Netflix is Now Available in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Earlier today Netflix launched their service globally in over 130 countries including Kuwait. This means you no longer need a VPN or DNS service to be able to access Netflix. I’m not sure how much the TV and Film catalog in Kuwait will vary from the US one but I’m assuming they will be pretty similar. For a list of all the countries Netflix is available in click [Here] or click [Here] to sign up.

This will definitely have a huge impact on OSN and other providers like Telly. Maybe OSN will finally realize their prices are just too high.

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  1. WakeUpPeople says:

    But how will the religion nazis censor all those movies!?!?!?

  2. hussain says:

    possible to watch netflix on apple TV now ?

  3. hussain says:

    Is it possible to watch netflix on apple TV now ?

  4. Mohammad says:

    Its not at all similar, I live in the us and I compared my us-based netflix account with the one that is now available in kuwait and the kuwaiti catalog is only like quarter of whats actually in the us its a shame because there are a lot of shows and movies that are still not available worldwide guess they still need to catchup.

  5. Muscati says:

    Netflix’s biggest show, House of Cards, isn’t available. Orange is the New Black isn’t either.

    Maybe because the rights to these shows were sold for this region before Netflix opened here. Most of Netflix’s more recent shows are available though.

    • Ahmed says:

      That is why I wasn’t excited with out own version of Netflix.

    • lucky_boy says:

      Yes those 2 belong to OSN. They are coming back though once contract ends. Plus all future seasons are guaranteed to be on Netflix only.

    • lucky_boy says:

      Damn the Netflix stock is skyrocketing ! Glad I have bought some yesterday.

    • aaa says:

      When Netflix was still mostly US-Based they would sell the rights to their original shows to TV networks to get into markets that they couldn’t make money off of otherwise. So right now they don’t own the ME rights for their own shows because of that, but rights expire eventually.

      This is also why they have a tiny catalog right now – OSN and Telly and whatever actually do buy up the ME streaming rights for these. Netflix is a bigger company so I imagine at some point they will wait for these to expire and snap them up to crush all competition >:)

    • Rola Ezzeddine says:

      Lot of series and movies are not available in Kuwait on Netflix. I will keep on watching Netflix US. I am only paying 3KD for VPN service. It’s worth it.

  6. Ahmed says:

    Yes, but what about the speed of the Internet connection here in Kuwait. Still bad, How to stream a HD or Ultra HD movie with our current speed :(

    • aaa says:

      Netflix works REALLY well with even crappy connections, that’s what’s so good about it. They recently changed their encoding to make it work even better.

      Typical streaming sites try to basically stream a full size video in one connection and clog up your whole connection. Netflix basically sends multiple smaller connections, tests out your speed, and adjusts the quality on the fly to make sure you don’t get hitches in watching (the resolution might go up and down though). It works MUCH better than the typical streaming site.

      I love Netflix so much and eventually I bet I will cancel my OSN because of it

      • ManoftheMoment says:

        I have watched Netflix on iPad for about 8 years. If you don’t like the selection offered by Netflix ME then get a proxy server and watch US Netflix or UK Netflix or German Netflix, all of which have different selections. The package I have (cheapest available) allows my wife to watch a different channel than me, simultaneously, on the same account. Quality is fine on a connection 1MB or more.

  7. Ahmad says:

    oh man, other than netflix original, the list is very short, I bet they bought license using my money I pay for subscription xD

    on the otherside, NETFLIX ON IPAD! YOOHOO

    • MarAhmad says:

      Mark can you explain DVD thingy, never tried getting it

      • Mark says:

        what dvd thingy?

        • Ahmad says:

          they have on DVD, click on it, you can rent DVDs for whole month, but I wonder do they have store in Kuwait deliver these DVDs? or is mailed from USa for the renting

          sorry i didnt see it wrote Mar before my name

          • aaa says:

            That’s for the US and probably doesn’t ship outside of it. Netflix started as a DVD rental service.

            • Ahmad says:

              I just called them, and as you said only in US, however I mentioned couple of TV shows to add in netflix, and give them couple of suggestion, I learned how you can change the sitting from ENglish into arabic, and it worked, complete Arabic language, and all shows has subtitle Arabic.

  8. Ahmad says:

    The telecoms will be very happy. Bandwidth usage will skyrocket!

    • Dun says:

      Lets just hope they handle it and keep upgrading their networks, or we’re all screwed. Also lets hope no sharks bite the undersea cable.

      • Aziz2 says:

        They don’t need to upgrade their network if Netflix deploys their fancy boxes in the region. Just hope that your ISP is directly connected to the box as a peering client and the ping will drop dramatically.

  9. Ahmad says:

    I am checking, and the list has increased, I guess they haven’t stop adding :D

  10. Umair Shaikh says:

    GREAT NEWS Mark… THANKS!!! … No Complain, bcoz something is better than nothing. It will get better and better as time passes by (Hopefully).

  11. cajie says:

    Exactly 1 week after I subscribed to OSN. Great.

  12. Yousef says:

    IF Netflix serves me great, I will ditch OSN. Thumbs up!

  13. Dun says:

    For those of us using DNS, don’t be fooled into thinking that the US netflix is the best. UK, CANADA, and Netherlands are much better for movies. The great thing about netflix you just change regions on the fly from the DNS. This website and the app are the best ever companion for netflix: try it mark, you will suddenly realize you have a much larger netflix library.

    • anon says:

      Dun which DNS service are you using? On marks recommendation i started with strong DNS then switched to Overplay, but been having issues on both netflix and HBO NOW on apple tv 3rd gen.

      Netflix it simply says unavailable, while HBO cannot link my HBO and Itunes so always shows me as expired subsciption or something, so i have to do this long work around for it to work.

      I have a KEMS Fiber connection and have the dns settings on the Dlink, router. I heard you talk about Static IP or DNS once, could that be my issue?

      • Mark says:

        hey if its showing u unavailable its because the dns isn’t active on your connection. if u try using then dns settings with a different ip say from your computer at work then it disable the dns on the previous ip. so when you’re home visit the overplay website and connect the dns to your ip again from their website.

    • aaa says:

      US seems to be the best for TV shows but agreed the movie selection is lacking

    • Mark says:

      i don’t use netflix for their movies, i use it for a few tv shows. i actually use hulu more than netflix since they carry more of my favorite shows there.

      • Ahmad says:

        yes Hulu are up to date, but netflix for OLD shows, and very long series, instead of downloading you can watch any time

    • MoS20 says:

      @Dun, you are using a fire stick right? i’m currently using netflix and hulu plus on xbox one, but thinking of switching to the fire stick. Your thoughts?

  14. Ali says:

    Can someone please tell me and others like me whom knows nothing about these techno things how to register or prescribe and where?

  15. Sahil says:

    Any help on which DNS I should use and how to set it up?

  16. Abood says:

    Theres no House Of Cards, Harry Potter series or Chelsea Handler special. Those are the ones I watch while in Melbourne that I now can’t access here. Disappointing.

    • Dun says:

      Uganda be kidding me, chelsea is horrible!!!! But agreed House of Cards is unmissable. Just get a DNS, see discussion above.

  17. jm says:

    someone please explain how Netflex works does it come with a reciver is it a monthly subscribtion thing does need wifi

    • Mark says:

      you just visit the website and watch it in your browser, or u can download the app on your phone and tablet or buy a device that has netflix like apple tv and watch it on your tv. actually if you’ve got a smart tv u can download the netflix app on it. my samsung tv has netflix for example.

  18. theariezman says:

    Couple of days ago OSN stopped their premium cartoon channels and my kids were not happy at all and today after the launch of Netflix its even easier to see their favorite shows without the hassle of connecting to VPN or use DNS.

    I am one happy parent.

  19. Matt says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Netflix & Chill.

  20. Ahmad says:

    I just saw show that’s DUB in arabic, how cool is that, it just that they should make it available in all netflix region

  21. surfer says:

    I dont know why Netflix rushed and made its services available to the Middle East region if there is not much content in terms of TV shows and movies. I think they should’ve waited a bit more to sort out the licensing thing and then make their services available. Why? Because it’s leaving a very bad impression. I’ve subscribed but now I’m not really sure if they’re serious about expanding their selection of movies and TV shows for this region + my friend thought it’s not a good idea to subscribe to Netflix after checking out its ridiculously outdated, MBC-MAX sort of movies. Even major Netflix classics are missing (House of Cards/Orange). Now I wonder if after finishing watching the couple of shows I have my eyes on will leave me soon with an almost useless subscription because of their slow addition of new content.

  22. 3azeez says:

    Impact on OSN? Do you know who owns OSN? If anything will happen… ISPs will block Netflix.

  23. Sauce says:

    will the rates be the same though??

  24. Emily says:

    About Hulu…they have way better shows but when I tried to sign up it said I need an American Issued credit card?? My Canadian one wouldn’t work? Do you know anything about that? Thanks!

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