KLM to Suspend Kuwait – Amsterdam Flights

Since Kuwait Airways upgraded their planes and moved to T4, I’ve stopped flying other airlines and I guess so did a lot of other people because starting October 29th, KLM are dropping their Amsterdam to Kuwait route because it’s no longer profitable.

I used to use KLM to fly to Amsterdam but wasn’t a big fan since it was an overnight flight which meant I needed to sleep on the plane but I remember they used to be one of the cheapest options available especially when heading to the US.

The last flight to Kuwait leaves Amsterdam on October 28th, after that your only way to fly to Amsterdam directly is with Kuwait Airways. Source

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They stopped being competitively priced and their service declined. KLM and Amsterdam in general passed their peak years ago.

I have to agree with you, Amsterdam isn’t what it used to be. I hated it the last time I went two years ago. All the cool small local shops I used to go to got replaced by generic franchises. It’s full of tourists, every single street is now touristic while before the further out you went the less tourists you’d find. Really sad but they’re trying to reduce the number of tourists now so that’s a good thing.

KLM was my usual way to get to the US/Canada and loved my flight when I flew with them a couple of days ago. Agreed, it takes off in the middle of the night but that’s when almost all the 1-stop flights from Kuwait to the US/Canada take off (be it QR, EK or TK). For flights to Europe, KLM wouldn’t make sense but for TATL flights, it sure does.

As someone who knows a ton about airlines, KLM is entirely organizing flights to the region and stripping down services to Kuwait shortly after its 60th anniversary of flights to Kuwait, and the fifth sector flights between KWI and Bahrain/Muscat. Lufthansa and BA are meh but with more airlines flying to KWI, there’s more competition and with more competition, prices go down and we benefit.

I just used them in July as they were the cheapest option. The flight was full. There were a couple of downsides: one that I only found out after booking & paying was that I could only take cabin luggage & no check-in luggage. Second: the stopover at Amsterdam was very short and I had to run to my gate!

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