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Post by Mark

Two weeks back I posted that I ordered the Alpine iXA-W407 from Amazon along with all the parts I needed to get it installed in my FJ Cruiser. Originally I was planning to do all the install myself but I found a sound install place where the people who run it actually know what they’re doing. The place is called Zaharat Al Naseem and they’re located right across from Al Raya. I originally went there to have them solder some wires together but I was pretty surprised when the person I was talking to knew was an SWI-JACK was and what a TR7 did. Not only that but the guy actually spoke proper English and they were in the middle of installing a rear view camera on another black FJ. I decided to give them the whole install project and so I left and went back after I was done with work so they could install everything.

They didn’t have any issues soldering all the right wires together (check out the picture above) and they got it all right from the first try. I had ordered an adapter from Amazon that would allow me to install the Alpine in the FJ but the adapter I bought turned out to be really crap. Turns out they had the right adapter I needed and the price was just a KD1 more than Amazon after shipping. After installing the stereo I had them install my extra 12v socket by the fuse box and run my Garmin GPS charger up inside the dashboard. I had a whole weekend of installation planned and they were able to do it all in under 2 hours. I didn’t have the rear view camera the first day but once Aramex delivered it the next day I went back and they installed it for me in under 30 minutes.

If you want to get your sound system installed I highly recommend them. There are a bunch of places in front of Al Raya so make sure you go to the right store.

Update: They’ve moved, here is their new location [Google Maps]


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  1. Marzouq says:

    Naeem does great work! He speaks perfect English and he knows what he is doing with all the work! Seriously excellent installation! Very clean work, and I love that they pay attention to the wiring!

  2. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    I know that place too! He installed speakers in my last ride I had!

  3. gabry says:

    Mark. It would be very helpful if you could post the GPS co-ordinates of the locations you review.A tremendous help to newbies in Kuwait. You just need to go to “tools” and touch the “where am i” in your Garmin GPS unit it will give the location and co- ordinates. Thank you.

  4. vampire says:

    i did 3 of my cars plus couple of friends cars to the shop. they r simply the best “Car Sound Systems” shop in Kuwait.

    i’m taking my newly bought car to Naeem today enshala,, Naeem is the man

  5. mhalvi says:

    How much thay did charge ? is it effordable ?

  6. Mustafa says:

    Can you please give the exact location? I’m not aware of Al Raya…His contact number would help too…Thanks.

  7. S1k0 says:

    Thats where I got my Subwoofers installed for my car, and where my uncle gets his car done up. Great shop (y)

  8. Al-Murqab says:

    are you gonna upgrade your sound system ?

  9. visakar says:

    Where is it located?

  10. A.Albaz says:

    Naeem is not a bad installer. He does however charge too much for installation (30kd to install a simple 2 channel amp?). In my own opinion, he doesn’t do that much of an amazing job. Nothing beats doing the work your self.

    I actually did the sound system there for my car first, then after a couple of weeks, re-did the whole thing my self. I noticed that they didn’t do a good job of grounding the wires. It’s a pain doing the work your self, but you learn and trust me, will do a better job in the end.

  11. George Thomas says:

    Hi Mark,
    Where is this place located exactly…not familiar with Al Raya.
    Second.. which address did you give on amazon.. is it the postal address or the residential address.. I`ve never ordered on amazon.

  12. lensman says:

    I got my car audio system done there as well 2 years ago. They did a great job!

  13. lensman says:

    Its Arraya in Sharq, not Al Raya…

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