Bahrain is the #8 Sin Capital in the World

Post by Mark

I just wanted to congratulate Mahmood and Bahrain for ranking #8 on the sinful capitals of the world list. There was a lot of strong competition this year but they managed to do pretty well, even better than Dubai which didn’t even make the top 10 list surprisingly. The criteria to enter the sin cities list is pretty simple: The country needs to offer a strong presence of gambling, sex, drinking, drugs, and/or partying. For the full top 10 list click [Here]

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  1. Cymraeg says:

    I bet Michael Jackson’s 99% responsible.

  2. Zorbon says:

    Hmmm, I’m surprised China is on the list…

  3. holla says:

    Oh fuck yeah Bahrain is awesome.

  4. SKAR says:

    Dubai will be really mad for not being on the Top 10.. I’m sure they’re gonna work really hard to make it on the top list next year or so ;p

  5. q8ya says:

    i dont think its something someone would be proud of!! its good dubai wasnt one of them but yeah it is surprising that bahrain got ahead of them :P

  6. Ali says:

    Besides not having Dubai on the list, what happened to Beirut and Amman where we have the highest prostitution (after Dubai ofcourse), gambling, nightclubs, gay clubs and strip clubs in Lebanon

  7. Rollen says:

    i think you need to congratulate the saudis for putting bahrain in the top ten. but congratulation’s for the adulterers, pot-heads and alcoholics for making this possible, the middle east is proud of you all.

  8. Q80saracen says:

    Lol…that’s hilarious. Thank God for Kuwait…

  9. zaydoun says:

    My definition of “sin” is a bit different… corruption, bribery, embezzlement, land-grabs, ignoring the rule of law, buying votes…. and I think we’d score pretty high under that definition

  10. mocman says:

    i wanna go to bahrain….

  11. nxman says:

    Love Bahrain Congratulations!

  12. Rakan says:

    i’m not sure if Bahrain has casinos .. but if being #8 on the list of sinful capitals of world is without having casinos .. well, u do the math.

  13. 3azeez says:

    Your source is some opposition blog? he could write whatever crap just to make the rulers of his country sound horrible.

  14. M says:

    I think we are 11, but everything under the table, We are such a hypocrite society.

  15. .. says:

    el7amdilaah wishkir .. allah layiblana ;S Hatha shay a7ad yifti5ir fee?

  16. TanGo says:

    Bahrain should score higher,,

  17. Ruri says:

    and now u know why they call it Bar il Khaleej !

  18. I am sorry I refuse to accept this. The warehouse, err… the whorehouse which is Dubai is right there up at the top. Unless, their spin doctors paid a bundle to get themselves a lower rating.

  19. Usef says:

    ba7rain…sorry no comment!!!!!!

  20. lieye says:

    All the thanks to Saudis .

  21. crocko rock says:

    I heard Monotheist is opening an office there to tackle such heinous crimes against the Kingdom.

  22. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Who compiled the list?

  23. Rollen says:

    to: Musa’ad Haider “Who compiled the list?”

    one lucky bastard.

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