Al Sawaber

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Nicely shot film by Timothy Carr on Al Sawaber, the PK Jaguars and Parkour. This is the description attached with the video:

Al Sawaber is a Kuwaiti housing project built in 1976. This once beautiful complex is now a run down slum known for housing the worst of Kuwait’s criminal element. It is also an amazing parkour spot filled with unique architecture mixing harsh concrete edges and organic landscaping quite nicely. With its rooftops, elevated walkways, massive stairways, parks and unique architectural touches the PK Jaguars, Kuwait’s first and best Parkour team have made it their favorite spot to train. This is a film about Al Sawaber, the PK Jaguars and Parkour.

The film is nearly 10 minutes long which makes it a bit repetitive and I’m also not sure how accurate the description is about Al Sawaber housing criminals is. Still, it’s an interesting video to watch. [Vimeo]

Thanks Anes

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  1. GWB says:

    Shouldn’t they be wearing helmets? It’s hard for me to imagine they do all this jumping around on concrete without someone, sometime missing a step. The result could be disastrous.

  2. lulz says:

    That video is sick as hell cuuuz. Love it.

    But I’m not sure about dat der “criminal element” part. I mean Sawaber is something else, but let’s not act like it’s Compton or something. If it were that dangerous one of these guys would’ve been rendered porous by several bullets before completing an aerial somersault on someone’s lawn.

  3. Ferro says:

    Woow…I love it
    In spite of its denger really wanna be practiced to do like that.
    Well done

  4. PFunk says:

    Sawaber is dangerous? What those chickens they show in the video peck ppl to death? LMAOOOOOOOO

  5. Timothy Carr says:

    Wow thanks for the feature! We had a lot of fun making it. And the place is safe, Haha I didn’t want to say Al Sawaber has lots of hookers so I phrased it like that instead. We will be doing more of these videos soon including a zombie movie that is supposed to play in Cinescape theaters.

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