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Post by Mark


I am going to start off by saying I am not a fan of Wataniya. I have been an MTC user since 1995 and I am very loyal to the brand. So, when I was contacted by Wataniya to try out their new W-net internet router I wasn’t very thrilled because I would rather it had been MTC calling me. But I still went ahead and met with the Wataniya guy who turned out to be cool and a Nintendo Wii fan and he explained to me what W-net was and told me that Wataniya had hooked me up with a 6 month prepaid subscription. I was thinking worst case scenario if the connection turned out to be crap I could take the router to work and hook it up over there since my office lacked a wifi connection which annoys the hell out of me whenever I take my Macbook to work. After using the device for over 2 weeks I can say I am impressed.

When I first opened the package I found the Quick Start Guide which involved 11 steps on how to setup the connection. I ignored the guide, turned on the router and connected to it via wifi on my Macbook. Thats it, I was connected to the Internet. Its a lot easier then 11 steps.

The Wataniya router works on the HSDPA network which is a 3G mobile protocol. Currently 3G isn’t covered everywhere in Kuwait so if you don’t have 3G in your area you will end up connecting onto the much slower EDGE network. So if you want to take full advantage of W-net you better hope you live in a 3G zone. I live in Salmiya and I have 3G here.

The most impressive thing about the W-Net connection is the download speed. I have a 512 DSL connection by Qualitynet and I usually download files at around 63 KB/sec. With W-net on the other hand I download at around 107 KB/sec which is nearly twice as fast as my DSL connection. The upload speed is slow though at around 15 KB/sec where as my Qualitynet hits around 35 KB/sec.


Loading websites feels slower on the Wataniya connection. When I type in a URL its always quicker to load on my Qualitynet connection. I thought it was because of the connection latency but I pinged 248am.com on both my Qualitynet connection and the Wataniya connection and the results were very close so I don’t know why the lack of acceleration.

PING 248am.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=45 time=321.393 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=305.564 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=45 time=325.444 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=45 time=356.846 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=45 time=376.722 ms

Wataniya W-Net
PING 248am.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=45 time=306.380 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=327.925 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=45 time=383.964 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=45 time=295.931 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=45 time=472.001 ms

For the geek users, you can customize the settings of the router to your liking just as if it was an ordinary router. It originally came set with the IP address but my network runs on 192.168.0.X so I just logged in to the router settings and just changed stuff like turning of DHCP and changing the routers name. The router has an Ethernet port so you can connect it to the regular network or directly to your computer in case you don’t have wifi.

The price of the router plus Wataniya data line is KD135. The monthly charge for the connection is KD28, or KD300 for 1 year and KD565 for 2. I don’t know if you can order a different cheaper router off the web and use it with the Wataniya data line, I guess it could work.

Would I give up my DSL connection for W-Net? No I wouldn’t. I upload a lot of stuff all the time and 35 KB/sec is slow for me yet alone 15. I also browse the web a lot and like it when pages load instantly. The W-Net connection reminds me of my previous Shownet connection (which was Satellite based). It has a high top speed but slow acceleration meaning when browsing websites you don’t really feel the connection is fast only when you start downloading files do you notice it.

Would I recommend the W-Net connection? Yes in certain situations. For example in my old place in Salwa I couldn’t get a DSL line setup because the phone network in my street didn’t support it. My only option was a Satellite/Dialup combo which sucked. If I was still living there then I would definitely get W-net. Also for people who can’t get phone lines for one reason or another or for people who simply want an Internet connection wherever they go (camping, challet, anywhere with a power outlet) then this would also be a good option.

Am I going to take the router to the office? Nope, whenever I have files to download I just switch over to the W-Net connection and download them. Its really convenient having it because its cutting my download time in half. Anyway if you have any questions regarding W-Net just leave a comment below and I will try to answer it.


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  1. Nael says:

    I think wireless routers aren’t commonly used at homes here in Kuwait, atleast not yet. You might find access points in cafes… etc, and connect to the internet. In Toronto, wireless routers are so common that I sometimes connect to the neighbor’s wireless router and then to the internet, I used to do that when our router goes dead, but I can’t do it here.

    Great post by the way, I learned something out of it, keep these kind of posts going. What’s your job if I may ask?

  2. Mark says:

    thanks dude. I work in advertising.

  3. jane says:

    thanks , but why are you an mtc fan? i mean is there a difference in the two? if so what? for one thing mtc live support sucks if there is any difference between the two in terms of services or prices i think they are almost identical.

  4. moocherx says:

    I have a question… does MTC give speed priority to its own-issued hardware? I use a 3G phone and also live in Salmiya and when I connect to W-Net I get a download speed at night MAX 10Kbps.

  5. mishref says:

    Does it require it’s own power supply or it’s usb based ?

  6. Frankom says:

    :: First of all thanks alot Mark for this post i was waiting for it, plus i visited Wataniya Virgin Mega Story Branch last night. So i asked the guy an important question which is “what if i live in 3G area, but the signal gets up and down i mean weak” he said then go for the CARD ! so, i told him that i already have one from MTC suddenly he said DONT COMPARE OUR SERVICE WITH MTC !! okay since i download files at the rate of 50-55k in some places and 110-120k (sometimes) in Hawalli i would say MTC rules over Wataniya.

    Thanks again for this post Mark.

  7. hs says:

    The web pages loaded instantly with Qnet probably because they use a caching device and Wataniya & Shownet didn’t.

  8. CyberRowdy says:

    Nael, wireless routers are now common these days in kuwait…a lot of people are getting wireless routers, but the problem is that the concrete walls are hard enough for the siglals to pentetrate..where as in states / canada, they use wooden panels and are easy to get through.

  9. CyberRowdy says:

    siglal = signal & penterate = penetrate :P

  10. Nael says:

    I never actually put the concrete issue in mind, after thinking about it. Over there, I reside in a wooden house, with wooden fences, but in an apartment here in Kuwait. Thanks.

    And yeah, I’ve just checked your site, I have to say that it’s pretty cool and informative, you just got yourself a new regular visitor.

  11. KtheKuwaiti says:

    I have both the MTC and Wataniya HSDPA cards .. there is no comparison, Wataniya is much better.

    Bottom line for this router; get it if you full under the following:

    1. You don’t use your internet often, but want a fast connection.
    2. You need multiple connections in different areas (Home, Work, Chalet, Farm).
    3. You live in an area with poor dsl service.
    4. You need a fast internet solution for work (business dsl lines are much more expensive).

    If you plan on using it in one location and extensively .. stick to DSL.

  12. Financy says:

    is it fast enough to play xbox360 Live ?

  13. sanj says:

    Hi all , I am not a techno fan , but I believe modern day mobile technology gives you mobility . As regards the router from Wataniya , I disagree that you should spend so much for a fixed solution ( in the sense that the router needs power supply ) , moreover when I contacted Wataniya support , they could hardy explain howit compares with their own connect card ( I bought one last month ) !!!

    One last line about MTC . I have both MTC and Wataniya , yes Wataniya is better in some areas but in some it is MTC , especially roaming service from MTC . They are Kuwait’s pride and I would pride myself being an MTC customer than a Wataniya .

  14. didats says:

    how can I know that my place is 3g area?
    I live in Jabriya.

  15. NaMmOoR says:

    Yesterday i just saw an AD from united networks it seems to be intresting … and i think im going for it. what do u think guys?
    check it out http://www.unitednetworks.com.kw/offers/

  16. Mark says:

    pay a few KD extra and go with a 1MB connection from qualitynet who are much more reliable. stay away from united networks and anything related to global direct. plus i heard united networks connection is satellite based not land based like FT, Zajil and Qualitynet which sucks.

  17. NaMmOoR says:

    But MARK how much extra should i pay???

    if you convinced me i’ll do it…

  18. c says:

    i did nt like the service much outside the city

  19. Marzouq says:

    Very thurough review Mark! My hat goes off to you for a good breakdown of the product!

    K good pointers!

    I dont know if I would get one because its still pretty damn expensive! At least if your going to sign up for a one or two year contract they should give you the equipment for free. It will get the product moving. I will wait until the product drops in price a bit and then I will think about it more.

  20. ran says:

    1 question Mark

    Do you get the same speed throughout the day ? Is the speed same during high usage time (like say 7 – 12 in the evening) & during low usage time (like say 5-9 in the morning) ?

  21. Mark says:

    Ran i am not home in the mornings so i wouldnt know but during peak hours on a weekend it would go down to like 60 or 70kb

  22. KtheKuwaiti says:

    There are no differences in terms of speed when compared to their data cards. The router is basically a router+data card.

    However, the last time I checked the data card had a 2gb download limit .. and the router was unlimited.

  23. Jafar says:

    Thanks Mark for a good work.
    I use my W-Net and very happy with the fact that I have the service whenever I am away from town but definitly it would be very helpfull if it were battery or USB operated.Then one would really be mobile.
    Also I find the built quality of the router a little below par

  24. Shylock says:

    Thank you for a very informative review.
    Today I went to The Wataniya showroom, and the sales lady was hopeless in answering my questions about the service.
    Another comment is why is the advertised speed only 512 when HSDPA is rated at 3.6 Mbit/sec?

  25. michael says:


    United is offering 1mb for 35kd/month. That’s pretty unbeatable. Qnet wants 2x the amount!

  26. Mark says:

    qualitynet is KD40 if you have NBK and do a 1 year contract.

  27. michael says:

    huh, really? I didn’t know that. I’m planning on moving soon, and as soon as I get a phone line hooked up, QNet here I come!

  28. Mark says:

    yeah i pay like 25 now for 512 and 1MB was just KD15 extra a month. was planning on upgrading in my next cycle but now I have the wnet for 6 months which i am using for my downloads so i might stay on the 512 for now.

  29. Entra-P-Noor says:

    I got the service since christmas. Couldnt access the router for configuration, when calling them, the company declined to give me the username, password for the router. The listen ports for torrent clients are blocked. I am dissapointed.

  30. Mark says:

    Entra-P-Noor, there is a reset button underneath the router. hit it and u will be asked to create a new username and pass. then the only setting you need to add to get the router to work is the following:

    – Go to quick setup after you login
    – Under UMTS access point name put action.wataniya.com

    and thats it.

  31. Fahad says:

    i`m using the Shownet satellite, and i like to change it because:
    1-the bad company support.
    2- old software for the this services.
    3- there are 3 extra wires in my laptop!!
    so the over from UnitedNetwork is good ” u will not get the free wireless modem unless u pay for one year”. also this company is bad in services that u can call for one hour and speak to different five people to get one answer Come to the office plz!?. put really there offer is the less in q8 for 1 MB.
    about the wataniya offer, its good i think with keeping in mined there greed, why? i tell u first the minimal speed for the HSDPA is up to 8-10 MB not 512 kB, but theoretical maximum one i know give u 3.6 Mb ” i don’t look for more than 1 Mb and the router give u 1,8 Mb”.
    the watanya router price is fair, u will find it at more than 500$ on net, but there is allot of product that support HSDPA one will be in virgin mega store that they toled me will come soon.
    the Qnet 1 Mb price is tell 70 Kd/M and i like to know if the 40 kd/M is for year contract or pay one year in advance contract.
    i did talk allot sorry:) at this time i well think what subscription i will used ” i don’t used the laptop outside the house allot but i like the idea”.

  32. Mark says:

    Fahad if you have an NBK account you make a 1 year contract for 1MB with Qualitynet BUT you pay monthly not all upfront as cash. They make it 12 month installment. Its a special deal they have with NBK so you can get 1MB for KD40 a month.

  33. michael says:


    I currently lack a DSL modem and a phone line. My wife’s Z610i shows a 3G connection. In your opinion, would I be better off getting a phone line and a year contract with QNet, or going for the Wataniya service?

  34. Mark says:

    if u can get dsl its better. if not then wnet would be fine.

  35. rubso says:

    hey, can you be more specific about your “Qualitynet Connection” ?
    if you’re having 35 kb/s download speed in your QT Connection, then you must be using 256 kbps, and you got it some what wrong, cause pinging your page with a 256kbps connections gives the result of 200 to 250ms, while yours gives the result of 300 to 350ms, that’s totally wrong.

  36. Mark says:

    35kb/s is the upload speed not download speed. download is around 63, depends on the time of day and from what location.

  37. Unknown says:

    3G is almost everywhere in Kuwait now. W-Net is great especially the W-Net card which you can connect to your laptop its only 99 KD for all the W-Net card and sim card etc.

    You can roam around anywhere in Kuwait and have a high speed internet connection. So far W-Net is cheaper that Quality Net or Fast Telco if you compare the speeds. If they ever advertise it being only 512 Kbps they are stupid because it is almost double that speed.

  38. 7mani says:

    i but that it’s very cool
    i paly it with my xbox360
    and it’s kick ass
    btw how your download ir 107 mine is like 80

  39. DiabloQ80 says:

    Dear Mark,

    Thanx for the usefull tips on Internet connections. I got a delima, I live in Salwa (Block 12) which is too far away from our Phone Center in Salmiya .. I am sure you know about it since you mentioned that you lived in Salwa before. I have DSL service with QNet. I subscibed to 512MB connection but i only get 128 MAX .. this is frustrating. Then, about few months back, I purchased the new MTC Data Card 1.8. they said it could reach up to 1,800 kb … that was a lie, cause i tried it in Salwa, Hawalli, downtown, samelia ..etc and i get 100 kb Max. I used to live in the States and paid less than 10KD for a T1 connection. and now i got to live with this. Can you please advice me on what to get and from whom to solve this problem. W-Net router or Qnet or MTC .. etc

    Thanks buddy

  40. Mark says:

    well your only option is wnet and mtc and since you get 100kb already with mtc which is the same as wnet then i dont see a reason for your to switch to the other.

  41. msk says:

    as i see for salwa proplem in block 12 u can use paradyne router for ur connection also if u chang ur fuse from moc u can fix it as i think what ever the isp united or qnet,,, mr mark Wataniya W-Net they dont have voice over this connection ??? how ican call from msn or skype or any voice programe , :) thanks to u for every thing

  42. Matt says:

    Mark –

    Thanks for the review. I bought a Wnet router the other day (no phone line at home) and so far am pretty happy with it. Have 2 questions for you, though: 1.) The router reads “HSDPA Connected” and I have a good connection via ethernet cable to my desktop computer. However, when I try to resolve web pages on my wireless-enabled laptop, I get redirected to the globesurfer management site which displays an error msg indicating that the internet connection is down. Obviously, this is not the case. I have a wireless connection with a good IP, etc., but simply can’t pull up any web pages. Any idea how to fix this? (Wataniya is clueless when it comes to tech support, I’m sorry to say.)

    And 2.) I play a little eveonline from time to time. Tried to connect to the eve server tonight and got the error msg “unable to connect to [address] on port 26000.” Any idea how to configure the wnet router to ensure I can make this connection?

    Sorry for the long-winded questions. And thanks for any guidance you can provide.

  43. Mark says:

    if you are getting redirected to the globesurfer page then you probably can see a button that says connect. if you click on connect and its not connecting then there is something wrong. if it says connected in green but you are still seeing the globesurfer page, exit the browser and come back in.

  44. Matt says:


    Tried your advice above and it didn’t work. Then, however, I tried your advice to Entra-P-Noor, in which you said to hit the reset button and type “action.wataniya.com” for the UMTS access point name.

    Now everything works perfectly. Thank you very much. Let me know if I can buy you a coffee — I owe you!

  45. 7mani says:

    i live in salwa also
    but my download is 80kb/s
    is that ok or what
    iheard from my friend theat he got 150kb/s
    ?? salwa block 7

  46. Naman says:

    Hi man i want to ask i have 775 seira wireless edge card ok when i connect i have 220 KBPS ok my download speed is maximum 20 kbps ok so i was thinking is there any shop that will buy sierra wireless edge card i am not rich am normal have a laptop computer 6GHZ Hahaha ok have 70 inch tv glass screen haha i want to sell then buy hsdpa one so will anyone buy from me i bought in 2006 it was total 160 KD i will sell for 130KD so will anyone buy i will give the postpaid sim and dataline with it anyone interested. tell me the cheapest ISP here i can found like Q-NET I want 512 Kbps but can you tell me what’s kems offers and zajil and united or showtime there subscription list i want email it on uchihia_sasuke@yahoo.com

  47. Billmh says:


    What did you ever figure out for Salwa. I just moved to Block 12 and looking to install DSL. From what I hear, the lines may take a long time to install and if they are, will be slow.

    Anyone else in Block 12 doing OK with DSL?

  48. Billmh says:

    I just installed W-Net. 600kbps on the downloads and 54 on the uploads. Talked to parents in the USA. Great on this end, but they said it was hesitating a bit. Still, we could communicate.

  49. wazed says:

    Sir, I have bought your wataniya w-net GLOBE SURFER 3G HSDPA. I have bought it 12-2007. First 4 days worked properly but not working good. always law singnal or poor or very law. I now I cant searce properly. my name is wazed ali bachchu mia.mobile no: 6069524. civil id no: 274113002238. pin no:0000, puk no:68433214 and pin:1466 and puk:11283402. personal password:1974. my mobile no:7842715
    please solve this problem.

  50. bofahad says:

    nice topic , i have the same proplem as comment #29 except that im using AirCard850 . so how do i froword a port ?? my torrent connection is very slow becuse of this. thanx

  51. nasser says:

    how can i now if my area have 3g

  52. robert says:


    Can i buy this router from somewhere and where would I buy it?

    Also, do you need to upgrade the service from Watanyia to get this router to work?

    I already have the 14kd service and I know this router (according to watanyia)is only available with the 28 KD service plan.

    Can any of you guys help me out with this…thankyou

  53. nxman says:

    I have the W-net router and its excellent i live in the city,I tried it many times in south of Kuwait in khiran when i go to the chalet in weekends and it dose the job as promised! Robert check the link: http://www.wataniya.com/Wataniya.portal?_nfpb=true&portlet_4_1_actionOverride=%2FServices%2FServicesCenter%2FWnetRouter&_windowLabel=portlet_4_1&_pageLabel=Services_page

  54. brett says:

    I am in Mangaf we may be getting fiber optic phones soon, but who knows. Will the Wataniya USB card work for VOIP and webcam? Is it better to wait and try DSL from phone? Who would that be. MTC e-go card is quite slow in this area and seems everyone is completely against using Showtime.

    Also, is there a firewall built into this card or is it basically an unsecured network?

  55. Fahad says:

    HELP ME PLZ !!! .. am really sick of it .. am Using WneT Router (ericsson) 512 speed … and the download rate is so down now … it was around 40’s 50’s then 30’s … now its 8 KB/Sec !! LIKE A DIAL UP CONNECTION !!

    PLZ help me i need to fix it out soon .. send me emaiL , post … (am living in mishref)

  56. Mystique says:

    Same problem here mate ! It’s worse than a dial up.I get 3 kb/sec and watching a you tube video seems eternity

  57. Johan says:

    Thanks for the post very informative.
    I’m pretty new to Kuwait and I noticed the internet speed isn’t that great for much, I’ve been trying to play a few online games during my spare time, it’s laggy and only sometimes I’m even able to play, the problem is the upload is pretty crappy. Does anyone know if any company or any service that offers a decent upload speed?

  58. slimsim says:

    uhh so is there anyway to increase or fix the torrent download speed with wnet or ego?

  59. Faisal says:

    Ha ha, its funny the many unfortunate souls like myself, who live in the internet-cursed Salwa block 12.

    Here’s my situation:

    DSL with Paradyne dosn’t work at 512k, slower than Dial-up at 256k. Qualitynet support blames it on the bad wiring of the block, refuse to do anything and denied me the refund to cancel the service. In short, a big ‘Screw-you, we got your money and thats what we care about’.

    Wataniya W-net. Very bad coverage in block 12, confirming our block’s net-curse. Have not yet attempted to complain or demand for refund, but i bet I’ll hear the same answer as Qnet.

  60. Heru says:

    seriously this so so stupid … i had this for over 1 year now
    paying 28kd every month, works for month or 2.. and then boooom
    like today the 3G isnt working they’ve been promising to build a tower in my city (mangaf) and i see nothing yet, everytime i call i get no replay
    i visited them in their main building more than 20 times.. switched the router more than 4 times .. and the only reason i cant cancel this is i have no phone lines in this house, let’s say the whole city and yay we know kuwait, it took more than 3 years to add phones in janob el sera how many years i’ll have to wait for mangaf lol

  61. wazed says:

    dear sir, I have one w-net router but settings already EDGE

  62. wazed says:

    dear sir, I live in now mahbullah, this is the 3G zone. I use a wataniya W-NET HSDPA router. this connection is already EDGE. I want now HSDPA connection. please inform me how to settings HSDPA..

  63. w00t! says:

    this id bullshit
    omfglolwtfnab (ya I’m playing wow so w00t ;p)
    crap serves and crap customer support
    don’t buy this shit i rather dial up connection rather then this crap omfglolwtfnab :D
    i live in slawa block 7 when i first by it it was not bad but in august 2007 it’s start dialing up serves so i cancel it :)

  64. aRiES says:

    I leave in farwaniya..I’m not satisfied with the wataniya internet speed.

  65. Bader Arrar says:

    Hi, i just wanted to say that overall Kuwait’s internet Speed is very very very crap and its very expensive. I find this sort of retarded, in Europe you can get 80mbps same cost as the dial up over here O.o -.-!!!! Kuwait has lots of oil… they should build carbon fiber in most of the houses in Kuwait. Kuwait should be as advanced as UAE

  66. eddy says:

    this is an ‘OK!’ router, the only reason why i hate this junk is because of its NAT problem with the current consles. i own an xbox 360 and it keeps saying my nat is strict?! wtf?! seriusly i called wataniya them selfs to help me, and they don’t really know how to help there customers -_-!!

  67. ZA says:

    do NOT get this router
    Its so frustrating …. i’m paying 28KD per month for internet speed thats only slightly better than dial up
    Its SLOW (i live in bayan) … customer support is terrible
    and the worst part is; you HAVE to sign up for a whole year
    My year is almost up, and i can’t wait not to re-new my contract.

  68. erick says:

    hello mark just bought now the router of wataniya 79 kd/25 kd mothly its a 1 yr contract @first im so happy bcoze i download movies its very fast 170 to 200 kbps but after a few days bigla nalang siyang bumagal pati sa you tube d na ako makapanood naging 17 kbps nalang ung ung pina ka mabilis kaya…bakit kaya ganun sa tigin mo nasa farwaniya pala palce namin…

  69. Sherifa says:

    Hey Mark, thanx 4 the great post.
    Like u i’m a loyal Zein customer but i recently got the prepaid w-net, i’m using the high speed package.
    My speed isupposed to b 7.2 MB, for 3 days now the speed is so low it’s driving me nuts, do u hav any suggestions to speed it up?
    they told me it’ll slow down when i reach my dowm load limit which is supposed to b 44GB, i’v used up 6866.92 MB , so i’m supposed to b ok
    help plz
    P.S. I’m not a computer expert so pls b gentle ;P

  70. erick says:

    sherifa hello i have same problem as you why like this also my download now is very slow i dont know how to get it fast i email wataniya about this but they tell me my download limit is over i dont understasnd and i dont know how to fix these prmlem and they said that the speed will be blocked for two weeks i dont know y now its a problem becouze i have contract with this maybe i will not finish this one ill go for zain or vita its better.so pls expalin us will…..

  71. erick says:

    i hate my self why i get wataniya router only in the first 4 days signal is good but now suckssss my download is 17kbs what the ,,,,,, its better that i get the zain or viva pls wataniya guys improve ur services dont just be good in talking

  72. sherifa says:

    Hi Eric, i agree with u wataniya is just all talk no action. I’m still suffering with the ever slowing speed :((((
    About zein i’v been with them 4 about18 years or so their network coverrage is great, the way their costumer service is excellent and my friends hav their wireless internet connection they never encounter the kind of problems i hav.
    Good 4 me i hav the prepaid service hence i’m not obliged to continue with wataniya, zein here i come

  73. dave says:


    I’m visiting my bro here in Kuwait. I live in Alberta, Canada. I’ll be in Kuwait for 2 more weeks. Since i got here 2 weeks ago i been using wnet Globesurfer II. This connection is really bad.. as you mentioned in your post web pages take forever to open and honestly the customer service is even worse. I have to restart the modem 2 to 3 times a day, download speeds can reach up to 170kb sometimes and other times it’s slow as hell. My bro tells me he called wataniya a few times to ask why the internet is so slow and they always told him “upgrading”. They been upgrading for 2 years now their internet should be god damn amazing, but sadly it’s not.. I tried to call wataniya myself hoping to find a solution to the horrible connection speeds. I called and talked to some guy and he didn’t even ask me what the problem was. He said i’ll put in a request for tech support to call you. I waited 6 hours and they finally called back. The guy that called me didn’t have a clue about anything or what’s goin on even tho i explained the problem to the person i talked to. So i told him the internet was extremely slow and download speeds were barely reaching 20kb for the last 2 days. Of course his answer was “upgrading…”. This is really sad, they tell people they’re upgrading because it’s the easiest way to get rid of the customer. What kind of customer service is this.. I guess i got used to living in Canada since i been there for last 8 years. I only had to call my ISP in Canada twice in last 5 years. They usually serve the problem on the phone and if it can’t be solved on the phone they send a technician to your house and they don’t charge you any money for doing so. If anything they apologize for the inconvience and sometimes offer you a month or 2 for free for your troubles. My internet connection there is a DSL i have a download speed of 2MB and upload around 70+kb and i only pay about 30$ canadian dollars. So i pay alot less money and get a way better internet connection and great customer service. How does Wataniya stay in business with such horrible customer service and really bad internet connection most of the time…

    I’m not sure you can do anything about it.. it’s just really upsetting and i had to vent to someone! Since i couldn’t even talk to people at Wataniya.. I really hope that someone that works at wataniya reads this.

  74. ata2ud says:

    I Have Wnet Router But Ours Is Weird Cuz The First 2 Weeks It`s Fast the download speed is goes over 100 KB/S but the next 2 weeks is pure horror cuz it`s soooooooooooooooo slow the downloading is 1.1 KB and when i am watching a video on youtube it takes 1 hour for it to load and the video is just 3 mins long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. PPM says:


    Wataniya do not have a SMTP server for Wnet and its tough to send out emails from outlook etc.

  76. Kamal Kelly says:

    I have the wataniya sim which allows Internet service using the USB connector for the Internet or just the sim for my iPhone..I origionally connected through the USB to my computer but have recently taken the sim card out of the USB and placed it into my iPhone and configured my iphone for Internet use on the go using the instructions from wataniyas’ website. Worked fine. The problem is now when I try to put the sim back into the USB and connect to the internet through my laptop again it now will not allow me to connect.. Please give me a step by step tutorial on how to interchange/ configure the connection to the internet w wataniya sim between a laptop(using the USB connector) and iPhone for wataniya as I will be doing so on a regular basis between home and work..your prompt assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  77. Suman says:

    I have a device which’ll support GPRS in Indian subcontinent. In Wataniya network, I am using one SIM card of Wataniya and using the device to connect internet using GPRS. I am getting PPP IP from GPRS provider. However, whenever I am trying to connect any site using the device, it is failing. From log it seems to me there is an authentication failure. I am using APN as action.wataniya.com without any password and username. Does Wataniya network use any ineternal authentication for GPRS connection?

  78. mirna says:

    whats the blackberry internet speed of wataniya service in kuwait?

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