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Kuwaiti rapper Big D released a new album last month titled “Liberty”. The album took 10 months to make and is available to download for free from his website [Here]

Since he’s a self-dependent rapper without a record label he used his own money to record the album as well as release 5 music videos. But, if you’re interested in helping him expand future projects you can purchase the album from [iTunes]

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  1. james says:

    He’s a self-independent rapper. haha – go get some English classes man.

    • M says:

      *go take some English classes, man.*

      • hama says:

        i didn’t listen to a full song of his or don’t want too not my style but i’m not going to hate do whatever style music whatever you want but does these people get paid to comment here? every comment seems to be almost the same thing too “most hard working rapper here, doesn’t rap about money, drugs, etc”

  2. No Gimmicks says:

    James only God is perfect, before the hateful remark you posted have you considered the fact of Auto Correct? Grammatically it is suppose to be Self-Dependent but realistically this has nothing to do with someone’s strength in vocabulary because it could’ve been auto corrected like all laptops, smart phones etc. are capable of doing. Sometimes you can type “Working Hard” and auto correct will put some random thing like “Jerking Hard” now back to the subject I have D’s album in my car this is his best work yet. I would like him to know that he needs to keep up the great work.

    • james says:

      , before the hateful remark you posted have you considered the fact of Auto Correct?

      Yeah, have you ever considered checking your posts before you publish them? 0 for effort. Take big d’s balls out your mouth, turn your cd player off and listen to VOA’s ‘special english’.

  3. isthisreallife says:

    i hate to wake up to this guys face in the morning.. ? WHY…

    lol @ this and the fools that actually support it… Big d is so talentless and cliche its not even funny anymore..

    accent as thick as molasses, lyrics of a pre pubescent teen, and preaching violence (recall that one video where he addresses his “haters” and it ends with him and his “boyzzzzzzzzz” holding kitchen knifes? right on!!!

    then that one song he mentions grass yet in an interview once he mentions he is a strict muslim that doesnt drink or do drugs.. does your buddy in the rasta outfit in your videos know about this .. lol…

    such a wannabe … even your own co-workers are sick of you.

    kindly stop attaching the word music to your “projects”

    on a positive note you are a running joke in our office of 60+ here in Canada ever since mark started posting about you. im sure this update will settle well lool

    what a joke

    • I-Smell-Hate says:

      Greetings Dumbledore, 60 loners laughing in a room sounds like a bufoon party to me are you selling tickets to the circus which you have just announced I would like to attend to see you clowns. I think you have a problem with thick arab voices maybe it is relevant to the fact you have feminine vocals which you badly suffer from! D’s accent is bullet proof this is just hate.. if D spits political you would say it is boring.. if he spits voilently you will say he promotes voilence. If he talks about drugs he is a pothead. So D is very clever he gave you all a bit of everything to nag about trust me you will not put him down you will just motivate him to do more music. In fact I personally think you try to hate because it keeps him going. Which basically means you are indirectly telling him to keep it up and push harder. His album was perfect it is all just a pathetic game.

    • TJC Films says:

      Bro I make Hip Hop videos for Rappers here in the States and did in Kuwait. Every other rapper here is spitting about women, money, cars and how amazing their life is. It gets really old. I have turned down so many “rappers” because they constantly drop the N Word and the rest of the lyrics are nonsense. They want the video in the club, in front of their house with the go cups and black and milds. There are a few still trying but they are the exception to the rule. At least D is trying to put out a message and be creative. I honestly don’t understand such targeted anger and disrespect.

  4. He has to be the hardest working rapper based in Kuwait. I admire him for his effort. What does “D” stand for?

  5. carznstuff says:

    agreed – like it or not, the guy’s diehard, hardworking and doesn’t give a shit what ppl think unless they offer constructive criticism. That’s a great quality and even if ppl don’t like his shit, the ones making the comments putting him down personally (rather than his work) are nothing more than schoolyard bullies – mama probably beat them too hard and they got a stiffy from it – so they feel the need to bully to get rid of their own shame.

    • D. says:

      Didn’t he literally make a music video featuring negative comments he has gotten?

      Psst… Talking about bullying would be way more effective if you didn’t just make fun of physical abuse ;)

  6. TJC Films says:

    Since I’ve been back in the States I have worked with some rappers. And dealt with a lot of others. Most of them are lazy as hell, can barely speak English and rap about nothing but money, cash, cars and women. Funny thing is most of them have none of the above. D is the real deal. He is a far better lyricist then most of these cats here and English is his second language! Plus he busts his butt.

  7. Ag deefox says:

    Big dee is one of ma fav rappers in Kuwait. I belieave he is the most hard working man i have ever worked with when it comes to music. He gives full didecation to his project and makes sure to present his art perfectly. I do really thank him for being a main source of inspiration to myself. Truely i can say that i wasnt able to reach were i am now without his continious support and encouragment. Big D is one of the few artists that contributed massively in the development of Kuwait hiphop scene. Much respect.

    General DeeFoX

  8. Awww look at all of the support for Bid D….I clicked under the “tours” section and tried to watch the video of him rapping during his Arifjan gig…..too painful….and then that poor JayJay chick made my ears burn so I had to stop it quick like. Some of the music is ok, he tries way to hard to properly pronounce English words which comes of as drab and no personality, one word…LAME. He wants to shange the world…..hahah WTH?

    • Bader says:

      Two words – “American Airhead”.

      “Crazyinkuwait” Hmmm… Lemme guess.. Lemme guess… I don’t have to see you to know you. I’m sure you are a trailer trash U.S broke low class citizen that had nothing in America and came to Kuwait and got the V.I.P welcoming and a “Kuwaiti Husband” plus money, a car, the whole Kuwaiti enchilada kit, and then you convert to a Muslim and turn into a hero, you picked that all known bundle package CORRECT? Was I Riiiight!?!! Yes I was unmistakeably factual.

      You really think you are “MissKnowitall” don’t you? just because you are a American… shaaaaaame… All my friends are American, they heard Big D’s music they never dissed or criticized once through all the moments when I play his music furthermore his English is even better then yours.

      For your information I’m very humble I have nothing against the U.S in fact I love the U.S, I find it fascinating researching the western culture and to be honest “I” myself also live with relevance to the western way of life, but “crazyinkuwait” is the reason America has such a bad name now, girls like you, brought a bad name to your OWN country.

      Stop being inconsiderate behind the mask that you are wearing, we all know your type. Your disguise does not make you invisible or invincible. Go get a life.

      • orly says:

        kinda hard to believe but your post is almost as sad if not more , than this embarrassment of a musician.

        So many assumptions you just made, i can sit here and pick apart your post to highlight , but it would nauseate me for days to come. I find it fascinating how you attacked this person in such detail, details that a middle school playground would find hilarious.

        ” Kuwaiti enchilada kit” …. tikfa.. is that really how you express yourself?

        im so happy i moved out of the mid east 12 years ago.

      • You’re lucky…my response was deleted :(

      • carznstuff says:

        hey i like this summary. if theres anything that bothers me more than obnoxious kuwaitis, its the bottomfeeder americans and brits that think they’ev ‘adopted’ arab culture somehow and are not anything more than trailer trash. yeah keep dreaming!

        • TJC Films says:

          That isn’t right. Just because someone is from the West doesn’t mean they are like that. Not only that if someone regardless of race appreciates the culture they should try to get familiar with it at the least or wholeheartedly learn and practice it. When in Rome as they say.

      • D. says:

        Three words: Trying too hard.

        Can you imagine how big d fans would react when someone actually insults them over something serious? How are you allowed to be around people when you blow your top at the slightest thing? I’m starting to think y’all are overcompensating for something… probably the fact that his music is an embarrassment, which is why he has to put out his own album and create his own wikipedia pages.

  9. Waleed says:

    I really like this album. First one was also tight. Wish the best

  10. Inkawbs says:

    Does he still wear a power bracelet?

  11. killa.D says:

    my brudda is doin his thing again of the most hard working rappers i’ve seen ..grind hard bro

  12. Ezzy Angelo aka B-EZ says:

    Big D has to be the most hard working rapper in Kuwait and if you don’t respect anything else you must acknowledge and respect that. This man lives and breathes music. His lyrics are always conscious and he actually talks about things that are worth hearing. I can honestly say this guy doesn’t let negativity influence his musical ambitions. Whenever he asked me if there were any improvements he could make in regards to his music I’ve always kept it 100 with my constructive criticism and he took it in and continued to better himself. Every time I turn around this guy is talking about dropping another video. Every time we talk he speaks of his vision and and the hunger is impressive I must say. Much respect from Ezzy…keep pushing, embrace the love embrace the hate, put your country on the map and let the world know Kuwait has an imprint in the hip-hop world!

  13. Zeno says:

    Liberty!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHA someone give this guy a green card he is begging for it. Let him get lost in the States since he hates his own damn country so much…..

    Oh and if you do get there kindly tell them that your from Lahore Pakistan, because we don’t want to get embarrassed by you saying your Kuwaiti…

    Where sick of u Big D, your not going to force us to like you.

    • Ezzy Angelo aka B-EZ says:

      Damn. If I was that sick of someone I wouldn’t waste my time commenting about them lol
      I guess all attention is good attention

    • hahaha…..I just want to see what gives him motivation to rap about things he has only seen on MBC. One word “Compton” if I could only drop him there for one week and if he survives I might d/l his music.

      • Jaber says:

        Let me start off by saying I do not ass kiss D like some of his supporters do, I do not use sarcasm just because he is a close friend of mine. D Whatup Vato? By now he knows who I am ask him about me I’m very upfront. Tsk Tsk. So much people hating on you brotherin’ with deep emotions too, do you know these people? By the way this is the biggest sign of success but what irritates me are the few like “CrazyInKuwait” who do not have a slight idea what type of Kuwaiti you are. I’ve seen “CrazyInKuwait” hate on D in every single post about him on this blog I have a question out of curiosity why do you think D is influenced by MBC2 movies when he takes the piss at the west for their wretched system? Did you listen to his music he despises their government, their corrupted way of life, and that does not mean he is Anti-American it just means some things from the west are not acceptable “NOW WITH THAT SAID AND DONE” which MBC2 movie you know had a storyline like that? Now why do you think D has loads of American friends? He is the type of guy that will tell you “I’m a Arab but there are loads of stuff I LIKE and DISLIKE about Arabs and he will EXPLAIN why factually, and he will state with precision truthful points which the majority will agree with.” Big D does not choose sides, you get my point? They respect his truthfulness based on his relevant facts about the topics he presents he is not just blabbering some false fake bullshit, If he see’s something truthfully wrong in the Arab Society he will speak it, if he see’s something truthfully wrong about the U.S he will speak it, he won’t throw false assumptions all his material is carefully researched before being said or else he would not say it, he will always have a reasonable purpose why he made that attack and the majority would agree because it is the truth and we cannot falsify what is true do we have a understanding so far? Now PLEASE EXPLAIN…. Why the fuck do Americans think “Compton” is the harshest place on Earth? Compton is like a 5 star hotel compared to “Africa” “Zimbabwe” “Sudan” “Somalia” “Colombia” “Iraq” and the list goes on. South Africa is interrogated as one of the most unsafe countries in the world (Crime, Rape, Murder) and Cape Town is in the first number where these entire activities are going on woman walking after 7 at night are bound to be raped. Every single house in South Africa has barbwires two doors for safety and a watchdog. They usually rape woman in front of the husband. They rape a 1 year old child and usually throw gasoline on people and set them on fire this is Africa does you’re little old “Compton” stand a 1% chance near the danger people face in Africa? “NOW WITH THAT SAID AND DONE” the place you see in “No More Sorrow” the music video Big D did in South Africa, had some scenes in really dangerous neighborhoods he spent 45 days there. And his visit was not just in Cape Town the part where he was surrounded by the “Black Community” is a FREE STATE, let me educate you a bit, You get on a African airplane with propellers to reach it like the ones in the days of World War II the Era of Hitler those airplanes still exist and you get sent to a place where you are 70% likely to be killed is not warm and pleasant welcome is it? He was told he was the first Kuwaiti to set foot on that land and out of all the places why did he chose a dangerous place like that because D is a survivor and he is courageous. Does that look like MBC2 or Marina Mall to you? That is the problem today, just because of the majority of spoiled Kuwaiti’s that had it easy all their life now it categorizes all the ones that didn’t with the pack. Out of all the Kuwaiti’s I know D is most one I respect, he is as real as they can possibly get ….. the dude is not asking for anyone to like him or listen to his music forcefully on this blog and by now you probably know he does not give a shit what others think of him. Like the old saying goes “You picked a fight with the wrong guy.” I just wanted to explain why you did and I’ll leave you with his music video that he did in South Africa.


        • D. says:

          “Compton is like a 5 star hotel compared to “Africa” “Zimbabwe” “Sudan” “Somalia” “Colombia” “Iraq” and the list goes on.”

          I um… You do realize that Zimbabwe and Sudan are both IN Africa, right? Africa is not a country, I hope you realize.

          While we’re making comparisons and all, big d’s “music” is actually good compared to the sound of nails being dragged repeatedly down a blackboard (I know, it’s debatable even then). That doesn’t make it ACTUALLY good, just slightly more bearable.

        • bask says:

          dude, can u summarize and resend? too long of a post ;p

    • carznstuff says:

      haha you dissed America and Pakistan in one go. What a force to be reckoned with. ftw

  14. Zeno says:

    Ezzy not entirely true, you see I don’t believe in sell outs, people that sell out there own country just because he and his crew are rubbing asses with certain elements coming from foreign governments…

    We know who they hand round with and we have keen eye on them ;)

    • I-Smell-Hate says:

      Zeno I’m a part of his crew and trust me I would shove a pipe right up your asshole. You are such dumb fuck you computer faggot lateg3ad ethare6 la aneechik yal nathya! “Got an eye on him” Wallak ekil zag! You ain’t scaring no one punk ass biiatch I’ll slap the shit outta you! We don’t take threats from you or a million of your kind! He mentions Kuwait in every lyric and his movement has Kuwait’s name on it. “Kuwait Got Rhymes” so how does that equal to being a sell out? Because he is being creative? original? making music instead of chasing girls at malls? Go to his new album and find one thing that is bad in it then come back and say shit. Don’t look at music he made 10 years ago look at his recent work. You dumb retard he is actually putting Kuwait on the map what are you doing exactly other than hating? Do you even know him he doesn’t have friends that name themselves “Zaga” your just a jelous cunt! And that guy that claims he is Canadian is actually Arab just to make it seem like Big D would of failed if he was exposed to the western world which is nonsense most of D’s fans are westerners. And all the people that hated on D on the blog are people he does not know interesting! Seems like the same pack of haters that use different names just because they are afraid to say it in the guys face! Get new strategies to destroy his image because the old ones are getting boring. I’m out.

      • ROFLatyou says:

        the most immature post ive possibly ever read on this website.. and i love how it starts with

        “Zeno I’m a part of his crew and trust me I would shove a pipe right up your asshole.”

        LOL i can not stress how hard i laughed at this post.

        “crew” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • ROFLatyou says:

        for the record im not canadian at all…

        im always proud of my roots, just not proud of most the people living there.

        look in the mirror. or better even read your mature post

        Tikfa go back to school

      • D. says:

        “Get new strategies to destroy his image because the old ones are getting boring. I’m out.”

        What, you mean the ones where we leave his fans to make him look a thousand times worse than he looked originally? I’d say that one’s going pretty well.

  15. Zeno says:

    This is for Big D him self, Big D you can’t rap but that’s not the reason of this last message I’m going to send on the subject… Stay away from the F.E. and all there partners… These people are not your friends <<>>….

    If Big D is smart enough he will connect the dots & understand that all trouble denials your facing in life are all coming from the same people u think are your buddy’s and that does not necessary mean all your crew..

    I know that Big D starting to make sense of it now :)

    This does not certainly mean to get all paranoid about it..

    I know your story Dhari, Remove your self from the foreign organized trash and your life will get a lot better.

    Oh and all insults welcome :)

  16. james says:

    Watch out. He’s part of big d’s “crew”. Straight out of south central salwa. Brrrrap.

  17. Zeno says:

    Good disinformation coming from James ;)

  18. Matt says:

    There is nothing inherently wrong with emulating another culture and/or society, but does it really have to be burger joints and rap?

  19. Nina says:

    Beyond lame…and he is beyond lame…such a cornball…and his music just makes me laugh…so i guess it is entertaining…its comedy!
    And to add insult to injury he happens to be an extremely disrespectful person on top of everything else.

  20. Don says:

    He is my favorite Kuwaiti rapper I love how he usually turns 248 into a 187 lol!

  21. bask says:

    now this is good rap ;p, checkout Arabique (from kuwait)

  22. Khalid says:

    Just because you know how to speak English doesn’t mean you can rap…

  23. Warda says:

    Wow this guy a joke hahahaha how lame! Such a wannabe, horrible accent! Lame lyrics,nits so funny, music is supposed to be entertaining right? Well then he will be good cause he is a clown..soo gangstaa wow lol go shoot ur self seriously & stop embarrassing your self, paying money to Datpiff & then claiming he is in the top 8 haha when it said sponsored on top of his shitty useless album & on top of all that now mr killa gangsta is begging for money asking people to buy his music off iTunes as a”donation”so he can make more awesome projects like his previous ones hahahaha

    It pained me seriously, never felt like I wanted to puke just by listening to music, if you can call it that.

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