WIMD, a new internet provider?

Post by Mark

From what I read on their website it looks like they will providing internet by rolling out a large Wifi network that covers all of Kuwait. No idea when they’re planning to start (or if they’ve started already) and how much their prices will be. If anyone manages to get a hold of them and find out more let me know. [Link]

Thanks Sabah

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  1. Frankom says:

    So that’s why the MOI canceled all license and applied new one for KD250 thousands


  2. Jacqui says:

    Was about to subscribe to them last year but didn’t have good coverage in my area.

  3. B says:

    lets just hope they really provide something different than other providers from price to quality.

  4. BuYousef says:

    … Have we run out of names?

  5. Shalth says:

    WiMD = Wireless Mobile Data company, They established since long time in Kuwait.

    And We’re having many sites connected through their network, Coverage still will not reach everywhere, And in long building zones such as Salmiya, and some of Mahboula + Kuwait City.

    In the first test we did one site located near by the Ice skating Hall, it gave us 63mbps Which is more than perfect.

    But they have to fix a Small antenna on the Roof.

    I used to have the price list for residential but somehow i lost it. They give Full Duplex 1:1 Download:Upload.

    You can call them and ask about residental prices at: Phone Number: +965 22475841 / 22475842

    Their network is more stable than Mada, and having very low latency (Better than DSL) (Latency tested locally) (International will use different routes)

    There was some management issue that’s why they didn’t publish in the market yet.

  6. Ali says:

    They have plans for individuals starting from 6mbs till 20mbs
    For business the speed is nearly open, It can reach up to 600mbs!

    they are now in infoconnect, you can check with them directly

  7. Sfsa1978 says:

    20mb for kd1,300!!! Wtf

    • Name (required) says:

      More than reasonable, 8 MB used to cost 900 KD for DSL, i mean after all 20 MB should be 20 MB or it wouldn’t cost 1300.

  8. Kevin Rutherford says:

    I just spoke to one of their reps at InfoConnect. I can post their prices later if anyone is interested. Highlights of the conversation:
    – WiMAX
    – Includes free american television channels as well
    – Upload and download speeds are the same.
    – Low Latency
    – Prices start at 385KD per year.
    – Their fastest speeds were very high (I am skeptical that a end user would get anything close to the rated speeds, however I’m sure it is still very fast if you have good signal in your area).

    I am a happy Mada user, and their prices seemed higher than Mada at first glance, but the speeds make me want to give it a shot or at least talk to someone who has. The same upload/download speeds would be a benefit over Mada s well.

    Check out Info Connect. There is a huge variety of vendors, and good prices. They are closed from 1:00 to 4:00pm during the day and the 4th of FEB is their last day.

    • Shalth says:

      Their Technology is not WiMax, They are using Wifi but new technology, and they have to beam the Wifi Antenna which they install on the roof to some tower near by.

  9. MoeMoe says:

    Don’t get it! Its sucks, my brother installed it all over our house! supposedly it can give you 10MB/s downloads but really it sucks! Just get an 8mb connection from quality net for 300KD!!

    • Kevin Rutherford says:

      I read MoeMoe’s comment. I am guessing since it is WiMAX that location is everything. Mada is the same way. If you live in an location with good coverage, your experience will vary greatly over someone who lives in an area with poor coverage. Mada offers a 7 day money back guarantee. That means you can try it out and return it within 7 days if you are not happy. I would hope that WMD offers something similar. Bottom line, buyer beware… I’d try it if it meets your needs, but only if there is a money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work well for you. Just my 2 cents…

    • Shalth says:

      You are speaking about Mada which is Using WiMax, But WiMD is using very advanced Wifi technology.

      That’s difference. Keep in Mind Wimd is Not Mada,

      Wimd = Wireless Mobile Data company. and they DON’T use WiMax technology.

      • MoeMoe says:

        I live in Khaldiya, but trust me just get quality net! or Gulfnet! 10 times better then Wimd, I can’t even get into one BF3 Server and its pissing me off :(!

  10. BTV says:

    I don’t think WIMD is a isp,they are wireless data line providers. Also they lease lines from other isp’s and distribute over there wireless data line,as a bundled package of wireless data line and internet within buildings or sites.

  11. Many thanks, first of all, for giving us a platform to voice our services.

    First things first, WiMD stands for Wireless Mobile Data. The name implies the meaning, so no gimmickry with names and how strong and powerful we are. Our technology is not based on the WiMAX standard and we don’t believe in sharing the customer subscribed bandwidth. We have nation wide coverage for our residential customers as of today.

    Having said the above, we pride ourselves in what we commit to our customers. In today’s age of blogs and forums, we are aware that customer satisfaction is of prime importance and any wrong information/commitment can only do more harm to us than good.

    As most of your readers have mentioned, they have never heard of us. This is true as we didn’t launch or market our services in the residential domain before today. All our existing residential customers till date have been through word of mouth and personal referrals. For obvious reasons you don’t get recommended for bad service or performance, do you?

    We don’t want to take any further space and just want to introduce ourselves us a healthy alternative to your existing miseries with limited bandwidth and slower speed. Our request to all is, don’t judge us without even trying us. Our company policy for bandwidth commitment to customers is based on the site survey we do before delivering our services. Fair and transparent. Our NOC and Helpdesk are equipped to answer your queries.

    And even after this, if your satisfaction quotient is not reached, kind reminder to our existing and prospective customers. We have a fair money bank policy which means, if you are dissatisfied with our services, you get the remaining balance on your contract reimbursed upon cancellation.

    Just want to remind your readers, we are in Hall 6 @ InfoConnect. Please feel free to drop by.

    We mean business and that is what we are here for. So no strings attached, no hidden dramas. JUST PERFORMANCE.

  12. The Real Burhan says:

    For the longest time they had a large network coverage on Gulf road. Their technology uses WWAN over WiFi – its not WiMax as others have stated.

    Think of it like a very powerful access point that’s installed at your house.

  13. Reda says:

    Will this be the solution to online gamers in Kuwait?

  14. Abdullah says:

    what about the prices ?

  15. Ali says:

    Tested their system at the exhibition today. I found it very weird that downloading from different server locations gave you different speeds. The connection speed test was about 5Mbps when testing on Paris, France, about 6 Mbps when testing on New York, USA and 23Mbps locally.

    Second of all, while the ping is lower than the one you get with Mada (Mada gives 180-220 on European servers while WiMD gives about 140), it is much more expensive considering the bandwidth.

    Gamers, stick to your DSL. Nothing’s beating KEMS/QualityNet/FastTelco’s 110-130 ping on European servers. Not just yet.

  16. Burhan says:

    Nice Nice More competition ! ssshhhh sit back and watch the price drop…

  17. twinlet.com says:

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    me when new comments are added-

    checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment.

    Is there any approach you may take away me

    from that service? Thanks!

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