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Woman Should Stay At Home

Don’t shoot the messenger! I was listening to the radio today morning while taking a shower and Linda from the breakfast show was talking about how woman should stay at home with the kids and how that would help the economy by freeing up work for the men on welfare. She couldn’t have chosen a better day for her personal opinions. While today everyone is out in-front of the parliament demonstrating for more rights for woman, Linda wants all the woman to leave their jobs and stay home with the kid. I hope she gets a lot of hate mail and even fired for her stupid opinion. PLUS, she has kids yet she is working so that makes hers a hypocrite. On my way to work today I passed by the demonstration, I snapped a few pictures and I just put them online. Nibaq is there now and taking pictures so his should come out better.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Update: Here are nibaqs pictures

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see the picture you have in your topic is one of the thing i hate , the USA is always proud and would tell you that they had 400 years of democrasy , they aren’t ashamed that 300 years of it women weren’t voting or that blacks weren’t voting either , they say its 400 years , but here in kuwait people enjoy negative

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