The customs strike in Kuwait is over

Post by Mark

Aramex posted the following on their Shop&Ship website:

Pleased to inform you that the customs strike in Kuwait is over. We will be delivering your shipments once they are processed and released from Kuwait Customs.

For more information please contact us on +965 (1) 820011 or email us at

Shop and Ship Team

That’s great news. I have one shipment in customs right now, another coming in a few days and I’m also expecting the iPhone 4S to ship from the UK any day now.

Thanks Qatami

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  1. QABAQ says:

    Am glad the government didnt give in

  2. h says:

    from where did u order the iphone4s?

  3. honey says:

    thank god thats done i am shopping online now ;p

  4. Eng.Alsairafi says:

    Thnx god cause im waiting for my iphone 4s too

  5. yikez says:

    Qabaq -Are you kidding me? the government did give in!

  6. Anonymous says:

    A comprehensive lol i cracked up when i saw this in the paper the other day

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