Want to know why you aren’t watching The Dark Knight Rises this Ramadan?

Post by Mark

Batman the Dark Knight Rises releases 26 days later in MENA after International release

It seems the reason Batman: The Dark Knight Rises isn’t out yet in the region is because Joseph Chacra & Sons, the Warner Bros licensee of the region decided to postpone the release. The reasons they’re claiming behind this delay is the fact Ramadan is a slow season for them with 45% drop in sales and that watching movies in Ramadan is haram.

Blogger Moey started an online campaign to try and get them to release the movie on time but they wouldn’t change their minds and even started deleting users comments and negative posts from their Facebook page. Watch Moeys video above and then check out the following links to his blog posts:

Update on The Dark Knight Rises
The Crime That Warner Bros Lebanon Committed Online

So if there is anyone to blame for us not watching The Dark Knight Rises this Ramadan it’s not Cinescape but Warner Bros Middle East.

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  1. Moey says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark, I even spoke to them in Lebanese Arabic. I called their offices, they claimed that Joseph Chacra is out of town and he is the decision maker. which he was spotted 2 days after in Beirut. Lame excuses, I want WB International to know about this immature decision.

    You know what’s worse? They actually are playing it in Syria, Lebanon & Jordan on August 16th, which is the 6th day within the last 10 days of Ramadan (al 3ashr al awakher) where muslims actually can’t watch it if they’re practicing.

    Really lame of them to do what they’re doing.

    • GI99A says:

      Wow seriously!?!?

      With all the crap that’s happening around the world and THIS is what you decide to vent about? Batman!? Seriously!?

      People are starving in Africa, dying and all over the world, economies are tanking and you’re bitching about having to wait 3-4 weeks to watch a MOVIE!?

      WOW! Get some perspective in life man! WOW!

      • Mark says:

        How could you have lunch knowing there are people starving in Africa???

        • GI99A says:

          I have lunch and Im thankful. I dont sit around complaining about how my food didnt come on time or my portions are too small…

          Im not saying people shouldnt eat or watch movies or do the things they enjoy. Im just saying to be thankful and have some perspective about what ur troubles (which in this case are meaningless…)

      • Nasser says:

        Him, myself, and all the other Batman fans are waiting for this movie! How the F do you know he, or all the other Batman fans dont help other people? GTFO you troll. Excuse me for saying what I said Mark.

        • GI99A says:

          Im sorry if you misunderstood what I was trying to say… read my reply to Mark above. Im not saying ur not helping and just saying its about having perspective in life. But hey to each his own I guess.

          1. Im a Batman fan myself and have been waiting for a while for this movie as well.
          2. I believe the next time, u can get ur point across with using childish insults.

          Best of luck and I hope we all enjoy the movie in good health :)

          • Nasser says:

            I’m sorry if I sounded rude, didn’t mean to, so please excuse me.

          • Ataripixel says:

            @GI99A, The discussion was doing fine until you started injecting your opinion. People that do this sort of thing need to realize that they are the problem, not others.

            • بو_جاسم says:

              People without passion for something (Whatever it may be) will never understand, sadly.

            • GI99A says:

              yes the discussion was doing “fine” until a sense of reality was injected into it…

              By all means go ahead and live an oblivious life.

              • Rob says:

                …and you’re venting about somebody else venting about a movie.

                Which makes you a hypocrite (amongst other things).

  2. Del says:

    Anyone knows why they didn’t release Prometheus in Kuwait? I was waiting for that movie for a whole dam year and then Cinescape slaps me in the face.

    • Nasser says:

      It’s because it discusses the origins of humans, which goes against Islamic beliefs. I really do think the two must never be connected to one another, because it’s just a movie. But that’s not what the MOI thinks. I saw it in Dubai, it was a good movie.

  3. Anon says:

    Excellent decision they made. I salute them.

  4. 7amood says:

    people lack patience

  5. Marcopolo says:

    They do have a valued point, Unless you guys are super naiive, we all know it’s all about the money and money only.

  6. Patrick says:

    Another big reason it wasn’t released during Ramadan is that movie theaters make a lot of money from the food stands that sell products at higher prices then you would find in a regular market. You can’t serve popcorn when people are fasting and when people aren’t fasting they’re spending time with their families.

  7. Ahmed says:

    Even in Italy they’re releasing it on Aug. 16 and maybe the reason they’re not releasing it is because of the shootings in colorado? or they’re just saving it for the Eid holidays because that’s when they’ll get the most money(the film Brave will be released on Eid,even though it was released earlier in other countries)

  8. Marzouq says:

    I’m gonna find me a reason to see it out of town!

  9. rawr says:

    Oh well, to the pirate bay!!!!!

  10. Edgar says:

    Or to hell with them and download it…

  11. mohd says:

    people need to be patient. I cant remember how many movies came out here before the US.

  12. بو_جاسم says:

    Yeah well, i watched the cam version. Anything but not be spoiled in my point of view. Amazing movie and a fitting end for the trilogy. Will watch it when Eid comes.

    Is anybody really surprised that the reason is money? LOL

    • Just says:

      What is “the cam version” ?

      • بو_جاسم says:

        Someone taking a cam and recording the movie. It’s in decent quality. To be honest i was actually expecting it to be way way worse.

        While the picture quality isn’t as clear as i want it to be, the audio was great. All i’m happy about is i finally finished the story and not worry about the story + joining in the discussion with other people around the world about this fantastic trilogy and of course the ending.

        I will see it in IMAX for sure when EID comes around.

  13. بو_جاسم says:

    Oh and another thing, it’s mind boggling that Cinescape before ramadan by a few days RE-RELEASED THE DARK KNIGHT, LOL. To top it off, they didn’t even put Batman Begins, way to make people remember part 1 and 2 of the trilogy. *facepalm*

  14. mohammad says:

    اصحاب العقول في راحة

    انا من اشد المتابعين للافلام و احرص عليها

    لكنني مسلم و رمضان شهر واحد في العام

    نتفرغ فيه للعبادة

    حتى لو عرض الفلم في رمضان

    لن احضره لان شهر رمضان اساسه التفرغ فيه للعباده

    و ان كنت غير مسلم

    فاحترم الدول الاسلامية التي تسكن بها

    حركة معارضه
    و استهجان
    و الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام
    و تفكير بالسفر لدولة اخر

    عشان فلم !!!

    اصحاب العقول في راحة

    • بو_جاسم says:

      I don’t know why people must bring religion into everything. A day is 24 hours. Surely 2 hour and 35 – 40 minutes won’t hurt now would it?

      Cinema’s are still open after fasting, Every channel has it’s own series, malls are open after fasting (even during it).etc

      It has nothing to do with Ramathan or Islam. *facepalm* (Yes, i’m muslim) Everyone has their own way of fasting weather they dedicate it to read quran the entire day or just during the fasting or never read Quran at all during Ramathan.

      Doesn’t make them worse then the people who do as long as they pray, have strong faith (I don’t know why anyone is a muslim if he/she doesn’t) and fast.

      • mohammad says:

        نعم كلامك صحيح
        و هناك من يترك جميع هذه الامور و يتفرغ للعباده
        و البعض الاخر بالمقابل ينتظر الشهر الفضيل
        لمتابعه المسلسلات و التلفزيون و الذهاب للخيم الرمضانيه و غيرها من الملهيات

        و كلا على راحته فعبادته و حسابه مع ربه و ليس معنا ولست في وضع حيث احاسبه

        لاوضح النقطتين الي ذكرتهم سابقا حيث يمكن لم تكن واضحه للكل

        اولا :: انا استغرابي من شخص جل اهتمامه مشاهده فلم .. و الفلم قصه خياليه ( مع العلم اني من عشاق الخيال و خاصة باتمان ) و الشخص ليس له مكسب من وراء الفلم لا ربح و لا يمثل فيه عشان يشوف ردود الافعال ولا شي اخر بتاتا سوى هوسه بمشاهده فلم سينمائي .!! لدرجة مسوي مقاطعه و يفكر يسافر و ما ادري بعد شنو مفكر فيه .. كل هذا عشان يشوف فلم !!

        عيل لو الغوا عرض الفلم بالدول العربيه تماما ؟؟ شنو بيسوي بينتحر مثلا ؟؟

        ثانيا :: رغم ان الشركة اعلنت تاجيل الفلم لاسباب تجاريه

        فانا اقول افضل ..

        رغم اني من اشد المتابعين للافلام و انتظرهم بشوق
        لكن ذلك لا يمنع ان اقول ان للشهر الفضيل حرمته
        و تاجيل الفلم افضل …
        حيث لا يشغل الناس عن عباداتهم

        يا اخي هي فرصه 30 يوم كل سنه تتعبد فيها ربك و الاجر مضاعف

        ما تقدر تتحمل انك تصبر ما تشوف الفلم 4 اسابيع ؟؟

        خايف تموت قبل لا تشوف الفلم مثلا !!\

        مو خايف تموت و انت بالشهر الفضيل و انت تطالع فلم بدل لا تتعبد ربك ؟؟

        و اقولها مرة ثانيه

        انا ما اقول لا تشوف الفلم .. لا روح و شوف الفلم و انا بشوفه معاك بعد .. لكن بعد ما ننتهي من العباده بهالشهر الفضيل عسى الله يعوده علينا كل سنه بالخير

        لكن سالفه معارضه و استهجان و مقاطعه عشان فلم بينعرض بعد رمضان

        مو داخله راسي

        • بو_جاسم says:

          I can see where you are coming from and i totally respect that. The problem is that the movie is a story like many good stories you create passion, feelings and curious-ness for such good stories. Just like good books, you won’t stop reading when you are invested in it, you’ll continue to flip till you finish the story and feel content. The first film came in 2005, the second in 2008 and third in 2012.

          You gotta feel for the people who have such passion and drive for the movie and story, regardless if it is real or not. It’s just people invested in the characters + story and the best thing about movies or books that have great stories is after you are done with it you can talk with people all around the world about it, share opinions, thoughts, idea’s and i think here is where it’s most great when you talk with other people about something in common you love weather it’s books, movies, games, sports or anything.

          I am coming into this matter in the mindset of a guy who wants to watch the movie because to me everybody is different to in how they spend ramathan and i won’t judge that.

          If Kuwait tomorrow banned football, i assure you, you’ll see chaos worse than the one joker made in TDK. I can look at it also from your perspective in seeing football as just a stupid, air filled ball going from one side to the other, whats the point? Nothing, it’s just passionate people that have passion for something, nothing wrong with that.

          But, i see what you mean and i understand.

          • بو_جاسم says:

            I forgot to add one little thing. Nobody likes to be spoiled a good story that they invested time + passion on, they want to see it by themselves (or read it incase of books). When half the world finished a great story and the other half didn’t because some elite douchebags don’t want to release it, there is bound to be people mad and pissed off. It’s just natural and people have the right to be.

            • بو_جاسم says:

              Let’s imagine this scenario.

              Tomorrow’s Barcelona vs. Real Madrid will not be streamed in the middle east, but everywhere in the world.

              What do you think will happen?


              • Mariam says:

                In short, worship before movies, have a great ramadhan with your family ya Bu Jasem :)

                • بو_جاسم says:

                  Yeah, i know. But the fact of the matter is i am here discussing about this matter and not judging people on how they spend their Ramathan.

                  After all the title and article is about TDKR not being played in the middle east because of money issues(surprise surprise), not about how people spend their Ramathan.

                  You too. :)

                • TweeZ says:

                  are you like “worshiping” 24 hours a day? If you are, please remember that we are all not monks here. Furthermore, please remember that you took some time off from your “worshiping” to entertain these comments let alone mine.

  15. TweeZ says:

    i choose to blame cinescape just for being cinescape!

  16. Ahmad says:

    Mark I have to admit that it feels weird not blaming cinescape

    Btw any news on al hamra cinema

  17. Just says:

    Pfftt Batman, haha. – If this was Chuck Norris, he would postpone Ramadan instead and make sure his movie screens 29 hours a day.

  18. HIA says:

    I agree that they shouldn’t cut us off based on a presumption that movies are not OK religiously (which is not true), but I find this guy to be, well, irritating to watch, no offense but people stopped using Arabish in 2006! And if I were to vlog something it wouldn’t be to petition the launch of a batman movie!

    I was very excited for the launch but was disappointed when it didn’t happen, but I wouldn’t vlog and talk to movie theaters’ managers and to the MARKETING EXEC at Warner Bros! Common give me a break!

    • 7th says:

      Seems like it matters more to him than it does to you. Nothing wrong with that. I do agree that he’s slightly irritating though.

  19. Laila Abul says:

    Watching movies during Ramathan isn’t haram lol. Warner Bros should stop making up excuses, they know debuting it during Eid will bring in far more box office money. They’re just being greedy.

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