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Post by Mark

This is a cool website with lots of tips and tricks from people. My favorite is from a Sandwich Enthusiast:

When ordering a “custom” sandwich from a deli, Subway, or college cafeteria, say the name of each ingredient with a air of finality, as though it will be the last ingredient on your sandwich. The sandwich-maker will pile plenty of the stuff on, trying to fill your sandwich to a respectable size, not realizing you intend to ask for more ingredients.

Make sure you check the archives for a lot more. [Link]

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  1. Dogbert says:

    Dude.. i just wasted an hour on that site. This one is hilarious:


    If you have a glass pipe or bong and are out of weed, wet the
    tip of a q-tip and scrub the inside of the bowl. Then peel off the cotton ball, stick it in your pipe, and smoke it.

  2. Mark says:

    lol that is a good one

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