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I just got the following message with bad punctuation about a rock concert that will take place in Kuwait but it doesn’t even say where the place is and I have no clue who sent it to me:

Rock Show on 24th of November ! ,thursday, doors open at 6 . Band silent scream . For tickets call: rashid 9551602 or max 6224577 . “BE THERE” !!

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I went to it last year, it was in this open lot on the side of Shaab Park, can’t miss it. But seriously it sucks, all they play is Megadeth and Metallica covers for the “heavy stuff”. And then for the rock stuff they play Greenday.
Ugh. They piss me off.

im going to that
its in shaab park
ya they piss me off for the same reason bout the heavy stuff ngreenday
bt im goin neway , ways to make it fun u know 😀

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