Shawerma in the trunk

Post by Mark

I swear that wasn’t me!

Taken from 360dewan

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  1. rossoneri91 says:

    well it looks like they were delivering it. sometimes u get people ordering them for events so its not so weird unless theyre actually cooking it :P

  2. safi says:

    shawerma 3a 6ayir ya 5ayi.

  3. brownsuger says:

    i have another pic that shows the licens plate of that jeep but i don’t want to take it that fare :P

  4. nocturnal says:

    eugh, i hope that’s no how shawarmas get delivered to restaurants like Farah :l

  5. Frankom says:

    yeah probably for some event

  6. Ramez says:

    at least they should cover it

  7. blue*q8 says:

    i can imagine the smell

  8. FaDy says:

    imagine we have a shawerma van like the ice cream van heheh, this reminds me of:

    ice creaaaaaaaaaammmm!!! (eddie murphy from raw) hahah

  9. sniper says:

    I don’t think it’s for a restaurant

  10. Noitatinas says:

    Nice work on hygiene !

    Plus, I can tell a NBK logo from a mile away it seems

  11. NaMmOoR says:

    i think its something that people ordered as a special event.

  12. do_Od says:

    Ramez: i think its covered with plastic wrap, i have seen people delivering shawerma before and thats how they usually cover it.

  13. Kuwait says:

    If this was around 12-1pm then I’m sure the meat was cooked and ready to eat by the time it reached its destination.

  14. blogger X says:

    i dont eat shaworma in kuwait or in the gulf !

    the reason you can find in on the pic :)

  15. Q80 BOY says:

    lool are u sure mark ..? :P

  16. Creep says:

    looks extremely sanitary :)

  17. Ghost Racer says:

    Another NAICE Way Of Advertising!! GREAT MIND!!

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