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Post by Mark

Some people have emailed me regarding the new devices that have been installed next to the speed detector cameras on the highway. There is a rumor that these new devices track your speed from one camera to another. I don’t believe that is the case. From what I gathered by checking the manufacturers website of these devices, their speed detecting cameras have an option for adding a secondary camera which is what these are. My guess is they’re just taking two pictures simultaneously (or sequentially) of speeding cars either for better accuracy or in case they have trouble reading the plate number in one of the photos.

Photo by Edgar

Update: A reader emailed with an interesting bit of information. According to him he takes the King Fahad Road (40th) from the First Ring Road every morning and drives past all the cameras going 150KM/h. He told me that the first camera on the King Fahad Road doesn’t take a picture, the one after that does, then the one after that doesn’t while the one after that does. This happens all the way till the end of the highway. I’ve always had a theory that only one side of those double sided camera boxes actually contains camera while the other side is a dummy. If what he says is true then that theory is correct and if you’re driving back the opposite way, the cameras that didn’t go off previously would go off on the return.

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  1. Randy says:

    I don’t think they take average speed either … they are placed in locations which don’t have an earlier device to check ur speed in the first place .. they just look like better cameras than the ones installed on the old box

  2. Desert Girl says:

    Harder to shoot at and hit all 3, isn’t it? ;)

  3. Yousef says:!/Almufarreh/status/191574065302081536

    He says that the small parts that are before and after the camera are just additional flashes that will make the image more clear.

  4. Kojak says:

    This is great,
    I just ordered one and going to fix it in the neighborhood in the next two weeks!!

  5. Moayad says:

    “Theoratically”, they can use two cameras to take two photos and later turn them into some cool stereoscopic 3D pictures B-)

  6. Joe says:


    Why don’t you talk about the cameras that take note of violations such as not wearing the seatbelt, driving while talking on the phone, etc.. there was a show on radio a few days ago that mentioned these were in action.

  7. uday says:

    yep you are right, the light flashed from both the cameras. I have seen it on second ring road.

  8. M3T4L says:

    I thought the extra devices in each side are new flashes ? Since the old boxes aren’t performing very well.

    The same devices are also accompanying the new cameras I’ve seen on Gulf street, if it was a “camera” then they would have included it in the same box as a package, wouldn’t you think ?

    Makes sense from a maintenance point of view.

    • Mark says:

      It could be an external flash as well but since I read on the website that external cameras are option I assumed thats what it was. In any case, flash or camera it’s not a average speed camera.

  9. sinful_eyes says:

    i pass the cameras while driving 200 ,, and even faster ! ,, and i can prove it with video if you want ,,
    here’s the trick ,, these cameras are the same one sided cameras ,,, they just added a glass on the back door of the camera ,,
    how do you i know if the camera shoots in my lane or the opposite one ?
    will ,, one side of the camera have two small ( grills ) ,, while the other side is just closed plate ( like the picture above ) ,, if the grill is on your lane ,, then ,, the camera takes photo of your lane ! since the very first day of the “double sided” cameras ,, i knew it ,, and i didn’t spread it ,,,fearing that kuwaiti send it on BBM and whatapp messages and the ministry know that we know the the trick , and then they will change the cameras for real !
    pic no. 1
    pic no. 2

    and these small things they added ,, they are flashes ,, i’ve seen them in action ! ,, and yes ,, the cameras are ( one your way ,, the other isn’t ,, one you way ,, the other isn’t ) ,, all what they do ,, is every few months ,, they flip them !! all of them ! ,, same thing in road 30 ,, 40 ,, 50 ,,, and the 5th ,, and the 6th ! ,, they might flip the ones in 30 ,, but not 40 ,, you have to chick ,, that’s why i don’t speed until i pass a camera and chick that they didn’t flip them !
    i really hope these don’t spread so they don’t come up with new tricks ,, last time ( back in 2006 ) ,, the camera in the car thingy cost me over 1000 kd worth of fines ,, it took pics of my car daily while going to uni. ,, when it was a new thing in road 50 ..( took me almost two months to get that there’s a camera in the car parked on the side !! )
    ( i can provide videos if you want ,,, )
    #drive safe
    #don’t drive fast ,,, just fly slowly !!

    • Khaldoon says:

      Didn’t understand a word !

      • Trazx says:

        I can confirm that,

        the side of the camera box with vents on it, is the side that it will actually take a picture through :)

        camera boxes with no vents are dummy boxes,

        the ones with vents on both sides, take photos of both traffic lanes :P

        its a little secret many kuwaiti’s know

  10. gizmoshow says:

    it’s an additional flash… i have read a year ago that the cameras are not well performing because of exposure problems. plus i saw it in action one time and it just flashed

  11. tarzan says:

    Cheap cheap cheap. They bought the cheapest cameras on the market and everyone has them memorized because they are so few and sporatic on the roads. They really accomplish little to curb speeding.

  12. Beejay says:

    if you drive by rule. and limit ur speed as its written. u dont need to worry about the camera.

  13. JT says:

    Theres an easy way to beat the cameras used by some people these days. You just install a hydralic pump in the back of a trunk which flips the licence plate 180 degrees, and then flip it back after passing the camera. A wire with a button extends from the pump to the drivers seat.

    Anyone seen one of these or know someone using it?

  14. Moustapha says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading, people actually boasting that they drive with a speed of 150 and 200 KM/Hr.

    Cameras with or without average speed, who are you trying to cheat here? death??!!!.

    Guys, don’t be selfish. Think of your loved ones.

  15. Mark, they’ve been doing this forever. The double sided ones where always, to my knowledge, 1 side dummy and the other camera. What happens is that they flip them around every week or so.

    the question is are those small cameras a replacment for the flip around technique where simply the radar is the box and the small lenses are the cameras pointing both ways?

  16. Don’t Some cameras are empty boxes, but that doesn’t mean they are always empty. I take King Fahad road towards Ahmadi everyday and can confirm that some boxes are in fact empty but they switch them all the time. I have a couple of radar\laser detectors for years and they detect working radar cameras. They also detect the mobile speed cameras (inside cars) and speed traps. But I have found out that they change which cameras are working every now and then. Not only on King Fahad Motorway, but all other speed cameras.

    The cameras work in one direction at a time, I’ve confirmed it with the radar detector. The radar detector I have indicates the direction of the radar (Front, Back & Side). But they also change the lane the camera shoots as well every so often.

    On a side note, radar detector are useless for point to point speed traps and red light cameras. They work in a completely different way. I also haven’t come across a laser speed trap in Kuwait so far. Which is the worse because you have almost no time to slow down.

  17. L says:

    People boasting about their driving speed – 150 / 200??!! Obviously, you don’t care about your life. Think about those around u and who do value life!

  18. e7mood says:

    regarding your update:
    you are right only one side is taking pictures and it is the side where the gills (5ayashem) are visible so the picture ur showing above have no gills on the side which means that this side of the camera is a dummy…. on the other hand if your speeding in the opposite direction where the gills will be visible then your in trouble


  19. Fahed says:

    Great!!! thanks to all the big mouths here!!! now the MOI will definately change the cameras and then we will keep looking for different options!!! most of us know the truth of the camera.. and it was best to keep it a secret!! coz the MOI was fooling most of the people with their one camera trick… but now thanks to all of you..they might just end up putting cameras everywhere like UAE and then no1 will dare drive over 120.. park your sports cars in your garages.. say bye to high speeds!!!

  20. Kareem says:

    I wish you didnt bring up the subject of speed cameras and how some of them dont work etc. this will only lead to our teens reading this article and going all out on the road.

    I seriously suggest never bring up this subject for our brothers sake.

  21. aj120 says:

    the cameras on the the redlights also snap if i cross the red light on yellow but over the speed limit like if limit is 80 and its yellow and i cross the intersection on 94 = i get ticket

  22. Weddii says:

    Heyy.. just wanted to add to the info you had at the bottom of the post. If the speed limit is 120, you hav up to 140 and then the camera will take a picture. Also, the cameras on the highways only take a picture on one side of the highway, the other camera doesnt do anything. The way to know which side takes the pic is just to look at the camera box, you’ll see 2 small box shaped openings, the side that has those 2 boxes is the side that takes the picture.. the other doesnt :D hope that helps!

  23. Weddii says:

    secondly, those cameras hav been working the same way for the past 5 years.. if MOI wanted to change them, they would hav done that by now.. just saying.

  24. Ashraf says:

    I don’t know the theory… but your reader sure has a huge fine coming his way ;) that is, if what he says is true…

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