Akismet – New WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin

Post by Mark


Matt Mullenweg of WordPress has released a new anti-spam plugin for WordPress called Akismet. According to the early beta users its supposed to be incredibly accurate capturing 99.51% of the spam with no false positives. I personally won’t be installing it since I am using Spam Karma and it has been doing an incredible job catching in total over 10,000 spam comments since I installed it late September. Plus Spam Karma is free. [Link]

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  1. 3baid says:

    Spam sucks. It’s so annoying and pointless, I don’t understand why spammers persist on their lame and useless actions.

  2. hehe the name akismet reminded me of a linux program a stumbled across once, its called “kismet”, it’s a wireless network sniffer

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