Short Film: The Unmissing Part

Post by Mark

The Unmissing Part” is a short 2 minute film by Kuwaiti film maker Ahmad Alkhudari. The film won a total of 11 awards at various film festivals around the world last year which is pretty impressive so check it out.

Thanks Ghadeer!

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  1. BarryUno says:

    Impressive indeed! It seems there is a new breed of young film-makers in Kuwait and they are really pushing the pedal to the metal!

  2. aceboy44 says:

    i did not get the point of the video. Some one care to explain?

  3. Ipsom says:

    I think I might have seen this post before…

  4. Ahmad says:

    Why is the title in comic sans on the poster? have they no shame?

  5. zaydoun says:

    I hate to rain on this parade but what awards did this short film win exactly? I demand a list!

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