Car park for women

Post by Mark

I just heard about this on the radio and just found an article about it online. A shopping mall in China built a parking lot just for women. Some of the features include parking spots that are 1 meter wider than usual, more lights so they can see better, bright purple and pink colored walls and more. According to the shopping mall, the parking lot caters to women’s “strong sense of colour and different sense of distance”. [Link]

Difference sense of distance… I like that.

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  1. Bashar says:

    so its not just arab world doing “Women” only things

    islam in non-islamic world

  2. Mark says:

    This has NOTHING to do with religion.

  3. zero says:

    woman driver is a world wide crises. it’s nice to see someone found a permanent solution :p

  4. Az says:

    lol this makes alot of sense, wish they’d do this everywhere, so i wouldn’t get so pissed waiting for a woman to side park taking around 10 minutes than deciding she can’t make it and start blushing

  5. Bashar says:

    @Mark EXACTLY thats why i said islam in non-islamic countries

  6. Mir says:

    Lol this sounds like a joke, wait til some feminists hear about this.

  7. TATA says:

    Diplomatic statement…”different sense of distance” heh

  8. Madwolf says:

    More like No sense of distance ….

  9. GH0S1_R33P0R says:

    women can NOT drive no matter what anybody says
    i say that with a firm standing

  10. Mesh says:

    well maybe KSA had the best solution after all :P mray7een ras-hom

    Bashar did you mean the act of making SEPARATE parking for woman ?
    or the way women are treated in islam ?

  11. lou msawenha blq8 wella bls3odyaa ..chaan galaw shal 3oqaad o wain el tafatoo7 welmosawat !!

  12. Kuwait says:

    Coming soon: Women-only roads.

  13. zaydoun says:

    China is over-populated and big enough to warrant something like this… don’t even think about it here!

    But yes, we’ve all been there… stuck behind a woman trying to park a huge jeep or van that she shouldn’t have been driving in the first place

  14. Just says:

    Statistically speaking, women are better drivers than men.

    I dare anybody here to present actual facts that say otherwise,

    Mesh – Saudi Arabia has one of the highest number of traffic accidents per capita in the world, and women don’t drive there.

    Men are more impatient and are narcissistic when it comes to driving, they relate speed to the size of the penis.

    So yeah, I said it, women are better drivers than men.

  15. Aisha says:

    That’s the most sexist thing I’ve heard of!!

    And I thought those ‘Family’ parking spots at the Avenues were discriminative, but this is taking it to another level!!

    Both men and women want available parking spots with close proximity to the mall/shop or whatever.

    GENDER has NOTHING to do with it.

  16. Kuwait says:

    No.16 (Just), I fully agree about unsafe driving and speeding.

    But let’s compare general parking skills (incl. parallel/reverse), maneuvering through traffic, riding in rough terrain and sand etc. shall we?

    You see, driving just doesn’t mean cruising on the highway in a straight line.

  17. Richie says:

    ^^ Now that the females have made their way into this argument and try to plead their useless arguments it becomes funny ^^

  18. shibi says:

    I don’t know if men are better drivers, but while driving I am always more cautious of women drivers since one doesn’t know what they will do next. Men are rash drivers by choice (to show that they are macho) but women by design (they don’t intend to but end up being that).

  19. bo9agr says:

    only two women in the world are good drivers: VBH from Fifth Gear and Sabine from the dutch auto show, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably don’t know how to drive either!

  20. Mohd says:

    Now we need gas station/pump for women , the type that should not let the car move until the nozzle is removed from the gas tank .

  21. Humor says:

    men…..women…. ready….

    This is a joke, don’t take it seriously, just thought it would be funny since people are already debating what men and women can / can’t do.

  22. smk says:

    I don’t necessarily think this has anything to do with women drivers (overall) because generally women are pretty good drivers . . . I think we need to look at this in it’s appropriate context . . . ASIAN DRIVERS. Don’t know how much exposure any of you have had with the [in]abilities of Asian drivers, but let me tell you from my personal experience – it’s HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! To compare male & female Asian drivers, then yes, without a doubt, Asian Women are by far worse then Asian Men, but in all honesty, that’s not saying much.

  23. Namz says:

    Just…I LOVE YOU!! Very well said!!

    But honestly, if this is implemented in Kuwait, that Women’s Parking Lot might create a massacre all together… just imagine, women put together.. fighting on parking.. not a good idea at all!

  24. Mike says:

    I swear to God .. yet they hit each other’s cars or park in a stupid way !!

    There are really good women drivers, but honestly, the authorities should withdraw half of women’s driving license at least here in Kuwait, and that’s with mercy !

  25. Mike says:

    Personally, whenever I see a car in front of me, with the driver’s seat stuck to the steering wheel, I avoid that car with any possible mean …cause that is in 95% cases a woman or a girl who can’t/won’t have good observation for the cars behind/next to her. so she might turn left or right whenever her Majesty desired without any signs or signals whatsoever !

    I have seen many women cause accidents between other cars, and simply go without a scratch on their vehicle .. some of them might not even know about the mess they’ve caused !

    They simply don’t know yet that there’s an invention called rear view mirror !

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