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Sylvester Stallone coming to Kuwait

Yesterday I was checking twitter when I read that Sylvester Stallone is going to be coming to Kuwait for the launch of Planet Hollywood. This sounded a bit déjà vu for me since back in December 2009 I posted the exact same thing but that it would open March 2010. That obviously never happened and now it seems they’re opening up this month on the 24th. If its true that Sylvester Stallone is going to be here then I really really REALLY need to meet him. First I need to get my picture taken with him for facebook, and secondly I need him to sign my Cobra DVD for me. Wish I had a Cobra poster for him to sign but I guess there is always time to order one online.

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Yup..tats right..he is sources told me yesterday..i dnt wana miss him either:)..huge fan of his!!!

what this the actor who was in Rambo ?? OMG you gotta be kidding me ! i am surely coming ! please can anyone tell me the Address of Planet Hollywood !? Thanks 😀

Its right next to this new big @$$ hotel at the beach, gonna be on your left hand side when you pass the ShowBiz traffic light. Man it’s gonna be crowded as hell (especially at the airport). Although it would be nice to get a picture with him to show my kids when they grow up “LOOK ITS DADDY WITH LOLRAMBO”.

no need to wait.. just go to any premium LA Lakers game and you can see him sitting court side with the other celebs 😀

What about Demi Moore and Bruce Willis? Theyr getting an actor whos 70 yrs old now. No thanks i’ll pass.

mark dont be too materialistic with this issue 🙂

you can always use photoshop to get your pic with him on facebook lol

i want him to sign my VHS/VCD/DVD/Blu-ray Rocky collections , GONNA FLY NAAWW FLYING HIGH NOW …… FLYYYYYYYYYYYY

I will take my copy of “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!” LOL!!!!!!!!!
Oscar de la Hoya will be here at the end of the week visiting the troops!

Listening to Eye of the tiger as we speak!

The Italian Stalion, Rockkkkkkkkkky Balbao!

Anyone remember Cliffhanger? found it at my DVD store the other day and bought it.

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