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Movies & TV Shows to Watch this Weekend

It’s been a super busy week so haven’t really watched any TV. Barely got time to start watching The Northman yesterday, only to realize halfway that I already watched it last year. I did manage to watch episode of Monarch but it was just a filler episode and incredibly slow and uneventful.

Let me know what you watched this week in the comments below.

Movies at the Cinemas
The movies below are now showing at the local cinemas:

New This Weekend:
Boudica: Queen of War (4.4)
Invitation to a Murder (5.1)
Little Bone Lodge (6.1)
Role Play
Wonka (7.4)

Other Movies Showing:
Hypnotic (5.5)
Migration (7.5)
Napoleon (7.0)
Silent Night (5.9)
Thanksgiving (6.9)
The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (6.9)
The Inseparables (7.0)
The Marvels (6.1)
Wish (6.0)

The classic films below are currently showing at the 1954 Film House:
Anastasia (7.1)
Die Hard (8.2)
Die Hard 2 (7.1)

The numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at the time of publishing.

8 replies on “Movies & TV Shows to Watch this Weekend”

I can’t wait to watch Rebel Moon tomorrow.

Movie recommendation:
– Leave the World Behind (2023)

TV recommendation:
– Culprits (2023)

The Northman was a weird watch in the cinema. Excellent visuals and sound but the plot didn’t really do it.

Currently watching Scavengers Reign – if you like alien animals and plants this is for you with hints of sci-fi. Gorgeously animated

Here’s some more sci-fi reccs but I think you’ll have watched most of em:

– Extrapolations (TV)
– Moon (movie)
– Silo (TV)
– Foundation (TV)
– Children of Men (movie)
– Looper (movie)

Watched The Geisha Boy (not as racist I thought it was going to be, but still not great)

Beethoven 1&2 (very dull & stupid, with few funny moments).

The NeverEnding Story (fantastic production design and practical effects, but slow story)

Secret Headquarters (enjoyable, but I only recommend if you grew up watching action/adventure family movies from the mid-2000s. Also, this one is from Paramount+).

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) (worst movie of all time! Terrible on every level)

Wonder if they will bring Godzilla Minus One to Kuwait. It doesn’t show up on any list for Cinescape or Grand Cinemas.

My son and I went to see “Wonka” this past weekend, and really enjoyed it! It is like a prequel to the Gene Wilder movie, and is a musical. Very nice watch!

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