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Post by Mark

This is really funny. I just found this post on Blushberry, its a picture from a magazine spread in which they’re selling BlackBerry’s with “special” PIN’s. According to Blushberry the BlackBerry with the PIN 55555555 got sold for KD9,000 and it’s not even the new BlackBerry its the old one! [Link]

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  1. Abdullah says:

    Absurd! why people want to buy 5 stars, golden, elite PIN number?!

  2. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Loosers! Have nothing else to hang on to!

  3. jay says:

    this same with the mobile number,

    1st theres nothing else to spent money
    2nd collectors item

  4. Mark says:

    mobile number you could use with different phones, PIN numbers on the other hand are stuck to the same phone. i dont think someone who can afford to pay KD9000 for a nice PIN wants to use the same blackberry for more than a year or 2.

  5. rustleg says:

    If one person paid a 8900 KD markup so they could answer “55555555” when asked for their pin, fine. But that there’s even a market for this kind of thing is incredible. I know we’re a frivolous culture, but this is embarrassing.

  6. Ramez says:

    these prices in AED not in KWD as u can see the car numbers plats in Dubai format

  7. Mark says:

    no one said they were in KWD

  8. Neighborhood says:

    Well it’s something that really shocked me!! LOL awkward! keep it up mark ;)

  9. Ansam says:

    Thats ridiculously insane! The pin wont last forever! Airheads!!

  10. Danderma says:

    my BB pin is considered golden madry diamondish o 6l3 li bel 9odfa el ma7tha… cost me 120 KD like every other person on earth

    inamaha anhebel o ashteree lee BB ib 18,000 KD 3la bu il pin 7elo?! Laish! o itha 6a7 o tekasar ishloon? 18,000 sarat haba2an manthoora!!!

    what’s next? VIP bb bar code that looks like ur face?! or the monalisa?

  11. Khalid says:

    this is really funny!
    I mean would you buy it if you have 9000 K.D ?

  12. Mr.pedro says:

    When Arabs Hit the Market… !!

  13. Stuck in the 80's says:

    Lol @ Mr. Pedro. Remindse when they did the same thing for ICQ numbers ten years ago.

  14. lolcat says:

    and icq died so will the blackberry

  15. M says:

    why r ppl so naive, do you honestly think ppl pay these amounts, its all marketing, some of these pin numbers, phone numbers and license plate numbers are the same for the past 6 months unable to be sold

  16. Mohd says:

    yeah I recall getting a msg from some ICQ offering to sell unique #’s I’m like who gives a rats ass . Crazy shit I tell you . If you have plenty of money and time this will happen , bunch of airheads .

  17. elwehbi says:

    I’ve seen these a bunch of times in the local Auto sales magazines you find in Dubai. I was shocked to be honest. I mean, license plate numbers going for KD100,000 and above was already ridiculous (at least in my opinion). To purchase a BB pin # which people don’t even get to see for KD9,000 is just shameful!

  18. David says:

    I just don’t get it. Why on earth would you spend big money on a number that only you would ever know? It makes about as much sense as paying for your online banking password.
    Really, it’s one of the daftest things I have ever seen.

  19. samy1st says:

    People with too much money that`s all i can say

  20. ariston says:

    too much money and doesn’t know where to dump… :P

  21. Haterhaute says:

    Too much money & time, not enough grey matter..

  22. 7ussien says:

    To buy one of those you must have :
    A. Too much money.
    B. Very small brain.
    C. Zero common sense.
    and to be honest we’re not short of people who meet this criteria in the gulf area.

  23. abdulaziz says:

    i think they dont have any thing to do
    .. give me a reason to collect a vvip pin number does that gives you more respact !!!!!

    i agree to own one. but i disagree to loss lot of money just to earn very special pins …


  24. Musthafa says:

    Wow, why are people wasting so much money, I mean you can’t even keep the bb pin unless you keep the BB.. And KD9,000 ?? That’s like QR 93,000 that almost half my monthly salary!!!!!!

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