Sawah Lebanese Restaurant

Post by Mark

Sawah has been open for around a year now but I only finally managed to pass by this past weekend. When I want to have Lebanese I usually have Leila but since I’m practically having Leila everyday I decided to try something new. Sawah is located in the Avenues right next to Napket and the place doesn’t look like your average Lebanese restaurant which is what always grabbed my attention.

I ordered tabbouleh and taouk and both dishes turned out pretty good with the tabbouleh being the best of the two. Actually their tabbouleh is currently in a tie with the tabbouleh at Al Mayas as my favorite in Kuwait. What I mostly liked about the place though is the look and feel. As I mentioned earlier Sawah doesn’t look like an average Lebanese restaurant, from the furniture to the cutlery, they have their own unique look.

The only negative thing I would say based on my short experience is that I thought the price of the taouk dish at KD4.250 was a bit on the expensive side for just two skewers and a bit of french fires. Other than that though the food was good, the service very friendly and the design of the place very interesting. I would definitely go back.

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  1. Anony says:

    Tried to eat there once, was so annoyed and appalled at the slowness and rudeness of the service that i left and have never gone back, and never will.

    The place is almost empty a lot of the time now, which serves them right.

  2. Miss Farah says:

    Looks nice! sahten Mark :)

  3. TweeZ says:

    i had a terrible experience there because the manager decided it is best to argue with the customer than to fix the problem.

    I guess their moto is: “The customer is never right!”

  4. fishma says:

    It’s all a bit same same, but on the positive side, when you go to a Lebanese restaurant, it’s usually Lebanese people actually cooking the food- in Kuwait I long for a mexican restaurant with tacos cooked by Mexicans, an Italian joint where the pasta is cooked to perfection by someone from Genoa and not Gujarati, a French restaurant where a pommes dauphinois is cooked by a Parisian not a ‘P’ilipina….

  5. Mark says:

    My friend is getting a Mexican chef for his restaurant and first thing I too him was he should make us Mexican food :D

  6. Sahar says:

    I never ate there, but even before it opened I was intrigued by its design, I really loved it, the details are so nice, wish you posted some photos of the interior. The murals etc.. are really nice but I had no idea the menu was “Lebanese” I thought it was just arabic. The ” Um Kaltaoum” painting misled me :D Will definitely try it soon.

  7. fishma says:

    @Mark, ok now your friend needs to bring a Parisian, a Genovese and a Madridleno…..let’s open a restaurant and call it ‘The Four Seasons’- each section will sell AUTHENTIC dishes cooked by natives eaten with delight….Mexican Summer, Italian Winter, Spanish Spring and French Fall…

  8. fishma says:

    OK- someone will now steal my idea and open in the Avenues…..

  9. MMC says:

    Dear Anony & TweeZ
    I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience at Sawah! Such incidents should not happen. I hope you come back again and count this as one-time incident. We assure you that we, at MMC, value our guests’ experiences and opinions :-)

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Fresh says:

    I agree with Anony & Tweez

    Same service problem I faced.

    we haad to repeat our selves more than once. and the waiters never listen ;s

  11. Realist says:

    They really nead to find a niche. I thought its an upscale Arabic restaurant serving pan arab food. Why do another lebanese restaurant and then confuse people with the name of an Abdulhaleem Abdulhafez song which obviously is egyptian.

  12. Summer says:

    You should try their karabeej! They’re really good and I think they’re the only place in Kuwait that sells them!’

  13. Thuraya Lynn says:

    Always liked the design of the place but the prices pretty much scared me away..

  14. ANWER says:

    service problem

    I think the staff are in coma?

  15. laila says:

    Mark these are awesome mouth watering pictures, who took them?

  16. Poke says:

    one of the best restaurant in kuwait ,i love the food ,the staff every thing is more than perfect,visit it and you see about what am talking

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