Video Compilation of Yesterday’s Flooding

I left the house yesterday not realizing half of Kuwait was flooded and headed to Shuwaikh to pick up some car-related stuff. Getting into Shuwaikh was a mission since the cops had blocked off a bunch of roads that had flooded. I was in my lifted FJ so wasn’t too concerned about getting stuck in a flood and ended up getting everything I needed without having to deal with the usual heavy traffic. For example, the main Toyota spare parts branch on Canada Dry street was completely empty except for me when usually I would need to take a number and then wait 15 minutes or longer for my turn.

A bunch of videos got circulated yesterday over whatsapp and social media and so I picked out the best ones and compiled them into the video above in case you didn’t get to see them.

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Climate change is hitting Kuwait badly, hope we realise this and reduce our human impacts instead of just thinking not my problem

He he very very normal, I’ve known Kuwait climate for close to forty years buddy. To make you happy without any hysteria, I’ll say there’s no climate change at all esp so in Kuwait, Savvy ?

Yeah you don’t ‘know Kuwait climate for forty years buddy’, you don’t know sh*t. If anything Kuwait has been getting less rain. Here’s a link, click on the word ‘max’ in the chart. It will show you every single rain event up to yesterday’s (which was 39mm).

What is getting worse is the infrastructure and the maintenance, not the rain.

whats sad is that the streets in the first video are new and you’d think the plumbing and overall infrastructure would be built to withstand a tiny bit of rain, what a waste

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