The Deal

Post by Mark

This is a cool little store that’s located on M1 in Salhiya Complex. It’s the outlet shop for all the Tanagra brands like Tumi, Orla Kiely, Lacoste and more. The problem is the majority of the time the items available aren’t that great but every now and then you might find something that’s a steal.

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  1. 360Dewan says:

    what about price diff? part of outlets being affordable is saving made on decor and location but this case is different!

  2. mentabolism says:

    Its mostly stuff that hasn’t moved (due to obvious reasons), bundled for a low price.
    Gr8 for giveaways!

  3. Zorbon of Lebanon says:

    Its at Salhiya though…So I don’t know how much of a “deal” one would get given the high rent and stature of the place.

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