Kuwait Ranked Worst Destination for Expats Again

For the seventh time in eight years, Kuwait has been ranked the worst destination for expats, coming in last place in the Expat Insider survey (59th out of 59 countries), Al Anba newspaper reported.

According to the Expat Insider survey, Kuwait ranks last in the Quality of Life Index (59th), with especially poor results in the Leisure Options, Personal Happiness, and Travel and Transportation subcategories (59th for all).

Kuwait is also the worst expat destination worldwide in the Ease of Settling (59th), with 46 per cent of expats not feeling at home while 45 per cent find it difficult to settle down in the country.

This report came out before the long weekend and I’m not sure if it’s newsworthy or not anymore. On the one hand, Kuwait being the worst place in the world for expats is newsworthy, but it’s for the seventh time so it now feels like old news. I also don’t think the ranking is going to change next year since it doesn’t look like anyone even cares what expats think of life in Kuwait. The article mentions that “Kuwait expressed strong dissatisfaction with the report” which means they don’t believe things are as bad as the report makes it out to be. Anyway, here is the link to the article. Link

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Isn’t this what Kuwait wants? Prospective expats will see this and not consider moving here. Win-win situation.

Exactly, its a feature not a bug. They want Kuwait to be inhospitable to expats. If for whatever reason Kuwait is not bottom of the list next year they will probably grill the Minister in parliament 🙂

If the same haters take the survey next December, the result will not change. Please my fellow expats, lets answer the questions honestly and we might shift the outcomes for 2022. I read the questions and they are all about making friends, how many locals do you talk to… and these shallow questions. Last but nit least, it covers only 59 countries.. Technically Kuwait is not the worst

Exactly. Lolz… Lolz all the way to the end of oil. The some more Lolz. Lolz at the fact that we are less likely to get the cream of the crop of expats going forward. Lolz. As long as expats and their stinking buses are off the roads then it’s all Lolz. Economic competitiveness is for the poorz. Lolz.

half of Kuwait are migrant workers employed in blue collar roles like domestic housekeeping, etc or semi-blue collar roles who come to Kuwait to make money and return. such workers don’t care about metrics like “feeling at home” or “making friends”. In short, you got short-term migrant workers in Kuwait and if your happy with that, then great.

Accurate. No country hates and blames expats like Kuwait. Do you have cold? Expats. Is there traffic? Expats. Your son can’t find a job? Expats!

Expats have been living like crazy these past two years. Other countries in GCC are giving golden visa among others and contributing to a brain drain. This is so unfortunate.

I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.

Harun Yahya

Soon enough, every expat will learn it’s not enough. I hope they do before it’s too late. If relocating in your 30s or 40s is hard it’s impossible in your 50s. And if anyone says it’s too hard, they are just too comfortable living in Kuwait with its limitations. My dad, ex Kuwait army veteran, fought in the Gulf war, was caught, tortured and escaped from Iraq, only has grade two education, immigrated to Canada at the age of 35 with 5 kids and a pregnant wife.

To this day he doesn’t speak much English, but is a certified mechanic owning his own business out right. He still wants to be buried in Kuwait but always wants to live in Canada.

You can only complain about something so much. This is Kuwait

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