Pharrell Williams #HAPPYQ8

Post by Mark

I’ve been waiting for this video to get released for a few weeks now ever since I found out they were making it. It turned out amazing! [YouTube]

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  1. Patrick says:

    This is pretty good!

  2. me says:


  3. q8expat says:

    This song always brings a smile where you hear it…. Good gong on the Video

  4. Zeno says:

    Wonderful :)

  5. aaa says:

    Haha awesome, shawarma dancer best dancer

  6. Roland says:

    Terrific!! :)

  7. 3azeez says:

    Dr Naif Almutawa is being sued over his comic characters because they show “compassion, mercy, and justice”. The lawsuit says that these are characteristics of God and thus not to be represented in a cartoon character.

    With that mentality, I cannot feel happy today… and I wonder what will happen to those shaking their hips in Kuwait on a video.

    Sorry ;/

    • aaa says:

      Dude you need antidepressants

    • Qabazard says:

      WHO CARES? I could sue anyone I want, that doesn’t mean Dr Naif al Mutawa will actually get penalized for anything.

      Kuwait has the highest freedom of press ranking in the Arab world and Middle East. Kuwait’s freedom of press ranking is higher than Israel.

      Who cares about some wahhabi nutcases. Their opinion is irrelevant. They are too irrelevant. The VAST majority of Kuwaitis don’t want to sue Dr Naif al Mutawa for his comic characters. A tiny, insignificant minority don’t represent the majority.

      • JHFilms says:

        God damn that’s the way to put it. I absolutely agree, an insignificant group of people who have a little too much spare time are totally irrelevant. They see something that offends them and they tug on their beards and pump their fists in anger haha. That should be a super-villian character in those comic books, Dr. Wahabi, gets angry and pulls on his own beard… but yeh… bullshit

        • carznstuff says:

          what Dr Naif Al Mutawa SHOULD get sued for is taking credit for a lot of work not done by him but things he just likes to put his name on at the end of the work!

  8. Acerboy says:

    That is so cool !! I know few of them and I FEEL HAPPYY !!

  9. mubi says:


  10. Dana says:

    My best friend blogger is also part of this video :)

    Amazing :)

  11. Ray Elbe says:

    Very cool video! I put this up on my blog too..I love seeing the fun side of the culture that Kuwait has!

  12. Ghost says:

    Nice make and good quality but…

    1) The reason why everyone in Kuwait is so slack and behind is because they think they need to copy the West in everything. The reason why the West are so ahead is because they do everything from their own creativity. Arabs are very good at copying.

    2) Nice dancing, nevertheless, you can’t expect “foreign” people to act happy when in reality the laws and rules in the country have a lot of discrimination.

    I’m not trying to sound negative here, i’m just being honest and realistic. This song was created and performed originally in the West where everyone is equal, and so therefore the dancing and the lyrics apply.

    • Saud N. says:

      I wouldn’t call it copying the west, more like people having fun to a nice song. Moving ahead requires more commitment than you might think. The fact that faster advances are occurring in other places is just as a result of more commitment which you can’t expect if all administrators are changed every 2 years or so. It’s one of the reasons why I’m an expat living in montreal.

      I chose to use a period of my life when I’m young to find an environment in which I can have a long (5 plus) commitment, it has helped me develop alot in my field, never the less I know that when I go back I will probably avoid taking on any administrative or research opportunities (something which forms a good 40-60% of my time) because of the hassle and beaurocracy involved.

      It’s often easy to confuse things that are part of a system thats still growing and developing (albeit at slow speeds) with the culture of a country.

    • True Story says:

      Ghost: you beat me to this!

      Although I think that these people in the video did spend their free-time doing something constructive that looked like a lot of fun to make and brought smiles to the faces of the many people who saw it (including myself), it did lack a lot of originality and felt too pretentious (for lack of a better word). A little bit more originality and a lot less “hipsters” (<- thats a thing now, right?) would have made it better!

      That being said, i wish my friends were as cools the ones in the video! They seem like a fun group to hang out with!

      • Mark says:

        What would you have done different?

        • True Story says:

          In all honesty, I am the first to admit I lack the creativity to come up with something better.

          Total respect (and admiration) to the people in it and those who took the time to put it together…they definitely did something constructive with their free time, they enjoyed doing it, and they made people happy – so much so that it’s being circulating everywhere…good job, guys!

          I enjoyed the video, but the idea (clips of people dancing to the song) has been done before. Knowing that there is certainly no lack of creativity in Kuwait, it would have been nice to see that creativity applied to make an awesome, original video.

          • Mark says:

            But thats the whole idea of these Happy videos around the world.



            etc… it’s people around the world dancing to the song Happy.

            • True Story says:

              If that was the idea, then great! Wasn’t aware of that. GO TEAM KUWAIT!

            • Ghost says:

              Yes Mark, London and Paris are extremely different to Kuwait. Their system is where their mouth is and that’s my point.

              That Bengali or Indian cleaner doesn’t really give two craps about dancing like that with those two girls dancing on his side. I honestly see this as an insult to the man. Go give him his rights like everyone else and then ask him to act silly.

              • Mark says:

                Don’t you think you’re reading into this music video a bit too deeply?

              • aaa says:

                Have you ever lived in Paris as a Muslim? Just because they’re western doesn’t mean there’s no racism.

                • Ghost says:

                  I lived in the UK most of my life. I was a better Muslim there. Yes there is racism and hate (just like everywhere else) but the laws apply equally on everyone. That’s the main and biggest difference

              • f says:

                London, Paris and the most of the west absolutely DO NOT have “their system where their mouth is”.

                Only someone who is happy to be blind to reality would believe that people are equal there. Yes, Kuwait has its downsides and aspects that need some serious work but let’s not kid ourselves about countries in the west.

                They only preach of democracy but when it comes to practicing what they preach, they are shamelessly selective and hypocritical.

                • Ameena Hassan says:


                • Ghost says:

                  Im not talking about some drunk guy in the streets shouting racist remarks at you, i’m talking about the rules and laws set by the government. Over there you are not wrong because you are not british or french. Im sorry but there is no comparison between Kuwait and over there. To even think to compare them is blind

    • TJC Films says:

      Haha Ghost I have been in the States for nearly the past year. I am a filmmaker and I will tell you without a doubt Kuwait is doing far more with Art, Dance and Music than this country is. Not only that in the states no one supports one another in the creative community. Everything is a competition. People over charge for even the crappiest work and it devalues everything. Kuwait…I never thought I would say this…Is a bastion of culture, art and music. Yes there are some issues with naysayers and religious fanatics trying to kill anything that they dislike. Even with that the scene in Kuwait is growing exponentially. Kuwait is far more original with its arts than the states are right now. IT is very frustrating for someone like me in the states who actively looks for interesting things and people to film. In Kuwait I could find something interesting everyday if I wanted to. So take it from an actual filmmaker in Florida, in the States. Kuwait is whooping America’s ass.

    • D. says:

      “in the West where everyone is equal”

      I am laughing way too hard for this not to be a joke.

      • Ghost says:

        If you find this statement funny, how should you react to the “equality” in this country? Yeah, exactly…a real joke

  13. Nicolas says:

    Cool! :) Guy in dishdasha front of Kuwait Towers is extremely funny :)

  14. Ameena says:

    This video proves sooooo much about Kuwait now, there is hope and that there is an amazing load of people who want change through positivity!!!! It’s time to move on from the sadness the post war or whatever! LETS BE HAPPY! It’s time for change! Peace.

  15. Matt says:

    Nothing wrong with happy people. I’d like to see more of it.

  16. JHFilms says:

    I respect the people behind this video because it was an idea in someones head and they actually filmed it and it came out looking excellent. The editing, the dishdasha dancers, and the locations are all brilliant. Watched this video many times over and over again. Excellent work!

  17. Chris says:

    Did I miss it or Mark was actually not in this? o_O

  18. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    Cute video, however it wasn’t hard to notice that apparently women who wear hijab or abayas must not be happy in Kuwait (sarcasm alert), as there was only 1 hijab lady (or maybe 2, but it looked like the same lady twice, in little 1second clips only) and none in abaya. Wish I would have known the peoe doing it, it would have danced and been happy in my hijab for the video!

    • Mrs. Mohammad says:

      People, not peoe! Lol!

    • Qabazard says:

      The #Happy video represents youth and adults under the age of 45. Most Kuwaiti females of that age don’t wear the black abaya.

      Why should minorities get represented in the video? Not everyone has to be included.

  19. mo says:

    we seriously need to improve our beaches……….they r simply DIRTY

  20. carznstuff says:

    Im torn. On the one hand this is not a lot of our experiences of Kuwait – it doesn’t represent me or my friends or the majority of the population (low income expats being that majority) – HOWEVER … even though it doesnt represent us right now, I guess it could help us foster a sense of unity?! and be like fuck class, culture, religious, gender, sexual preference – differences – lets all get along?

    Am I dreaming? theres still plenty of racist bigoted assholes around so i just dont know!

    • Matt says:

      Perhaps I’m one one the assholes you’re referring to, but what makes you think you’re somehow entitled to be “represented” in a video made by someone else? Demanding that you and your friends be included is a form of bigotry, is it not?

      • Ameena Hassan says:

        Everyone calm down its meant to be positive, don’t take that away!!!!

      • D. says:

        “Demanding that you and your friends be included is a form of bigotry, is it not?”

        Not unless we drastically change the definition of bigotry, no.

  21. mo says:

    Those low income expats you are referring to are doing jobs that u will never do, and making kuwait a lovely and a cleaner place to live in…GIVE THEM SOME CREDIT

  22. Robyn says:

    So happy to watch this!

    Have mini day dreams of doing a flash mob. Kuwait- are you ready for it!?:)

    • Ameena Hassan says:

      Yes, I agree been thinking the same thing myself! Think it would be fun, let me know if you do, would love to take part in it!!!!! 😃😃😃😃

  23. Tim says:

    I usually don’t like the music videos you post here but this one is really good!! Thanks!

  24. khaled says:

    she is dancing on happy in Q8 and she is wearing a t shirt written on it I love NY
    come on !!

      • Ameena Hassan says:

        Yah, we’d better check all the ‘happy’videos around the world and make sure that everyone is wearing their country’s t – shirt! I’m a Kuwaiti, come on, get happy forget the little things that don’t really matter at all and have nothing to do with the video or patriotism! To be happy is a human thing not a nationality thing. I think that you are missing the point!

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