Try to be like Fahad

Post by Mark

On the left is a Double Shack Burger smothered with Nutella. On the right is KFC’s Mighty Zinger shoved between a Krispy Kreme glazed donut and a strawberry-filled one. Yay or Nay? Fahad actually ate them! [Link]

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  1. Dudette says:

    Does cheat meals do this to you guys ?:S DAMN

  2. anonymous says:

    i fear for his health it can deteriorate regardless of how this is only for a meal in one day and that he is very healthy on other days this very bad i think he should rethink his decision next time and enjoy something tastier and less toxic i know that he deserves a break but this nowhere near fair to his body

  3. Fahad says:

    Do not try this at home kids. Adult supervision is advised. You’ve been warned.

  4. Desert Girl says:

    My arteries hurt just looking at this photo.

  5. Khaled says:

    Yummy! I like this guy :)

  6. Sahar says:

    I think I am getting sick…

  7. enigma says:

    omg.. you need to finish off the meal with a heart attack pill.

  8. Acerboy says:

    When we can have milk shake with burgers then this is fine !!

  9. Lucky_Boy says:

    As long its cheat day, enjoy what you pig out on :)

  10. Qster says:

    What does Fahad and a trashcan have in common?

  11. vampire says:

    why do i find it exceptionally normal ?! “

  12. Kuwait says:

    I wonder what’s coming out in the toilet the morning after..

  13. Goran says:

    ur a legend..i love u

  14. Rnk says:

    Its a NAY! NAY! NAY! NAY! NAY!

  15. daily says:

    There has to be a syndrome named after that kind of disgusting behaviour lol.

  16. Patrick says:

    How do you smother a burger in Nutella?

  17. Anjum says:

    On the type of diet hes living on trust me he woulda gobbled up that shake shack double with nutella even if a cow had takeb a nice big dump in it as well

  18. NJ says:

    … I’m sure his heart will thank him for this meal later on in his life.

  19. lulz says:

    I realize this is a freakshow event and Fahad probably has the good sense not to eat like this on a weekly basis, but going apeshit with your cheat meal is a really bad idea. Some foods should never go into your system on a weekly basis; that can be way too frequent for certain types of foods even if you can get away with it without impacting your weight. This is about your overall well being in the long run, because you can have sixpack abs and still be in poor health. If you had a luxury vehicle like BMW you wouldn’t fill it up with tar sand once a week. Your body is the vehicle of your soul and should be accorded the same respect. Having said that, I just ate some BBQ ribs yesterday u mad?

  20. Summer says:

    I really don’t like nutella, so this to me makes me barf!

  21. Burhan says:

    yummmy, my mouth started watering watching those 2 orgasmic Sandwich’s….. :O~

  22. Moe80s says:

    Nay nay million nay

  23. Laila says:

    We have Chompers in Australia where they sell a burger that is shoved between two donuts (same as the ones in America). They are so good, I can eat two in one go. I have never been able to enjoy any other burger after them.

  24. PKG says:

    jus one word… waaaaooooowww… bring on the heart attack..

  25. BigJack says:

    Allah Ylawwe3 Chabdek !

  26. abbas says:

    i dont think so its that bad i have tried something worst…..

  27. Abdou says:

    couldnt you eat them seperately? or were you in a hurry?

  28. realist says:

    This is what you find in a garbage bin not on a plate !

  29. Waleed says:

    ull need to give me at least 5000KD for me to even think of eating something like that. Im sorry but Im very disappointed Fahad

  30. Blink says:

    I’d like that with a side of a revolver, please.

  31. nadoxq8 says:

    lol i bet he got constipated for a week

  32. aaa says:

    Try to be like Diabetes

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