac&me says:

    I visited Mac & More yesterday, it’s one of the best Apple store in the Gulf area and the middle east, they have a very good collections of ipods accessories, a very good collections of the ipods speaker which i think not availble any where in Kuwait, they told me they will receive the new ipods nano by next week, they are the only Mac store who has the MacPro 2.66GHZ and 3.0Ghz, they have a very good service and new workshop, i think it’s a shame from any one to compare Mac And more with any other Apple resseller.

  25. Jassim H. says:

    Actually this picture was taken in the first days of the shop opening. Actually now its so great and their stuff are quite good. I bought a MacBook Pro with 2.16 GHz 2 GB memory 120 GB HD . they just finished it in one day I took it in the next day of buying it. with all the iLife applications, Adobe applications and with some games.

  26. sameh osman says:

    plz i need the mail of the H.R or the contacts of apple center in marina mall to send my C.V or any details to contact them …

  27. angel says:

    Ooh thts quiet depressing.. i was planning on getting a Macbook n was doin sum research on where i cud find it in kuwait, got any ideas ?? plz lemme knw. thnx

  28. Shoug says:

    if yoou want any technology, then just go to vrgin in marina mall.. they seem to know what their talking about!

  29. none says:

    anyone looking for a macbook should simply go to and use aramex’s shopnship to get it here. you save a bundle AND the service is better.

  30. ali the alien says:

    guys, i read all the replies and i was shocked to know that these yhings would happen from mac&more, cause i gave them my ipod and they repaired it after i had gone to different companies to repir it ( i will not mention the others), still , the staff at mac&more were very friendly.
    i would give mac & more 4.89 over 5

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