Cafe Matik Sucks

Post by Mark

I am at the airport now waiting for my pane back to Kuwait. I just had lunch at Cafe Matik which I think is probably the most boring airport cafe in the world. Its always been this bad at the Beirut airport, for as long as I can remember there has always been a monopoly when it came to food at the airport here. The old restaurant at the old Kuwait airport is like 100 times better than this one. Anyway I am just sitting here watching people going by wishing there was a McDonalds for me to pig out at. (Posted from my Nokia e61i)

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  1. Cawabeer says:

    Aw C’mon man I like Cafe Matik….Beirut Airport may be boring but at least it’s always calm and soothing…The Kuwait airport is always overcrowded and loud…

  2. Sal says:

    I thought you were in Turkey or something. Well, be thankful, at least nobody bombed the place.

    Good luck

  3. zaydoun says:

    Isn’t there a place called Salt upstairs at the airport?

  4. Woman says:

    Oww plz that cafe is crap.. Mark is right its really bad n the atmospere is just cold..

  5. SAM540 says:

    I thought you hate Mcdonald’s in Lebanon…
    Also, who sits in a cafe at Beirut airport…You go and get stuff from Hallab and Goodies…thats where you get the Lebanese authentic taste! Best of all, you get them travel packed and take them onboard, so you do not have to pay extra weight.
    Hmmm, now I am in the mood for Baklava!

  6. Zahed says:

    mark just wants to be covered with shawerma every where he goes so how about we shift our shawerma stand there plus it will be in your home town ya3ni you will be a true im3alim

  7. K.Z says:

    yeaaah man its boring , the only thing that you can do is going to virgin next to it , and also i hate the airport cuz am leaving Beirut

    ahhhhh yaaa beirut

    raj3 yit3amr lebnan


  8. 3azeez says:

    oh please give them a brake. they’re still working on that section of the airport so what do you expect the atmosphere to be!?

  9. Mark says:

    They are not working on anything. Its been like that forever. And lets say the airport was still under construction, so what?

  10. TanGo says:

    the only thing that cafe is good for is to have a smoke
    [the ashtrays are pieces of tin]
    all else is rubbish,,,
    Mark, you are being kind
    ps. a better cafe is on 1st floor, opposite immigration

  11. Diala says:

    Don’t ever eat there! At first I wasn’t aware that I had food poisoning from eating there the first time In July 2011. I was also pregnant and the diarrhea lasted for over 2 weeks and I ended up miscarrying. Yesterday, august 5, 2011, my husband and I ate there again and I hadn’t eaten anything before the flight except from cafe matik and half way thru the flight I felt nauseated and bloated and I couldn’t eat anything all evening yesterday not even the food they offered during the flight. I kept burping and tasting what I ate from that cafe. It was gross! Today, both my husband and I woke up with watery stool. I really hope they close down this shop. It’s really dangerous to keep it running especially that people eat there then travel and can’t go back to report getting sick from there or even realize that they actually got sick from eating there. A lot of people usually think they got sick from eating food on the plane but am 100% sure I got food poisoned from cafe matik cause I did not eat anything before or after eating there

  12. Gus says:

    Fine…it’s not the best place on earth is it? The atmosphere is not blended within the duty free shopping area, it’s closest to the gates, so what do you expect? A party? The place is convenient, grab something to eat before you board or while waiting…I actually always grab few sandwiches to take with me on board (sick of MEA’s Shish Barak and Ouzi!)…in fact, a good HAM sandwich is perfect for when you’re traveling to Saudi ;)
    The price is ridiculous…I agree…but so is a small bottle of water in Paris or London..I believe the rent is high and the supply and demand rule fact, every time I go there, the place is packed!
    And in case you got food poisoning from Cafematik, well dear, you’re the only one..I am sure if it was a regular reoccurrence, they would have shut the place down, else we’d all end up with an over crowded bathroom on the plane.
    There’s only one problem…it’s the only place after passport control where you can grab something to eat! (you don’t want to try the others inside, specially not the first class lounge cheap birthday catering style food they have)…But for now, it’s convenient, easy, good and safe food, and not bad for a country where only Falafel rules.

  13. Nader says:

    I was very disappointed with my experience at cafematik. I ordered food the cashier was nice enough to tell me to sit and he would let me know when it was ready. Before I knew it he was flirting with his beautiful and nice manager. Going back and forth picking his nose and playing with his beard. I was disgusted. After a while the manager saw that my burnt sandwich was ready . She tried to serve it to me then I said know thank you she offered a free one and I said no thank you and explained why. The nose picker not understanding English seemed to be getting upset but because I was coming back to the stars I let it go. I say to cafematik good looking people are good to have work for you but train them better. Thank you

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