Musician Yousef Al-Haddad

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Yousef Al-Haddad is a Kuwaiti musician who lives in the States. He plays a bunch of instruments but guitar is his main thing. He graduated from University of Southern California back in 2009 and now lives and works in Santa Monica. He basically works at Trader Joe’s and plays his guitar all day. I’ve watched a bunch of his videos and I think he’s extremely entertaining to watch and listen to. For example in the video above he talks with a Jamaican accent and sings Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”.

Below are two more videos I liked but you can check out all his other videos on [YouTube] as well as a few tracks on [Soundcloud]



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  1. meh says:

    What a waste of education + government money.

    • Buzfairy says:

      What government money? Who says the government paid for him? He or his parents could have paid for USC.

      Plus, even if he got a scholarship. It’s not conditional. It’s a reward for being a top student, to go anywhere they want and study whatever they want.

      I’m gonna ask for him next time I’m in LA, just wish I knew which Trader Joe’s he works at. To tell him that he has supporters from his own country, and that there are people who like what’s he’s doing and to want him to keep on doing it.

    • Yousef says:

      jeeze am i really that bad?

  2. nj says:

    his voice is kinda bad lol

  3. Danny says:

    Nick Menza lookalike! Kick ass guy!

  4. neoark25 says:

    speak proper English, and quit fake accent, voice awful.

    you trolling him?

  5. Coco says:

    He doesn’t look like a Kuwaiti.

  6. J boog says:

    Irie. Jah Bless.

    High as a kite.

  7. Abdullah says:

    I would love to hear him sing in Kuwait.

    I am a Kuwaiti and its not really a waste.

    Nothing is a waste, its just an illusion for people to diffrentiate between gain and loss, if you loss more than you gain is a waste for some people but since you gained something, it is an actual win.

    I am a Kuwaiti and proud of him too

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