Top 10 fattest girls in the world

Post by Mark

Girl’s, you’ve let us down. I don’t understand how Bahrain could beat us?! [Link]

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  1. L0ser says:

    blame it on pink beerry

  2. q8*blue says:

    loool mark

  3. Kuwait says:

    We would beat everyone else hands-down if it was the ‘ugliest’ list :D

  4. fizaa says:

    when i first came to kuwait 3 years ago it was a complete culture shock i thought i was anorexic looking at the booty here, but as time has flown i think that kuwait is changing aswell we still have many obese ppl but i think a lot more ppl are weight conscious now than they were 3-5 yrs ago …

  5. Sahar says:

    Isn’t there a FATTEST GUYS chart? That should be something!

  6. smoothy says:

    So when is the next burger review? Seems like 1 in 3 women can’t wait for it.

  7. Dina says:

    “Girl’s”? really mark? shame on you..hehe!

  8. Cyc says:

    haha they are fat because they overuse makeup which makes them feel pretty and confident about themselves…. NOT!


  9. Teko says:

    Guys stop being drama queens, you’d make believe that each and every one of you spends their free time behind treadmills. And not behind a laptop/PC checking out Mark’s blog. :P

  10. Mark says:

    fizaa: Yeah definitely, there is a lot more awareness today than there was 5 years ago. Sadly though I don’t see that many restaurants or local start ups that are starting to provide healthier food on their menus. Everything still seems to be deep fried and covered with sauces or everyone seems to be selling cakes covered in chocolate syrup.

    Kuwait: I would have to disagree with you on that

  11. Shadowq8 says:

    A fat girl is bad

    guys can be fat cus we are awesome

  12. 360dewan says:

    They are not fat but thick bone :P

  13. Mark says:

    Yeah don’t think we’re #8 anymore. We’ve probably dropped a few places since then.

  14. Seham.S says:

    Kuwait :(

  15. Ralph says:

    They all prefer to chat on Blackberry or Iphone instead of going out and interacting with people; pass their time on PS3 games and order PinkBerry, Choowy Goowy, Chocolate & Macaron or the Chocolate Factory. Aren’t we all fans of the “Animal Friend League”?

  16. 7ussien says:

    somehow i read it “top 10 FASTEST girls in the world” at first and i laughed for about 5 minutes about the stupid list to realize later that its “fattest” now it makes sense :D

  17. iamthestig says:

    kuwait gals are fattest but on the top of that they put some kind of cloth on their head that makes their head fatter then their body :)

  18. sa says:

    pffffffft, we don’t have many fat girls here o.0

  19. abdullah says:

    true and disgusting.. and the problem is they do not seem to know that they are fat. the reason for this i believe may be because Kuwait is a boring country and that going to restaurants etc. would be the only thing to do here (for the girls) thats why girls always seem to over dress when going to restaurants its because they have no other places to go. Also i guarantee you, if you go to any restaurant you will definitely see more girls than guys at anytime. But this is seriously disgusting and very sad as for 2 arab countries being in the top 5 when they are also considered to be one of the smallest lands is bad new. Please girls shut your mouths and stop eating from those stupid sweet shops or even worse having 1 which would force them to taste and try every single sweet they make (which probably 1/3 kuwaiti girl do have their own sweet shop)

  20. Questionable says:

    Sahar….i was going to say the same thing! The boys would smash all records!

  21. Questionable says:

    p.s Im British and coming after Spain and Portugal has put a smile on my face! C’mon Briatin!!

  22. Loooly says:

    Agree with abdullah :)

    Thank god I’m thin >> LAMO ;Pp

  23. Burhan says:

    Skinny girls aren’t hot. =)

  24. Teko says:

    I’m loving how almost every guy here has opinions on why girls in Kuwait are fat, but none of the reasons are decent nor realistic. :X

  25. Super Dude Man says:

    “Burhan says:
    September 16, 2010 at 6:49 pm
    Skinny girls aren’t hot. =)”

    Nor are super fat ones.

  26. TK says:

    Here fatty have another cookie!

  27. Mr.Meek says:

    that’s why many kuwaitie love to marry foreigner girls

  28. emmas says:

    LOL! I’m gonna start dieting

  29. daggero says:

    why the bahraini girls fatter than Kuwaiti ones , mind boggling to say the least

  30. Sven says:

    to misquote Otto Brandes:

    because everytime I sleep with your wife I give her a biscuit

  31. babbleq8 says:


    I’m agreeing with Burhan. Skinny girls aren’t hot.
    Super fat aren’t hot either.

    somewhere in between is nice……

    super sexy curves is the way forward.

    Someone like Kate Hudson has thee perfect body…….

  32. Burhan says:


    I’m more of a Monica Bellucci / Christina Hendricks man myself.

    But, to each his own.

  33. Atique says:

    Neither Skinny nor Obese. I like em Thick and Healthy.

    Thorough debate has been done on the matter and most have concluded, Men find skinny females unattractive whilst most females hit the treadmill with the initiative of depriving us of them “Luscious Curves” :|

  34. TweeZ says:

    I guess it is an expected side effect since most of the Kuwaiti female entrepreneurship endeavors revolve around food!

  35. sak says:

    i am just wondered, do the list came out by considering the expatriate ladies also in kuwait??? In that case, this “acheivement” of top 5 will be a combined effort of kuwait, egypt and india…

  36. TheRex says:

    LOL. No comment.
    Shouldn’t we take this day to honor the lives lost in the Sabra and Shatila Massacre that occurred on the 16th to the 18th of September 1982.
    It would be nice to see a post about that

  37. Ja3far says:

    The Rex,
    If they were less fat, they could have run away with their lives.

    Sabra is indeed a lesson for all of us to get thiner.

  38. Mithos says:

    LooooooL 3ad Elyoom Rfeeje Egool Kel Mteena Etkoon 7abooba o Damha 5afeef :P

  39. NightShift says:

    abdullah, You said: “But this is seriously disgusting and very sad as for 2 arab countries being in the top 5 when they are also considered to be one of the smallest lands is bad new.”

    explain to me, how does the size of the country matter? these statistics are shown as PERCENTAGES of the entire population, not the NUMBER of fat girls.

  40. Roopesh says:

    Best advise to the girls/women. Consume only half or 1/4 of whaterver you eat now….trust me the chart will not see Kuwait anymore. : Take it as a challenge :)

  41. Red says:

    How did they come up with this?

  42. Spartan says:

    hey our girls aint fat…theyre phat :P

  43. KaLeeDo says:


    2:36 am

    Kate Hudson has sexy curves? She’s skinny as hell.

    You probably meant Jennifer Hudson

  44. Kev says:

    I wish you had a Like or Dislike button (or green/red) arrows next to user comments coz there are so many comments I’d have loved to `like’.

  45. Ashraf says:

    Wohhohhooow… that’s some stat…

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