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The New CAP Bookshop

The CAP Bookshop which carries books by publishers Assouline, Phaidon, Taschen, and Thames & Hudson has moved locations for the third time. Back in 2021, they moved to a larger location next to the CAP gallery in Shuwaikh and now they’ve moved once again, this time to the ground floor next to the main entrance.

I think their new location is the best one so far since it looks great but also feels cozier than the last one. If you’ve never been to the bookshop before, they mostly carry books related to architecture, art, design, fashion, photography, culture, and travel. They also have really great kids’ books mostly by the publisher Phaidon

If you want to pass by and check the bookshop out, here is the location.

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On the last post I had made this comment (after seeing how spacious the place was).
“I find it hard to believe that these stores turn a profit. The math does not add up.”

The owner of the Contemporary Art Platform and the bookshop also owns the building. I doubt he opened them to generate profit (he doesn’t need the money), he’s just very passionate and heavily involved in the local art scene and this is something I imagine he is doing to support it.

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