Sneak Peek: Infunity Revisited

Post by Mark

I woke up this morning to a phone call from a friend in charge at 360 Mall asking me if I wanted to try out the roller coaster at Infunity. Infunity hasn’t opened yet and won’t be open for a few more months but today they were testing out the roller coaster and if I accepted the mission we would be the first passengers on it. I though it was a fun idea since I never beta tested a roller coaster before and agreed to meet him there before lunch.

Last time I passed by Infunity was in October and since then the place has changed a lot. As I mentioned back in October, Infunity will have a bunch of cool things going for it including a very large climbing wall, Go-Kart Drifting (very cool), an indoor roller coaster designed and built by the same people who create ones for Six Flags, and also a ton of other stuff I’m not sure if I am allowed to share.

When we first got there it turned out the German engineers were still working on the roller coaster so I walked around and checked out the place and took some pictures to kill a bit of time. Nat hadn’t been to the place before and I wanted her to see everything anyway. Once they were ready we went up the stairs to the boarding area. They had just finished testing the ride with sacks full of sand and now we would be the first people to ride it. We got into the seats, fastened the safety harness and took off. First of all the whole place was very dimly lit by a few portable projectors here and there. There was no one in the whole place except for three German engineers and the five of us so it was very empty. We were also the first people to try out the ride so there was that slight fear in the back of our minds that something could go wrong which added to the excitement. The ride although short turned out to be incredibly fun. The roller-coaster although on a fixed line actually rotates so one point you could be facing forward, the next backwards or sideways. The ride also takes you through one wall and then spits you out from another side and once the ride is completed the area behind the wall will actually have fake snow that comes down while you pass through. It was really a lot of fun and the whole time I felt like I was either going to get thrown from the track or hit my head on some pole, I loved it. We rode it a couple of times before we headed to lunch.

Now hopefully I am going to go back again once they start trying out the wall climb or drifting. I shot a video of the ride in the coaster which I might put up later but for now you can check out the pictures below.

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  1. Haythem S. Al-Kh says:

    Isn’t dangerous that you get invited to be tested on a Roller Coaster ?

  2. Randy says:

    soooo … what did you eat for lunch?? LOL

  3. Kim says:

    That’s very cool.

  4. Just says:

    Rode this at Sega Republic in Dubai Mall. Very exciting, I remember laughing so hard all through the ride. I don’t know why, but it was crazy / out loud laughter, and tons of adrenaline.

  5. Kulsum says:

    WAKE up MARK :P you missed the weather !

  6. Kuwait says:

    How long was the ride?

    Awesome… something to tell your Grandchildren about – “I was the first one to sit in the infunity roller-coaster at 360 mall in 2010”.

  7. Mark says:

    wow what happened to the weather! just woke up and noticed my neighborhood half flooded!

  8. Kulsum says:

    I told u WAKE UP! :P

  9. Thunayan says:

    Just Double checking, I’ve been going lately to the 360mall across the 6th ring road, Kuwait city & I have never seen some thing like that. Can you please be more specified >>> ?

  10. John says:

    The Entertainment center is on the 3rd floor, up the escalator from TGI fridays. It is still under construction, and slated to open within a few months. I am sure you will see more information around when we are about ready to open. In the mean time the Bowling and Video arcade are open next to Let’s Burger (above Wagamama).

  11. Thunayan says:

    Thank’s for your assistance “Johan”

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