The new Wataniya Airways commercial

Post by Mark

I spent 2 hours trying to upload this video onto YouTube with my 1.5MB Qualitynet connection and I couldn’t. Finally was able to upload it by connecting my Mac to my iPhone’s 3G connection. Took around an hour but at least its finally up. Anyway this is the final cut of the new Wataniya Airways commercial which we shot 10 days ago in Beirut. I uploaded the 720p version so make sure you click the HD button or click the following link for the best resolution. [YouTube – HD]

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  1. Ron says:

    Mark, it is outstanding! Simple and beautiful without distraction.

  2. lensman says:

    Yeah Mark, its a really neat ad.

  3. curlysue says:

    So do you get discount?!

  4. 3azeez says:

    beside that advert… are there any plans of how they’re going to use that camera?!

  5. Khaled says:

    This is classy !.. Good going Mark.

  6. ohyeah says:

    el sara7a mesh 7elo… for mattresses or pillows or shampoo or conditioner or hotels…. but i liked the pool

  7. Najla Al-Essa says:

    I like the concept (and quality) of the ad… simple and clever.

  8. Sn3a says:

    love the concept

  9. kyx says:

    The punch line’s great.. not too happy with the visuals though. Now, now, now before you all start bashing me; I’m a customer and entitled to critique the ad film.

  10. Bu Yousef says:

    I love it… We need more adverts of this class in our region.
    Good work.

  11. ariston says:

    It’s not an award winning ad, but not bad either…
    btw, I like the punch line and their slogan.

  12. monera says:

    the slogan is great

    but i sure think that the man falling in bed taht u showed us was edited really realy bad

    the way he fell back was so comforting …here its like so fast a split second doesnt capture its essence

  13. h_arc_h says:

    nice ad, but i wish you guys were more creative with “in the air” cases.

  14. Duke says:

    it’s shit.

  15. Projectile Mayhem says:

    I love it… simple, elegant, and even touching…

    very well made, props to the creative team this is very impressive for this region

    music could’ve been better, my only critique

  16. TIF says:

    LOL just watched this while it was on mute and i didnt know , with Solid sessions – Janeiro( Chiller twist blue line remix) and was thinking WOW nice music to it , then i realised it was my music lol.

  17. Mr.pedro says:

    Simple and calm i love it

  18. pinkdress says:

    i like the ad but the music not so much

  19. Duke says:

    In my personal opinion which I’m in titled to. I think that it is shit.

  20. Nobu says:

    This should be an ad for a high speed video camera, not an airline. If you’re flying to get from point A to point B, falling in slow-mo is not a good thing. Sorry, but whoever came up with the concept has some loose screws in his head.

    Just an honest opinion.

  21. TIF says:

    PLay this on the backround imo is better than the music
    Solid sessions – Janeiro( Chiller twist blue line remix

  22. Remote Control says:

    Duke, you mean like you?

  23. HeartBeat says:

    its good but I don’t think the idea of using a high speed camera came in the first place to implement the video idea, but it seams using the speed camera was the initial decision and then they put down their thoughts! and what thoughts can you put down when using a speed camera? Just a slow motion video!!

  24. Ahmed says:

    One Word ………. WoooW

  25. Mark says:

    Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    HeartBeat: We didn’t start with the execution idea first, that’s not how we work. The idea of using this camera came later during the production stage.

  26. HeartBeat says:

    Good work though!

    Do you guys own this camera?

  27. Mark says:

    No we don’t. All equipment used in producing commercials are rented by the production house.

  28. kadavul says:

    I think, without the caption the full video will look like a ad. of resort holiday package arranged by Wataniya Airways. The video starts with less frequency of changing shots and gradually increases with much frequency, which doesn’t seems to be good watching. I mean it ends with clusters of shots before the Wataniya Airways appears.

  29. zaydoun says:

    Sweet… not earth-shattering or life-changing, just…. sweet :-)

  30. moi says:

    Slowing things down does not make it cool, i only liked the end.

  31. Patrick says:

    Really like this ad, especially compared to the crap out there. Wasn’t crammed with useless information and useless animations or footage.


    the reason this ad is cool isn’t because everything is in slow-mo.

  32. Burhan says:

    Compared to the rest of the crap ads you see in Kuwait, its definitely above par. On the global scale, not so much.

    You could have come up with some better examples of ‘off the ground’ though.

    Tag line is one of the best.

  33. I really liked it! It’s pretty cool! Way ta’ go Mark :)

  34. Captain says:

    I like the ad.. makes sense, i didnt like the music thou… could have been better.

  35. fatima says:

    like zaydoun said it’s sweet.
    music could be better and it COULD be less Zain-ish. then again, you’re conditioned to be in that lovey dovey mindset.

  36. Desert says:

    …and where is the creativity? or just masturbation with new technology (new camera) ? :-)

  37. Patrick says:

    creativity is in the concept.

  38. Desert says:

    true… but…

  39. Desert says:

    …or maybe, creativity was hidden in clients brief :-)

  40. VirusX says:

    Amazing .. Something new.. Great concept!

  41. Shli7f says:

    Mark, your iPhone is actually working on 3G ? i thought that doesn’t work here in kuwait so i’ve postponted switching to 3G from my reg iPhone…..May you e-mail me with which telecomm provider ur with and the price plans etc..? Thanks

  42. Mark says:

    3G works, tethering works, everything works. I have a Zain line and i pay KD13 or 13.5 a month not sure for internet.

  43. Ayinataw says:

    Just out of curiosity, how much did Wataniya pay for that? lol, just kidding.

    Nice ad.

  44. Sabmerc says:

    I really liked the ad. Great concept, and visuals. And the slogan was perfect. Good job Mark!

    As far as the man falling on the bed is concerned, I have to agree, after seeing the first clip you sent, this add doesn’t capture his fall as well.

  45. Pyyth4 says:

    The ad’s good. I liked the slogan. How true lol, the best moments happen when you are in the air :p

    I liked the music too..the way the music became slightly bizarre in the end.

    I’m pretty sure this is the best airline ad in Kuwait.

  46. y. says:

    Jesus Christ guys, it’s just a commercial, it’s does not INTEND on changing your life.

    Job well done, though! It’s fantastic!

  47. Helterskelter says:

    Great commercial Mark

    How did you manage to get the plane to fly at the end??

  48. Lucky_Boy says:


  49. curlysue says:

    Saw it on tv tonight- smart.

  50. Ali M. says:

    Outstanding commercial Mark!
    The music and motion flow perfectly. Its very simple, which is always a plus when you have 15 minutes ramadhan commercials of people yelling and some guy trying to sing in horrible english and french.. Its not like american airline commercials for sure, where they try to cram as much prices in your head as possible! and its also totally not like the european airline commercials where the only words on the screen are “we do you this, we do you that, because we are the best!” .. this ad is unique because it simply delivers the idea straight up creatively by attaching the idea “best moments are off the ground”.. Goodjob
    Hope to see more video ads soon!

  51. monera says:

    ALi M

    il 3fasey add sh7eloha

    o ma agol ila ma3indek thoo8

  52. Ali M. says:

    Monera ..

    his voice is great .. but if you understood what he was saying french you would know that they didn’t spend time into making a good video .. he was saying “day after day .. i fall in love with the ocean.. the people that are better than me come”

    if they’re goal was to wish us a happy ramadhan, they should at least do it right. :)

  53. Mohi says:

    I think its pretty, but it looks like all the big Arab corporations ads look similar to me.

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