The Cheesecake Factory now with Alshaya?

Post by Mark

This news hasn’t been confirmed yet but according to a reader and a contact at Alshaya, there are currently rumors circulating that Caribou Coffee (Alsayer) no longer have the rights to The Cheesecake Factory and that Alshaya are now looking to open the actual Cheesecake Factory restaurant (not just cheesecakes) and are shopping around for a location on the Gulf Road. Although its currently just a rumor it would make sense since Alshaya have been on a roll acquiring all these American chains recently (Bath & Body Works, Victorias Secret, Pottery Barn, PF Chang, Shake Shack etc..).

Speaking of Caribou Coffee, I got this in the email today which is related to [This] previous post:

Happy Thursday Kuwait! Free coffee, donuts & goodies for the first 1000 BlackBerry users today at Caribou Coffee. You can take advantage from 10am – 4pm at CBK and Al Raya AND between 4pm – 10pm at Avenues, 360, Salhiya and Al Kout. You’ll also have a chance to win a new BlackBerry, but make sure you get in early.

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  1. Summer says:

    I heard from a friend that works at al shaya that they’re going to open one soon! I don’t think its a rumor!

    Can’t wait ;p

  2. In-love-with-laguna says:

    I hope They will not

    Then what is the special about going to States ?
    :-( they brought every thing !!

  3. vampire says:

    In-love-with-laguna goes to the States to eat Cheesecakes

  4. Troy says:

    CCF won’t be the same without their baby back ribs… Speaking of ribs, I ordered the rib(s) at Chili’s and had a single “Flintstone” dino-rib delivered to the table. WTF Mate?

    Anyone else miss Mexican food as much as I do?

  5. In-love-with-laguna says:

    vampir yes i do :-) i have no problem with that

  6. Anwar says:

    awesome!! i’ve always wanted cheese cake factory here i love the one in the us ^^
    thanks for sharing the info ^^

  7. damdy says:

    what will happen with caribou will they continue selling cheesecakes from cheesecake factory or we have to buy coffee from caribou and go to cheese cake factory and buy a cheese cake ? so where do we sit !

  8. Realist says:

    Man your really need to move out of the 90’s. First Benihana then this ? There are so many up to date dining options out there that beat the living crap out of those retarded concepts that are made for another decade.

  9. Mark says:

    U know it’s not me that’s opening the cheesecake factory right?

  10. AJ says:

    Yawn…..who cares about Cheesecake Factory. Way over rated and very 90’s

  11. damdy says:

    Mark , it is confirmed cheesecake factory will be opening in Avenues and on the gulf road , another information IHOP is also discussing potential deal with al Shaya

  12. Mark says:

    wow you’re right about ihop, i just checked!

  13. In-love-with-laguna says:

    ihop ba3ad ?!

  14. q80 says:

    Hope to get the same cheesecakes with similar quality and taste to the ones in the US. Cheesecakse that are served in Caribou nowhere the ones in the US.

    Cheesecake has a huge menu, whith some what better qaulity food than Fridays and Chilis.

    It is great to have it in Kuwait, it will be Kuwaities next HABBA!!

  15. nym says:

    i love tcf,but i hate the aggressiveness of alshaya. they wont let any1 breath,they took the rights from alsayer who is their competitor with caribou. makes me laugh :)

  16. Fa says:

    If you hate competition don’t get into business.

    Restaurants aren’t even a big division of Alshaya compared to clothes and makeup, they just get all the attention because Kuwaitis love eating. Cafes are much more profitable.

  17. Mishal says:

    Its a fact. I know for sure. They acquired it the same way they did with PF…hostile takeover of the stocks. If a company isnt a franchise and wont expand internationally, then buy majority stocks and you will control. Alshaya has the means and the power and they did it. Im a huuuge Cheesecake Factory lover and i hope they stay true to the original menu.

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