The Video Club Salmiya

Post by Mark

I had some time to kill last night so me and Nat decided to pass by The Video Club in Salmiya. I used to go there a lot when I was in highschool and buy atleast 1 music tape a week. It used to be the best music shop, they used to get all the cool alternative bands and all the tapes were original. So I passed by yesterday to show Nataly my old favorite music shop but the place at the moment is just a sad story, I don’t know how they fucked up (don’t blame Virgin). On the bright side for us consumers, they have a huge selection of KD1 CDs. I found Pearl Jam’s No Code album (one of my favs) for only KD1 and I found a large collection of Sound Garden’s Down in the upside album also for KD1. Ofcourse there is a lot of crap like Captain Hollywood or Mr President but thats to be expected. I wasn’t able to browse through all the CDs since I didn’t have that much time to kill but I probably will pass by tonight to continue the search.

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  1. Purgatory72 says:

    I did not know they even existed!

  2. Mark says:

    its next to texas chicken and the sports shop.

  3. it’s still there!? I used to go there back in highschool too, wow brought some old memories :)

  4. holla says:

    yeah the upstairs rental thingy was pretty shady back in the days of copied tapes. looks like i might have to stop by there and brush up on my 80’s CD collection, like buy a tonne of prince CD’s or something awwwwww

  5. Mark says:

    yeah i saw some prince there :)

  6. moe says:

    dude, ur soo like meeee.. i spoke to the owner, the fought with the dealer in dubai and since that day, they got fucked.. they depends on nazaer releases!

  7. saad says:

    i am one of those who owned the Video Club. Actually I gave it that name… Saad hijjawi

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