50s to 90s Kuwait Photography

These pictures are mine

It seems some old pictures I scanned of my mum back when she was a flight attendant with Kuwait Airways in the 70s are being forwarded around by email as Kuwait Airways in the 70s with no credit to their original source (me!). Sucks but hey that’s the Internet. Here is the link to my original post with more information and pictures. [Link]

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I LOVE the uniforms and how they are so happy and in good moods! today they have to smile in a forced way wear so much makeup youll actually think they are born with snow white skin and blue covered eyes! They annoy me;\ especially the kuwait airways ones!

ooops i guess i owe you an apology mark!

I didn’t know they were ur pictures before i forwarded the email… i will reforward it again with the link o source!

It makes me angry when i see an email from a blog without an origin. I once recived an email i started with a link to a story on a blog o big disclaimer “THIS STORY IS TAKEN FROM XXX BLOG and IF YOU WANT TO FORWARD IT PLZ KEEP THE LINK”

next day it makes it back to my mailbox with that disclaimer taken out!!!!

o once i was forwarded pictures i had taken of a restuarant o published in my blog… it made me MAAAAAAD…

nice photo….we have at home hand bag filled with old pictures…from 1930s to 1990s…black and white……. colored….. all sizes…..all cameras…all kind of paper …in many country…i do realy enjoy looking at them frm time to time……i did cut many photos for me which are embarrassing loool( like naked photo when i was kid…showering….while circumcising ..swiming) lool

As well as Dior there was Jean Patou, Pierre Cardin, Balenciaga who also designed the uniforms. There was no difference between the blue and pink uniform you could choose which ever you prefered. Not sure if I knew your mum as I joined in the 80’s I won’t ask her name on here. They were certainly the good old days some flights had only 8 economy passengers and then the crew would stay for a week in Athens, 9 days in Bangkok, 9 days in NYC, 4 days at Jebel Ali Hotel in Dubai, a week in Malaga, 4 days in Bombay. It was a holiday LOL! The crew had a great time.
Now it’s pretty yuk! I gave up a long time ago. Now the crew are all miserable due to poor management and bad work conditions, it’s sad.

.#20. lol…for me its the same… WTF!!….its kind of celebration ..when parents circumcise a boy they celebrate…&.in celebrations ppl use their cameras….and im the victim hehehe lol ….SAWWWWWWWWWWW

Whatever else you may think and make of Kuwait Airways, the crew uniforms till date, are right up there. It would be a fun exercise getting the Villa Modas and the Al Othmans to commission Mideastern designers to work on their uniforms for a change.

Looking at the pictures so much appears to have changed at KU – I am not entirely sure KU is the same airline I used to know back in the 70s and 80s. On crew layovers, I definitely think it’s a wise management decision to cut down on hotel bills and to fly the crew back on short haul routes. If anything, they have become more corporate in their approach. The one major grudge I hold against KU even from back in its heyday till now is a near total absence of diversity in the composition of its in-flight crew and that I am afraid is bringing service standards down.

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