Seef Strip Building Demolished

The building that used to house Elevation Burger and M’EAT on the Seef Strip just got demolished. No idea why, or whats going to take its place but I really like that strip and the area in general so its pretty disappointing it was demolished.

But, as I was discussing with someone on twitter, since the Ice Skating Rink and Entertainment City got demolished I no longer care as much about landmarks getting demolished. It’s become so normalized I’m just like that sucks 🤷🏼‍♂️ and a minute later I’m back to flipping through TikTok aimlessly.

I used to joke with a friend about that location being jinxed since everything that opened there always fails. But, Elevation had some great days there especially when they had their events.

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If you walk up the stairs and walk to the very end, you’ll find a building (two separate buildings) that will be demolished soon.

One building housed Wahabiyat, and the other building had Niu, Richards Coffee, Let’s Coffee, and Grano.

Yes i like it too. It could of been a great place for a market, with restaurants and shops.
There is one just like it across the street.

hi mark,
just want to let you know that the font on your blog has changed and now its very hard to read from desktop browsers on both chrome and explorer

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