Video of Cop Getting Attacked

Post by Mark

Someone forwarded this video to me yesterday, I don’t have the backstory nor any idea what happened to the guy who is attacking the cop in the video. I found it odd how only one guy comes in to break up the fight and then he treats it like a regular fight between two random people. I mean if I saw a cop getting attacked and needs a bit of help, I would jump in and try to help the cop out not try and break up the fight like I just spotted two kids fighting. [YouTube]

Update: Turns out the cop himself was stopping a fight between the motorist and an Asian national when the man turned on the cop. He got arrested. [Source]

Video was shot by @Kuwait_a_minute

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  1. Sonia says:

    attacking the copy (*cop)

  2. Dun says:

    The problem is that the cop will most probably not press charges because the families will get involved. That’s what allows this type of garbage to keep happening. Assaulting a cop should be a capitol offense and not up to the cop to press charges.

    Notice the cop at the end of the video stop the Western woman who’s filming. You can see he was telling the guy with him that she filmed it all and that he needs the evidence.

  3. Ahmed says:

    In America he would have been shot or tased.

  4. JamesJ says:

    I find it surprising he didn’t pick a fight with last guy break up fight, oh because he’s tall? and looks fit. what a surprised.

  5. Kuwait says:

    Maybe its just me but the screenshot of the youtube video embedded with this post looks like its a cool music video :)

  6. blackswan says:

    Usually the police officers here (traffic ones included) are sporting very nice revolvers on their hip/leg with bullets in plain view. Are they just flashing it for girls, cos definitely not using it.

    • Dun says:

      He shouldn’t have pulled his weapon for this. In the US yes, but in the UK no weapons would be drawn in this kind of scuffle. I think kuwaiti cops get British ‘training’ anyways.

      • blackswan says:

        In UK, police officers on street have no weapons at all, so they have nothing to draw, they`ll be more or less like the cop in the video, defenseless, even with the “stab-proof” vests which recently prove to be not that stab-proof, unfortunately.
        Here they have a gun, with real live ammo. Why would you give a gun to a cop if not for the purpose of using it, when needed of course. Attacking a police officer on duty is a big offense, at least in other countries, and can get you a bullet.

        • John Lewis says:

          My good man,
          It is for this very reason that people argue against police officers carrying weapons.
          Drawing a gun/shooting a person for initiating fisticuffs is not a proportionate response.
          They should consider better self-defense training and providing non-lethal weapons, with a taser being the preferred choice.
          Before suggesting UK police officers are worse off, compare police fatalities first.
          Many thanks,

    • lucky_boy says:

      They can’t use it unless they got shot first.

  7. DeViL says:

    Thanx! I just separated them.

  8. santosh says:

    For this incident the camera person was arrested. Will the camera person be arrested for damaging the persons reputation. What the law says. Full of confusion!!!

    • Jane Doe says:

      I shot the video & I can assure I have not been arrested. Also, I didn’t go into his home & shoot this video, he did this in a public place. It seems to me, he ruined his own reputation when he decided to this in front of everyone…twice in one day. This guy went around being a bully not only to another person, but also law enforcement.

  9. Tinderbox says:

    I find it very hard to believe the man beat the cop up just for the reasons Kuwait times said. The cop probably insulted and provoked the man to the point of this unfortunately barbaric display.
    But in the end wasta will probably get involved and both the guy will go free and the cop will receive 2 months off with added pay lol.

    • Jane Doe says:

      I witnessed the entire encounter as it began in the vehicle directly next to me & I recorded the video. The officer opened the door of the taxi and asked him to get out. He immediately started shouting at the cop & within seconds, punched the cop in the face. It’s sad that people automatically think the cop did something. He did nothing wrong. Also, as an adult, that man should have shown restraint & kept his hands to himself. Nobody should hit others unless in self defense, and I can assure the cop did NOTHING (physically to that man) that would provoke this type of response.

  10. James says:

    When I go around and see local kids taunting employees at jamaiyas, when I go to local workshops and see underage kids riding old landcruisers and doing donuts on main roads risking everyone’s lives, I said hmm Kuwait is changing, the next generation has gone to the dogs and this country is in trouble. I attributed this to poor parenting or lack of it (parents too busy with tea parties at the avenues and ‘business deals’ at diwaniyas)

    Looking at this video, I think the era of “gone to the dogs” is already on us here. Adults setting their example “respecting” others – a local and law enforcement officer in this case!

    Btw Jane, you are a brave woman but I do not advocate recording and posting such ‘live’ videos. I appreciate Kuwait has a better record in not charging/prosecuting for these (reputation impacting videos) compared to what we’ve seen even in nearby countries but things and rules can change quickly. Be safe

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