My Autographed iPod mini

Post by Mark

Do you know who originally created the iPod? If you guessed Steve Jobs then you are absolutely wrong. The father of the ipod is an engineer called Tony Fadell. Another interesting fact is that Tony Fadell is a Lebanese citizen. I contacted Tony Fadell last year and I had a nice chat with him via email. He turned out to be a very cool guy. I asked him if I could send him my iPod mini so that he could autograph it for me. He told me I didn’t need to and then fedexed me an autographed blue ipod mini skeleton. So anyway thought I would showoff share a picture of my autographed blue mini with you.

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  1. Tawkek says:

    Thanks for defacing my IPOD, it has great resale value now!

    Who the fuck is Tony Fadell?!?!

  2. MS says:

    thats fucking cool

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