Yanni Tickets Sold Out

Post by Mark

Yanni will be performing at JACC in around 10 days time and tickets finally went on sale this weekend and sold out right away. That obviously upset a lot of people who had been hoping to buy a ticket. Tickets selling out at events is a common issue, majority of the popular shows I’ve attended like a Bob Dylan concert or a Connor McGregor fight for example, I’ve had to buy tickets on the second hand market and at ridiculous prices. In the States and the UK I tend to use websites like StubHub to buy sold out tickets, sometimes I buy them off strangers at forums as well. Where would one look for tickets in Kuwait? Not that I am interested in Yanni but this is kind of a new situation here and I’m curious to know where people are going to sell or buy tickets. 4Sale maybe?

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Dang…! Was checking the JACC website for tickets regularly, it always said “coming soon”. And then yesterday when I got a chance, “sold out”!

  2. Dun says:

    Something is fishy with how quick those sold out. Very fishy. A source (who might be full of crap) told me that they sold-out in 8 minutes. That seems crazy for Kuwait Either bots got in on the action, or just good ol fashion corruption. But either way, expect to find those tickets on the black market at crazy rates.

  3. Row says:

    I have heard that people/companies are buying tickets up and re-selling them at a rediculous prices. One person was re- selling tickets that was originally kd30 for kd300 !! I think maybe they should change the booking method on their website. Adding each persons name to the ticket would help irradicate this. So people can just show their civil IDs along with their tickets.

    • Ipsom says:

      Great idea! +1

    • Mark says:

      its an issue that is worldwide not just Kuwait where people buy tickets specifically to resell. I paid $1,200 for front row Smashing Pumpkins + Marlyn Manson tickets when the original price was like $100.

      • Row says:

        Yes, but Kuwait is so small compared to the other countries and the issue can be easily contained if they choose to do so. We don’t have tourists, so providing civil ID and names on tickets would be a super easy thing to do.

  4. Bob says:

    Yes!!! I have been checking the site at least FIVE-SIX times a day, at office hours and at home…
    This is definitely cheating. Real crooks behind this..
    It can never every be sold out that fast “in Kuwait”….

    • Mark says:

      You could check 100 times a day it doesn’t matter, they were only made available at a specific time on a specific day. Since the concert is only 2 days and EVERYONE wants to see yanni it makes sense that the tickets sold out quickly.

      • Dun says:

        No it really doesn’t make sense that you can sell 1,284 tickets that quickly in Kuwait without some kind of ‘insider trading’. At the very least some were tipped off about when exactly the tickets would go on sale. Otherwise I just can’t see it happening organically that quickly.

        • Mark says:

          more than some were tipped off, they announced it on their instagram page the exact date and time the tickets were gonna go on sale…

          • dun says:

            OK that explains it. I should have followed their damn instagram. Why not put that info on the website!

            • Mark says:

              my guess is because

              1) nobody checks their website
              2) the person running their social media doesn’t have access to the website
              3) easier to post on instagram than to update their website
              4) all the above

  5. Adel says:

    I saw it on their Instagram account and went to the website 5 mins before the announced time and kept checking every 10 secs. At exactly 4 pm ,I managed to go for the booking page and already 25% of the low prices ones (20 & 40 kd) were already sold out. Anyways, I managed to get 2 tickets but not in a good seat. Still don’t understand why they keep all the big events’ bookings for the last minute?

  6. meh says:

    Like any financial opportunity in Kuwait, it gets fucked and abused and everyone to your mama wants to get on the bandwagon. People are just buying every ticket they can to resell them. Pictures of empty venue have been circling the social media recently.

  7. JamesJ says:

    I don’t want to disappoint you, but most of those bought tickets are reselling it, after incident ruweished tickets reached 3k k.d.

    • Mark says:

      Thats the same issue world wide though thats what i am saying. bots and companies buying up tickets to resell.

      • JamesJ says:

        if they made the tickets with buyer’s name, like to get it you gotta put civil id, then ur name print on ticket, it can’t be sold.

        p.s. delete other comment down

  8. JamesJ says:

    if the tickets has name, and no one enter without same name, then nobody can resell

  9. sabu says:

    Pheeeew thank goodness i bought mine only 1 hour after they opened the ticket sales

  10. lolguy says:

    Maybe, just maybe…. a very limited number of tickets went on sale. Remaining could have been given out complimentary to corporates/embassies etc,

    • Mark says:

      That’s very possible, that’s how it is with the Dubai Opera House. That would also explain the empty seats, the last Olympics is a good example where a ton of prime seats were empty because they were given to sponsors and other companies and no one showed up for them.

  11. 3azeez says:

    I bet tickets were gifted or sold to private corporates/individuals and most were sold off before they were even went on for public sale.

    I attended CATS. Worst experience ever. I paid KD100 for the ticket. The entire raw in front of me and behind me were some employees of a corporate who had zero interest in the show. The couple behind me were ordering dinner over the phone and chatting during the entire show. The family on my left were chatting as well. And the couple in front of me were talking about business and arguing.

    shit experience.

  12. JamesJ says:

    your in luck, I heard from resources that it’s just 500k.d. in blackmarket.

    atleast it’s not over 3k

  13. etch666 says:

    The ticket booking system is extremely corrupt, last time i booked a ticket for a previous concert, my tickets were unavailable by the time I chose your seats and moved on the payment gateway.

    As for the Yanni concert, I don’t understand how people are expected to buy black market tickets for 10 times the price (I was offered to pay 800KD for 2 x 60KD tickets and another offer for 700 KD for 300 KD worth of tickets) what kinda bull shit is that?

    But again thanks to the brilliant “businessmen” that are buying tens of tickets and selling them at absurd prices… there’s absolutely no meaning of appreciating external cultures here.


    Like other concerts I’ve been to, there’s a cap on how many tickets you can purchase and a person should only book with a form of ID that is shown at check-in and tickets shouldn’t be transferable.

    • Mark says:

      Just because you couldn’t get a ticket doesn’t mean there is corruption, it means you just weren’t fast enough to get a ticket.

      Have you tried buying tickets or anything limited for that matter before? You know how many times I’ve tried adding sneakers to my shopping cart as soon as the clock hits 0, only to get message its sold out by the time i get to payment page.

      ITS NORMAL, it sucks but this is how this stuff works when there is a limited quantity.

      No one is expecting you to buy tickets from ticket scalpers, but the option is there for people who are willing to pay the asking price. If no one is willing to pay the price, the scalpers will drop the price down. This is how it works in the States and Europe.

      Yes its a business and the ticket industry has been trying to fight it for years and is losing. Just google it and you’ll find ton of articles on this subject. It’s not unique to Kuwait.


      • etch666 says:

        Hey man relax and take is easy, there’s nothing to get over here.

        I’m not saying its corrupt because I couldn’t get tickets… I’ve been to Yanni’s concerts in Abu Dhabi and Cairo before and I’ve been to a few JACC concerts… i just wanted to take my wife to this one.

        And yes I always buy stuff online that have a limited offer and yes I do end up missing it sometimes because I find out about them last minute.

        I’m saying its corrupt because all of the big JACC concerts get sold out in minutes as in 4:00 pm the booking starts and 4:30 pm they’re sold out.

        You’re right it does suck, but don’t try to convince me that it’s normal for the tickets to sell out and get resold hours later for 10 times the price.

        Anyway, everyone is complaining about that issue anyway, go check out their Instagram page.

        I still think, there should be a bit more regulations and control on how the tickets are being sold… wouldn’t you agree?

        FYI, JACC is trying to recall those tickets and will resell them at the normal price.(I’m not sure how but that’s what a friend in the industry said)

  14. etch666 says:

    Sorry, forgot to add…

    If it was sold out by people who actually give a crap who Yanni is and want to watch him live that’s fine.

    There are people on facebook and Instagram who are buying tickets and have no idea who the man is.

  15. etch666 says:

    Approve my other post dude :)

  16. AntiYanni says:

    I’ve litrally got the best seat in the whole place for Thursday’s show. Interested? Hit me up ;)

  17. NewAli says:

    For financing concerts such as Yanni for a relatively small venue like JACC, plenty of sponsors are needed. They all get a chunk of the tickets and precious few are left for the general public. When I attended the Placido Domingo concert at Dubai Opera House, the row in front of us were obviously from one of the sponsors and had zero interest in opera. They kept playing with their mobiles & chatting loudly and after our complaints left the theatre.
    Also, if you don’t have an “anti-bot” system in the booking site, touts can buy tickets wholesale and resell them at greatly inflated prices.
    When in London, I use the site scarletmist.com. It is for people who have spare tickets and sell them at or below the purchase cost(i.e. no touts).
    p.s. I can’t stand Yanni’s music!

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