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sultan center logoI just went to to sign up for an Advantage Card. I found their application form a bit too nosy but most of the questions are optional to answer. The website is interesting, and seems regularly updated. They have a Just Ask section where you can ask for a product which isn’t available in Kuwait and they will order it for you. I asked for A&W Root Beer.. NON diet. For some reason they only get the diet version in Kuwait which sucks. They have a New Arrival section on the site which is cool and if regularly updated then thats really cool. The site is quick loading and easy to navigate. They have a carreers section for those of you looking for a job. So overall I think the website is actually pretty good. Shall we say… 4 out of 5?

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I ordered some stuff through sultan centre kuwait after they arrived they charge me extra cash than what they promised it was over 110 kwd can any one belive this beaware of sultan center service better go to UPS will be less

Nope, I went onto it looking for Aunt jemima Cornflour – just to check before I hit the road. Not at all like other food stores (pick n pay, South Africa) where the food is actually listed that’s available in store. That is what you would want, isn’t it?

reward points get expired without informing me by any mean, no sms, no email, nothing, just expired, cannot complaint to any body because staff simply don’t care, so no use of complaint inside the store, website! down all the time, at least at the moment i am writing this comment nows

Well to be honest i wouldn’t give a 4 out of 5.. the website looks so dull and old fashioned.. so ofcourse it will load fast.. it doesn’t have much data to load..
i would give it 2.5 out of 5 🙂
thank you for the post tho ^^

Also wanted to add.. in kuwait they have too many big lands used for useless stuff.. and people have money.. why can’t just 1 man or company who made for example the avenues.. just create a super store like walmart.. that you can find LATTERLY everything!.. it’s so annoying that a country with such wealth don’t satisfy all the categories of customers.. i’m just sad i have to wait for 4 working days plus to get my stuff from amazon everytime..
wish people can listen..

My name is Tyrone Houston I work at(KIA) Kuwait Intl Airport on the Kuwait military and U.S. military side of the airport. there are 1.000 us personal come thur the us side of the airport,there are no stores,the us personal sit in the airport terminal for 6 to 8 hours,no food,snack,or coffee. the only thing they have in the terminal is free water.I like to know if can put a small TSC outlet store there.I like to know if you can put STC outlet stores on some Kuwait and us military bases. Thank You

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