Tinker Bell Censored

Post by Mark


Twitter user @RoyElHachem snapped the photo above of the movie poster for “Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy” at Cinescape Fanar. I’m surprised they’ve kept her sexy shoulders showing.

Update: The movie poster is censored on the Cinescape website as well, I guess they’re serious. [Link]

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  1. s says:

    & you think they’d be able to add those tights through out the movie lol

  2. Desert-Eagle says:

    seems nice tho

  3. pickles says:

    fap fap fap fap fap

  4. y3goob says:

    Ban the movie and get it over with! (Looks even sexier with the fishnets!)

  5. Ahmed says:

    Islamic fairies wear pants not fishnets. This is even sexier. Funny thing is this a movie for very young girls. Who are they censoring the movie too.

  6. Dougmacho says:

    Dam, she’s bangin hott!!!!!!!!

  7. me says:

    girls on street wear less than that these days :))

  8. b says:

    The niqab is coming next! damn those lips are tempting!

  9. aaa says:

    The comment section shows why they have to censor stuff lol. Like dogs fighting over a bone :)

  10. a says:

    Is it NEWS that someone censored’ a movie poster at Fanar Mall?

    Is this the best you can do, Mark?

    Is this really news?

    The other Tinker Bell movie posters at OTHER malls weren’t censored

    • 3azeez says:

      Dude, honestly… I doubt that was censorship. The way it was done was too good. Not the way censors would do it. Plus censorship will not paint nice fishnet tights… they would just blank the legs. This was sarcastic piece of ‘art’ done by some random person who had plenty of free time.

    • Mark says:

      no one said this was “NEWS”. It’s just funny, relax.

  11. napalm jello says:

    On one hand, Tinkerbell does show a lot of skin which isn’t compliant with our social and religious values.

    On the other hand, this is obviously a joke and not a serious attempt at censoring the image. As a former games-critique magazine reader, censoring images
    usually entails a thick black marker scribbled on most of the image.

    Of course, people here act like spoiled little brats the moment someone mentions “censorship”. I would implore you to stop and think, but reading the your comments makes it painfully obvious that my plead will fall on deaf ears.

    Then again, perhaps the commentors here ARE young spoiled brats. One hopes.

    Kuwait is going to the dogs.

    • al says:

      Kuwaiti society is the most liberal society in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf

      Emirati and Qatari women aren’t allowed to leave the house without wearing the black abaya. 99.9% of Omani/Saudi/Yemeni/Emirati/Qatari women wear the black abaya at all times

      Many Kuwaiti women don’t wear the abaya. In Kuwaiti society, it’s socially acceptable and common for Kuwaiti women to NOT wear the abaya

      Kuwaiti women are allowed to wear Western clothes, whereas the average Emirati/Qatari/Saudi/Yemeni/Omani women aren’t allowed to wear anything except abaya

      In Emirati and Qatari societies, it’s socially unacceptable for local women to NOT wear the abaya. UAE/Qatar local women are obligated to wear the abaya due to society restrictions

      Omani women who don’t wear the black abaya are labeled whores by society.

      99.9% of Bahraini women also wear the abaya, go visit Bahrain University campuses.. Most Saudi and Yemeni women are forced to wear the abaya due to society restrictions

      If UAE/Qatar/Bahrain had political participation and real parliament like Kuwait, there would be NO booze and nightclubs in Dubai, Doha and Bahrain..

      But alas, Kuwait is the only GCC country that has open political participation among citizens and an active parliament.. so Kuwait doesn’t have legal booze while the rest of the Gulf has legal booze and nightclubs

      It’s unfortunate that Kuwait’s ”democracy” is making Kuwaitis appear MUCH more conservative than they actually are.. while the LACK of democracy in UAE/Qatar is making them appear more liberal than they actually are

      Kuwaitis are the most liberal in the Gulf

      • jiminy says:

        not this again

      • Stu says:

        Ironically, giving women the vote in Kuwait – a liberal move – created a more conservative voter base.

        The wives, daughters and other female relatives of conservative men vote in line with their male counterpart.

        Conservatives (mostly in the form of ‘bedouin’) outnumber the ‘hadar’. The number of liberal female voters is not enough to swing the balance.

        So giving women the vote actually concentrated the voter base in favor of conservatives.


        • a says:

          Bedouins do not outnumber the Hadar.

          Bedouins represent 50% of the citizen population: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-21374410

          Some Hadar are Conservatives, there are many Hadar Islamists (Sunni and Shia).

        • a says:

          The Kuwaiti government manipulated Kuwait’s elections for more than 30 years using electoral gerrymandering, vote-buying, manipulation of electoral demography and other forms of electoral fraud.

          However, Kuwait still remains the most socially liberal country in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf region.

          Kuwait’s electoral system was always carefully manipulated, thus Kuwait was never a genuine democracy to begin with.

          Electoral fraud is very common in Kuwait and was always common, even in the 1960s. So it’s very inaccurate to use Kuwait’s election results to indicate how liberal/conservative a society.

          For more information about electoral fraud in Kuwait:


    • 7th says:

      I hope you see how stupid you sound now that Mark has confirmed this was in fact done by Cinema employees because it’s under the glass. Like it or not, it is a form of censorship. It might not be as bad as what you are used to from gaming magazines but that could be the fact that this is displayed in a public place and is an ad for a movie so using the same technique they use in magazines would ruin the poster and possibly deter people from watching the movie.

  12. It’s too late to save the new generations so why waste time in marking up her legs.

  13. Abdul says:

    the poster is kind of promoting pervert behavior,as you can see the two guys look like having naughty thoughts and will act once they have her,and they made her look sexy.looks more like a 3D porn story than a movie.

  14. 3azeez says:

    we can turn anything into a debate. lol

    • Desert-Eagle says:

      definitely :D we have to much time and we always look for an opportunity to fight like cats and dogs :p

  15. Meshx says:

    they should draw a torn fishnet, that’s even sexier :P

  16. Coffers says:

    Take a look at the Cinescape website, you will see the censoring there too ….. what century do we live in again ?

    • Desert-Eagle says:

      what? do you think that people will be totally naked in 2100s? what is the connection between the century and this?

  17. pureorama says:

    Tinkerbell has put on weight.. must be the food here.

  18. Security Adviser says:

    nah.. not the food.. its the toxicity of Kuwait … the body, the pathways for nutrients and hormones get blocked by toxicity bonds that attach to fat cells which causes stubborn fat, like cellulite, that is hard to break down.

    Tinker should have stayeded with Walt in LA where its cleaner ..;-)

    Then again LA aint so not toxic either.. Britanny lives there .. ;-)

  19. Maniac says:

    I have seen that ad today at the newspapers, and its not censored

  20. Joe says:

    Censoring a Walt Disney cartoon must the result of too many sick people around that get horny over a cartoon figure.

  21. Joe says:

    Ha ha ha, it is even censored on the Cinescape website. What a bunch of tools!

  22. Desert-Eagle says:

    i want to say something but i am not gonna say it @to those who takes it as an insult to the century that we are living in…

  23. 3azeez says:

    Whoever censored this had sick mind. He censored it thinking that the cartoon character was showing us her naked thighs and skin. In reality… she was only wearing skin coloured leggings! lol

    • Desert-Eagle says:

      i would not call it sick mind.you have to respect that set of mind just like you expect to be respected.

  24. Neoark25 says:

    it is a girly show… for girls

  25. Mubarak says:

    I am I the only one more distracted and disturbed by the two guys on the right?

  26. Zorbon says:

    This is advertised on the ciniscape site :P


    Such hypocracy.

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