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While in London this week I watched Dune 2 in the cinema and it was the worst experience. I looked for a cinema in central London that was showing it in the IMAX 70mm format, and I think I found 3 or a handful of cinemas that were showing it in that format. The two best places for IMAX in London according to Reddit were BFI and the Science Museum, but I was booking on Saturday to watch on Sunday and both those theaters had Dune 2 sold out for the whole week. Eventually found seats at Odeon in Leicester Square. Wasn’t too excited about it since I hate that area because it’s so busy and packed with tourists, but whatever.

I wish I watched it anywhere else, even if it wasn’t in IMAX. The theater was huge, and the screen was probably huge, but because the theater was much much larger than the screen, the screen looked tiny. I swear I was like wtf, I could have just watched it on my iPad or at home on my TV, you can see in my photo above how small the screen looked like.

When the movie started I thought about leaving and just watching it once I was back to Kuwait, but thankfully I didn’t because it looks like Dune 2 was removed from the cinemas here. Both Cinescape and VOX are no longer showing Dune 2, most likely because it’s been banned due to scenes and a storyline related to religion? Not sure, but it’s not showing anymore. Oh well…

Update: Never mind, it turns out Cinescape removed Dune 2 from the cinema and will show it again in April, I guess during Eid. I don’t think I’ve ever understand this thinking process, but for those of you in Kuwait you now have to wait till April to watch Dune 2 while the rest of the world is watching it and talking about it now. On the bright side, at least it’s not banned, but by April it’s probably going to be available to stream for free on HBO MAX anyway from what I’m reading as well.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve watched anything interesting this week.

Movies at the Cinemas
The movies below are now showing at the local cinemas:

New This Weekend:
Phoenix (5.1)

Other Movies Showing:
Argylle (6.2)
Bob Marley: One Love (6.5)
DarkGame (5.9)
Fast Charlie (6.2)
In the Land of Saints and Sinners (6.1)
Madame Web (3.8)
No Way Up (5.3)
Red Right Hand (5.3)
The Beekeeper (6.8)
The Holdovers (8.0)
Wish (5.8)
Wonka (7.4)

The numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at the time of publishing.

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– Don’t Worry Darling (2022) nice thriller. Not great.
– Code 8 (2019) I loved it
– Code 8 part II (2024) part I is much better

Dune Part 2 has at least 2 scenes cut that are not intimacy related. I watched Dune 2 in Kuwait in IMAX on Monday since they had an early preview week.

Mark you had bad luck that screen looks tiny! What were your seats? I had F17 for Oppenheimer 70mm screening in that same cinema last year

Lol. I am so glad that I went and watched this week hahaha. I thought there was a lot more cut cause the jumps in certain areas felt off.

Spaceman on Netflix was really good, I highly recommend if you like sci-fi dramas.

Invincible S2 Part 1 was great. Now is a good time to catch up before Part 2.

Megamind Vs. the Doom Syndicate was terrible, it made me appreciate the first movie more (even though the trailers spoiled it for me back in the day).

i got to watch dune 02 on the 01MAR, booked it late night on the 29th. was expecting it to be sold out since it was a fri evening show, but that was not the case, there were just about 30 people

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