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I just found a video blogger here in Kuwait. It a girl, her name is Rashisha and she has tons of videos on YouTube ranging from her singing karaoke with her brother to videos of her taken while she is driving complaining about work. She also has a blog which I added to “Our Friends” section on the right. Lots of wacky stuff check her out. [YouTube Link]

update: Here is another local video blogger, a guy called Stan. [Link]

16 replies on “Video Blogging in Kuwait”

Dude Ahmed.. could have used Camtasia Studio instead of cam for such videos related to tutorials.
It was so sucking to see the video blur every now and then…

However, its good to see some inspiration from Rashisha’s videos (WTF!!)
Was talking about the series.. 😉

Stan TV !!
Oh what can i say.. its fucking hilarious! (can i express it more!)
The guy points his fingers too much.. snaps too much and shoofs.. too much.. WTF !!

HOWEVER .. its entertaining somehow !
Keep it going mate..

~ Soul

YOU ROCK!!!! My Friend E. passed on the link to your blog and ijust wanna say THANK YOU 🙂


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